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June 6, 2017

What's Been The Craziest Storyline On "Neighbours"?

Is Marlene still on that cruise ship?

11 Rounds Of "Would You Rather" Dating Questions To Are Really Hard To Answer

No, you can't swipe left through these situations.

FBI Reportedly Suspects Russian Hackers Planted Fake News Story Behind Qatar Crisis

The hack was reportedly carried out by Russians, which officials told CNN was done with the intent to create a rift between the US and its allies.

Amazon Is Lowering The Cost Of Prime For People On Government Assistance

A valid EBT card drops the monthly price from $10.99 to $5.99.

China Has Detained Three Men Investigating Factories For Ivanka Trump And The Jenners

Two of the men vanished last month. The US State Department has called for their release.

20 Cities All Food Lovers Should Visit Immediately

If your travel plans are mainly revolve around food, this is for you. H/T Quora

23 Trucos que te salvarán la vida el día de tu mudanza

¡No te abrumes! Mejor sigue estos consejos.

25 Things Sweaty People Definitely Can't Get Away With

Don't mind me. Just wiping up my butt sweat over here.

Asaltan a clientes de restaurante japonés en la colonia Roma; detienen a los presuntos delincuentes

La Policía capitalina detuvo a los dos asaltantes pues dieron con la ubicación de uno de los celulares robados por la app Find My iPhone.

Con el Hashtag #FraudeElectoral la gente está denunciando todas las tranzas de las últimas elecciones

Mantas borradas, datos que no cuadran y cabezas de cerdo en esta, la gran fiesta de la democracia.

Republicans May Bring Back Pre-Existing Condition Protections, Winning Them A Key Swing Vote

Senate Republicans are considering breaking with their House colleagues to pass a bill that bans health insurers from charging higher rates to people with pre-existing conditions, but it’s still far from clear they’ll have the votes.

13 Comics Only People Who Have Gotten A Haircut Will Understand

I still have no idea how long a three inch trim is.

Come Here, Let's Cry About "The Leftovers" Finale Together

Nothing was answered. Everything was answered. And then I cried like a baby for two days straight.

These Sloppy Joe Sliders Are The Ultimate Party Food

Definitely a party with these around.

15 Cosas que tienes que saber sobre la nueva película de Voldemort

Aunque la película está hecha por fans, Warner Bros. ya autorizó el uso de la licencia.

I Asked Activists How American Mosques Can Be More Inclusive

This week the See Something Say Something podcast interviews folks on the challenge of building community.

Venezuela Tried To Convince Me That The Revolution Is Doing Just Fine, Thanks

A day with a Venezuelan state-mandated tour guide was meant to convince me that the revolution is alive and well. Given the country’s slide toward collapse, he had a tough job ahead of him.

Petrobras quer ficar com o tríplex do Guarujá

Nas alegações finais entregue nesta terça ao juiz Sergio Moro, a empresa pede também que Lula e os demais réus paguem a propina de R$ 87,6 milhões com juros.

25 Tragedias que has vivido si usas lentes desde que eras chiquito

Ese momento incómodo en el que alguien te saluda a lo lejos y no tienes ni idea de quien es.

Meu namorado não é minha alma gêmea, ele é minha cenoura

Sean e eu somos bons juntos porque nos esforçamos para isso — não porque nascemos um para o outro.

As Prosecutors Press New Felony Charges, Inauguration Day Arrestees Dig In For A Fight

More than half of the 200-plus defendants charged with rioting on Inauguration Day are vowing not to cooperate with prosecutors, even in the face of a new set of felony charges that carry stiff maximum prison sentences.

Estas são as acusações contra a chapa Dilma-Temer que a defesa do presidente tenta desqualificar

Advogados de defesa tentam invalidar o uso das delações da Odebrecht e de marqueteiros.

Holy Shit, Britney Spears Singing "Toxic" Without Auto-Tune Has Leaked

I wasn't ready for this and now I'm an --> 0 : )

Os 23 melhores tuítes da Janaina Paschoal que não têm nada a ver com política

Ela adora Mamonas Assassinas, "Simpsons" e mini-abacates.

Perks Of Being A Gay Couple

"These are amazing"



24 Pictures That Show How Far Out The Summer Of Love Really Was

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Summer of Love, presented by Getty Images.

This 8-Year-Old Girl Was Banned From A Soccer Game Because The Club Thought She Was A Boy

"Just because I look like a boy doesn't mean I am a boy."

Nicola Sturgeon Claims Kezia Dugdale Privately Told Her Labour Would Stop Opposing IndyRef2

The Scottish Labour leader accused the first minister of telling a "categoric lie".

Este é o avião de Joesley que Temer e Marcela usaram para viajar à Bahia

Inicialmente, Palácio do Planalto negou que o presidente e a primeira-dama tivessem viajado na aeronave. Um dia depois, porém, a assessoria de Temer voltou atrás, mas disse que ele "não sabia a quem pertencia a aeronave e não fez pagamento pelo serviço."

How Much Do You Actually Know About Japanese Food?

Do you know your onigiri from your yakitori?

People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Dogs Decked Out With Pride

Pawsitively the most supportive pups around.

This Woman Urged Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself So She Could Be "The Grieving Girlfriend": Prosecutors

Michelle Carter, 20, is on trial for allegedly pressuring Conrad Roy — through text messages — to kill himself in 2014.

11 Times Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Gifted Us With Her Wisdom

"If feminism were really accepted we wouldn't have a room full of men making decisions about women's bodies."

What Is It Like Working In An Emergency Room?

What do you want the world to know about ER life?

Your Fidget Spinner Is Reshaping The Retail Industry

As trending gadgets are sold directly from Chinese manufacturers to American consumers, traditional middlemen and regulators struggle to keep up.

Arma una película de terror y adivinaremos tu secreto más escondido

¿Sería de vampiros o de espíritus malignos?

The Most Important Donald Trump Campaign Adviser You've Never Heard Of

Brad Parscale isn’t a mysterious strategist like Steve Bannon. He doesn’t live on TV like Kellyanne Conway. He’s not even all that into politics. But the digital marketing specialist’s loyalty to Donald Trump, his children, and his brand earned Parscale a central role in a winning White House campaign. How far will loyalty lead him?

The Big Showdown Over ISIS's Capital Probably Won't Be The Final Battle

Capturing the Syrian city of Raqqa, ISIS's self-declared capital, has been the US military's goal for years. But as the battle begins, the strategic importance of the city may not be what it once was.

This Endangered Turtle Just Wants A Bite Of A Strawberry

The Egyptian Tortoise is the second smallest species of tortoise in the world and there are not very many left.

These Makeup Illusions Are Scary Good

These are the craziest makeup illusions you will ever see.

Wonder Woman Is Kicking Ass At The Box Office

Wonder Woman shatters the record for highest grossing female-directed film of all time.

These Dads Tore Up The Dance Floor At Their High School Reunion

This daughter's video of her dad and his friends breakdancing at their 30th reunion will make you smile.

7 Gross Things You Do But Secretly Love

"Saving your used dishes in the fridge for later... genius."

Here’s A Look At The New iPad

The new iPad Pro wants to be your new Mac.

So The Evolution Of Wonder Woman Over The Last 70 Years Is Pretty Surprising

"Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. you're a wonder, Wonder Woman."

Jonathan Cheban Doesn't Know What A Sink Is And I Have Questions

*Kris Jenner voice*: This is a case for the FBI.

This Anti-LGBT Activist Violated International Law — But He Can't Be Sued In The US

The American activist Scott Lively violated international human rights law in supporting Uganda's anti-LGBT law, a federal judge ruled, but he can't be sued in US courts.

17 Jokes That’ll Make You Crack TF Up If You Play NBA 2K

Nobody should be allowed to play as the Warriors in NBA 2K17.

Trump's Aides Should Remember Whitewater — And The Collateral Damage

The difference between prosecution and justice.

Esta foto mostra quatro investigados da Lava Jato assistindo à votação do impeachment juntos

Dois estão presos: o ex-ministro Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMDB), detido hoje, e o ex-deputado Rodrigo Rocha Loures, aquele que foi filmado recebendo R$ 500 mil da JBS.

17 Times NBA Players Were Shady As Shit

"Kobe, tell me how my ass taste"

21 Tweets About The Election That Will Make You Smile In Spite Of Everything

"All the average British punter wants is to be paid less than £10 an hour and be incinerated in a nuclear holocaust, and good luck to em."

Theresa May Says She'll Tear Up Human Rights Laws If They Stop Her Catching Terrorists

As the election campaign entered its final hours, facing questions about the government's security record, the prime minister promised to introduce tougher measures if she wins on Thursday.

How The Conservatives Are Focusing Their Campaigning On Diane Abbott

The Tories believe the shadow home secretary is a major turn-off for potential Labour voters – while her supporters say the criticism is little more than racism.

This Woman Shared An Iced Tea Hack That’s Either Really Genius, Really Excessive, Or All Of The Above

"Y'all think I'm about to make iced tea just to put it in iced tea because fuck yeah that's what I'm about to do."

How "Orphan Black" Changed The Lives Of Its Stars

"It's taught me to dig down and realize that there is goodness and humanity and something worth fighting for in everybody," Kevin Hanchard told BuzzFeed News.

The Pro-Trump Internet And The Alt-Right Are Turning On Breitbart

"People in MAGA world don't really look to [Breitbart] for breaking news as much as they used to," Jack Posobiec told BuzzFeed News. Chuck Johnson put it more bluntly. "Breitbart is over," he wrote.

These Egyptians Are Not Here For Their Government Breaking Off Ties With Qatar

“Qatar will take care of Egyptians — Egypt won’t.”

Uber Fired 20 People In A Harassment Investigation

After a former employee made a viral allegation about sexual harassment at the ride-hail giant, the company launched an internal investigation into workplace behavior.

Enquête de BuzzFeed sur les candidats FN: nos réponses à Marine Le Pen (et à David Rachline)

Le sénateur-maire FN de Fréjus a accusé BuzzFeed dans les médias d'être des «militants anti-FN», de ne pas avoir mené «une véritable enquête de journaliste», de ne pas avoir contacté les candidats épinglés dans notre article... De son côté, Marine Le Pen esquive grossièrement le fond de notre enquête. Nous leur répondons.

What Movie Do You Love More Than Anyone Else You Know?

Your love is true and real and that's all that matters.

18 Food Arguments So Strong That They End Friendships

Let's see if we can get through this without coming to blows.

Bibiñe Barud • 2 hours ago

Aprenda a fazer este delicioso almocinho mineiro

Com galinhada, tutu de feijão, couve na manteiga e macarrão com extrato de tomate.

Gringos tentam explicar 10 imagens loucas da TV brasileira

Aparentemente a Ana Maria Braga apresenta um programa de fetiches esquisitos e a Xuxa faz cosplay do David Bowie.

Ao bater recordes de bilheteria, "Mulher-Maravilha" pode mudar Hollywood para sempre

Com uma estreia recorde de US$ 100,5 milhões nos cinemas americanos, o primeiro grande filme de super-heroína em mais de uma década está prestes a, finalmente, mudar a atitude retrógrada da indústria do cinema em relação às mulheres atrás e na frente das câmeras.

¿A qué diva de Ru Paul's Drag Race te pareces?

¿Eres excéntrica como Sharon Needles o divertida como Bianca del Río?

6 Photographers On What It Means To Be Close Enough

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough." But is that really true?

Si sacas más de 8 en este quiz de nombres de 'House of Cards' deberías ser presidente

¿Qué tan bien recuerdas a los amigos y enemigos de los Underwood?

21 Times Scots Hilariously Ripped The Fucking Piss Out Of Everyone

We are officially a nation of cheeky c*nts.

Labour Centrists Have A Problem: Jeremy Corbyn Is Doing Too Well

Anti-Corbyn Labour candidates reluctantly admit the party leader has had a good election campaign but are still convinced he will need replacing after the vote – they just don't know if it will be possible.

Jennifer Lopez Doesn't Need To Be The Best At Everything

J.Lo’s hard work and versatility, rather than solely raw talent, have kept her on top for decades. Now, with World of Dance, she’s using her power to mold new stars in her own image.

19 Memes que sólo entenderás si te saliste del barrio, pero el barrio no sale de ti

Para todos los que, tiro por viaje, se tenían que andar cambiando de banqueta.

George And Amal Clooney Are Now Parents To Twins Ella And Alexander

Congrats to the world's most beautiful family.

Which Obscure Cat Breed Are You?

It's the purrfect time to find out!

Can You Guess The Song From The Very Vague And Very Random Clue?

You know, the song that goes "...doo-doo-doo-doo"

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a bocce ball set, swimsuit, back massager, and more!

16 Design-Fails, bei denen dir garantiert unwohl wird

Aber echt mal: Wer hat dafür grünes Licht gegeben?

Here's Why "The Incredibles" Is The Best Pixar Movie, Don't @ Me

It's time to give this movie the credit it deserves.

What Type Of Fairy Are You?

Polish yer wings and find out which fairy you are.

STF vai decidir se Caiado mandou seguranças darem "unhadas" em ex-prefeito

Não bastasse a Lava Jato, o foro privilegiado, e outras centenas de ações, caberá ao STF definir caso de 2010, em que um ex-prefeito de Turvânia (GO) acusa Caiado de difamação e de mandar seguranças agredi-lo. Laudo mostra que ex-prefeito foi ferido na base da ‘unhada’.

Amazon hat diese "Holocaust Wound"-Maske aus dem Angebot entfernt

Ein Sprecher der Gedenkstätte Auschwitz Museum nannte das Angebot "unangemessen, verstörend und respektlos gegenüber dem Andenken der Holocaust-Opfer."

15 Sex Questions All Couples In Strong Relationships Should Be Able To Answer

Are you and your partner soulmates between the sheets?

Kids Are Quoting Trump To Bully Their Classmates And Teachers Don’t Know What To Do About It

BuzzFeed News reviewed more than 50 reports of school bullying since the election and found that kids nationwide are using Trump’s words to taunt their classmates. If the president can say those things, why can’t they?

Você é um homem que já ficou com outro homem e se considera hétero?

Conte sua história para a gente e participe de um post do BuzzFeed Brasil.

¿A qué casa de Hogwarts perteneces según tu horóscopo?

Posiblemente el test más importante que harás en toda tu vida.

27 Times Michael Scott Was The Most Michael Scott

"It's a pimple Phyllis. Avril Lavigne gets them all the time and she rocks harder than anybody else."

How 2 Science Papers From The ‘80s Helped Spark The Opioid Crisis

The New England Journal of Medicine just issued an odd correction to a 1980 painkiller study. It was one of two papers from that decade that became, as one expert put it, “fake evidence” for pharma executives to encourage the use of opioids.

29 Reusable Bags You'll Never Forget To Bring To The Store

Because you gotta look good while saving the Earth.

New "Game Of Thrones" Footage Suggests A Long-Overdue Reunion Is Imminent

"A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I'm going home."

24 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Just As Petty As Humans

If the bowl's not full, it's empty.

Este teste pode ser bem difícil mesmo para casais em um relacionamento sério

O BuzzFeed não se responsabiliza por nenhum término causado por este quiz.

Ben Henry • 1 hour ago

18 Times "The Office" Just Went Too Damn Far

Brace yourself, it gets emotional.

Amazon Removes Fancy Dress "Holocaust Wound" From Sale

A spokesman for the Auschwitz Museum called the fancy dress item "inappropriate, disturbing, and disrespectful to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust".

Entenda como será o julgamento que pode absolver ou cassar Temer por suspeita de malfeitos da chapa com Dilma

Tribunal Superior Eleitoral retoma hoje julgamento que vai decidir se Dilma Rousseff e Michel Temer foram eleitos através do abuso de poder político e dinheiro de propina.

Only A Sex Expert Can Score 10/12 On This Crappy Sex Drawings Quiz

Good luck because you're honestly going to need it.

15 perguntas que todo mundo deveria fazer para a boquinha do crush

"Quanta coisa gostosa cabe dentro dessa boquinha???".

14 Random Things And People My Parents Have Confused

Mispronounced/confused entirely.

19 personnes qui sont vraiment archi nulles en cuisine

C'est l'intention qui compte... parfois.

Si los personajes de las películas Disney tuvieran Spotify

No todo va a ser cantar sus canciones.

17 Useful Products That'll Solve Problems You Didn’t Even Know You Had

Or maybe you knew you had these problems, but were like, "Fuck it."

What Movie Quote Gives You The Optimism You Need When Things Are Going To Shit?

Having a bad day and need cheering up? Which quotes give you the escapism you need from real life?

Here's What Leggings From Amazon Look Like On People Who Aren't Models

Pocket-friendly leggings with positive reviews.

O Supla e a Ana Maria juntos vão fazer você se perguntar quem é quem

Depois que a galera brincou dizendo que ela tava parecendo com o Papito, ele foi o convidado do "Mais Você".

32 Bilder, die allen Ostdeutschland erklären, die nicht aus Ostdeutschland kommen

Es kann NIE genug Tomatensauce zum Jägerschnitzel geben.

21 textos de parents qui vous feront rire à tous les coups

Avis aux parents du monde entier: il est encore temps de vous arrêter.

28 Awkward Stories You'll Be Glad Happened To Someone Else, Not You

Things may be bad, but they could be so much worse.

Literally Just 17 Extremely Pure Tweets

100% wholesome content.

Theresa May Is So Dependent On Two Key Advisers They Had To Rejoin Government After The Terror Attacks

BuzzFeed News has learned that Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill "temporarily rejoined" the government in the wake of the Manchester and London Bridge attacks. But critics say the PM's reliance on them is damaging her campaign – and her chances of success in government.

People Are Setting Up Fake JustGiving Accounts Claiming They're For Victims Of The London Bridge Attack

JustGiving confirmed to BuzzFeed News it had so far removed three fake accounts since Saturday's attack in London Bridge, which saw seven people killed.

People Have A Lot Of Questions About Theresa May's "Naughty" Confession

"Nobody is ever perfectly behaved are they?" Prime minister Theresa May told ITV shortly before revealing the naughtiest thing she's ever done is run through some wheat fields.

Ex-ministro de Dilma e Temer é preso em operação que investiga desvio em obra da Copa

Aliado muito próximo de Eduardo Cunha, Henrique Eduardo Alves é suspeito de receber dinheiro de propina disfarçado de "doação eleitoral."

17 Father's Day Gifts You Can Share With Your Dad

Because he's the best man you know.

Hailing A Lyft In Boston? It Might Be Self-Driving

The company has partnered with nuTonomy, a self-driving car company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Aerie, Eloquii, BoxLunch, and more!

Conservative Group Wants Republicans To Stop Helping Elizabeth Warren With Her Hearing Aid Bill

Frontiers of Freedom is the latest Republican-aligned group targeting Warren as speculation swirls about her 2020 intentions. But the conservative organization also is targeting Marsha Blackburn and other GOP lawmakers inclined to help Warren pass an over-the-counter hearing aid bill.

A Second Australian Has Been Confirmed Dead Following The London Bridge Terror Attack

Foreign minister Julie Bishop said she was "deeply saddened" to confirm that two Australians died in the attack.

6 Things Body Language Experts Noticed About Narendra Modi

Turns out he's a friendly guy who could use a class in personal space.

The Scottish Tories Have Been Accused Of "Lying To Voters" On Their Leaflets

Rivals say Ruth Davidson's party is misleading voters with its use of polls on campaign leaflets.

John Oliver Explains Why It Was Wrong To Say Britain Was "Reeling" Following The London Attacks

"In no way is Britain under siege. Is it upset? Yes. Is it pissed off? You fucking bet it is pissed off. But to say it's under siege and its people are reeling is to imply that it is weak enough to be brought to its knees."

31 memes que te harán llorar de risa (y un poco de pena) si eres veterinario

El complicado equilibrio entre amar a los perretes y tener que cortarles las pelotas.

14 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know

Lip plumpers are not worth the money.

Trump Has Said Cutting Off North Korea’s Trade Is Easy. Here’s Why He’s Wrong.

North Korea relies on ships carrying flags from countries with shady shipping registries to conduct trade and evade sanctions, BuzzFeed News found by examining records of all the ships that docked at a major port in a year.

I, A Stressed Person, Tried A Fidget Spinner And Had Mixed Emotions

Fidget spinners are not relaxing, it turns out.

25 Of The Best Places To Find Great Deals On Clothing

These deals will basically have your credit card jumping out of your wallet.

Here's The Spooky Cover Of Juno Dawson's New Book

"When Samuel loses his true love Eliza in a car crash, he's prepared to do some very dark things in order to bring her back from the grave..."

Here's How Londoners Came Together To Show They're Not Afraid Of Terrorists

Hundreds gathered in Potters Fields Park on Monday evening for a vigil honouring the victims of the terror attacks on London Bridge.

Good Luck Guessing Which Of These Greggs Items Contain The Most Calories

Honestly, if you get half of these right you're a winner.

What's Going On In The News Today?

Donald Trump has berated London Mayor Sadiq Khan for two straight days on Twitter as Khan deals with the aftermath of the UK's third terror attack in 74 days. A 25-year-old US federal contractor was arrested by the FBI and charged with leaking classified material to a news outlet. And Apple is on a mission to make the iPad your primary computer.

安易に回すの大変危険! 中毒性のあるハンドスピナー5選


People Can't Believe The Last Few Seconds Of This Tory Candidate's Video Are Real

Greg Knight confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it is in fact a real campaign video: "Some people hate it and some people like it. It's quite a catchy tune... like pop music."



Theresa May Says She Expects Security Services To Carry Out A Review Into The London Bridge Attack

Earlier in the day foreign secretary Boris Johnson said MI5 and police had questions to answer over the attack.

This Former Police Commander Says Cuts To Community Policing Make It Harder To Prevent Terror Attacks Like London Bridge

Retired senior officers told BuzzFeed News that Theresa May is "absolutely loathed" for her cuts to police budgets.

Celebrity Dingbat Accused Of Killing People On Road Gives Lecture About Not Killing People On Road

After being acquitted in the 2002 hit-and-run case, Salman Khan is now rebranding as a spokesperson for safe driving.



なぜ、受動喫煙対策は進まないのか 日本医師会副会長に聞く


Literally Just 27 Really Funny Tweets About Australia

"Don't be a shit c*nt." — ancient Australian proverb

icekube • 7 hours ago

Uber Is Adding A Booking Fee To Every Fare From This Weekend

The company held an Australian product launch days before introducing the price hikes.


iOS11を搭載した新iPad Proの2機種。その技術の粋とは。

Here Is Everything We Know About The Melbourne Siege Gunman

"How was this man on parole?" the prime minister asked.

This 79-Year-Old Grandma Did A Keg Stand With Her Family And People Are Loving It

May we all have the strength and resilience of grandma Muriel when we're 79-years-old.

Show Us The Worst Message You've Ever Gotten On Tinder

Tinder. It's truly a scary place.





14 Scenarios That'll Hurt The Souls Of Anyone Who's Ever Worked In Retail

Oh no! You're taking your business elsewhere?! WHAT EVER WILL I DO????

The $16 Billion Adani Megamine Has Been Approved In Queensland

The $16.5 billion mine has been six years in the making.

Instalan anti monumento en memoria de la #GuarderíaABC afuera del IMSS

La escultura metálica fue instalada por los padres de las 49 niñas y niños que fallecieron en el incendio, en 2009. Fue fijado al piso del camellón de Paseo de la Reforma.

27 Trends From 2007 You Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Wearing Today

"That's (not) hot." — Paris Hilton, probably

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