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What's The Best Concert You've Ever Been To?

For those about to wait in the bathroom line, we salute you.

Concerts, man. Water costs $37 and bathroom lines stretch into the Infinite Beyond and someone will definitely stamp on your foot or scream directly in you ear and oh God is it time to leave yet? Where did you even park? / Via

Concerts can be tough!

But when they're worth it, they're pretty magical. So we want to know: have you ever been to a truly transformative concert?

NBC / Via

Maybe the performance just blew you away...

Cinecom Pictures / Via

And transformed you from a fan to a superfan.

Maybe the crowd was so incredible that you felt a renewed faith in humanity.

Tomassimkus / Getty Images

Because it's not all foot-stomping and ear-screaming.

Or maybe you witnessed a time traveller invent rock and roll(???)

Universal / Via

Whatever the reason, we want to hear about the best concert you've ever been to!

Paramount / Via

Tell us in the Dropbox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.