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June 6, 2017

The Most Important Donald Trump Campaign Adviser You've Never Heard Of

Brad Parscale isn’t a mysterious strategist like Steve Bannon. He doesn’t live on TV like Kellyanne Conway. He’s not even all that into politics. But the digital marketing specialist’s loyalty to Donald Trump, his children, and his brand earned Parscale a central role in a winning White House campaign. How far will loyalty lead him?

Enquête de BuzzFeed sur les candidats FN: nos réponses à Marine Le Pen (et à David Rachline)

Le sénateur-maire FN de Fréjus a accusé BuzzFeed dans les médias d'être des «militants anti-FN», de ne pas avoir mené «une véritable enquête de journaliste», de ne pas avoir contacté les candidats épinglés dans notre article... De son côté, Marine Le Pen esquive grossièrement le fond de notre enquête. Nous leur répondons.

What's Going On In The News Today?

Donald Trump has berated London Mayor Sadiq Khan for two straight days on Twitter as Khan deals with the aftermath of the UK's third terror attack in 74 days. A 25-year-old US federal contractor was arrested by the FBI and charged with leaking classified material to a news outlet. And Apple is on a mission to make the iPad your primary computer.