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Justin Bieber Tweeted A List Of Names And People Have No Idea WTF It Means

Elsa, and Jasmine, and Sara oh....wait what?

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Justin Bieber's Twitter account is an absolute goldmine of quality content.

gonna nap...yeah i still nap. naps are cool. who doesnt like naps?

Justin Bieber / Via Twitter: @justinbieber

While most of his tweets are pretty straightforward, sometimes the Biebs can get a little cryptic. Take for example this tweet from Monday.

Justin Bieber / Via Twitter: @justinbieber

Confused? Don't worry, you're not alone.

@Amitbmoshe / Via Twitter: @amitbmoshe

In fact, most people were confused by the seemingly disconnected list of names.

@justinbieber "Elsa Jasmine Sara Romee Stella Martha"

@bieberinmypants / Via Twitter: @bieberinmypants

Could it be his way of announcing that he's going to release a remix of the Lou Bega classic "Mambo No. 5"?

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Or maybe he was playing MASH and accidentally tweeted his list for potential marriage prospects.

Delaney Strunk / BuzzFeed

Or, and just hear me out, what if they were potential baby names??

Justin Bieber / Via

Luckily if there is anything Twitter loves, it's a riddle, and within minutes people began to crack the code.

At the first i thought he listed disney princesses until i realise it's actually vs angels

@NadzmiSaiful2 / Via Twitter: @NadzmiSaiful2

It appears that the six names are Victoria's Secret models.

@justinbieber Elsa Hosk Jasmine Tookes Sara Sampaio Romee Strijd Stella Maxwell Martha Hunt

@diorsides / Via Twitter: @diorsides

So is he just giving these Victoria's Secret models a shout out, or does it mean something else?

so I take it ur performing at this years VS show? #shook

@ovozainab / Via Twitter: @ovozainab

Chances are Twitter is right and he'll be performing at the next Victoria's Secret fashion show, but I still want to believe that he was listing baby names.

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