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    Urban Decay Is About To Drop A New Naked Palette And Here's What It Looks Like

    *setting self-care/Urban Decay coins aside now*

    Christina Lan / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    ATTENTION MAKEUP HOARDERS: Urban Decay is dropping a brand new Naked palette, and it is appropriately called HEAT!!!

    Christina Lan / BuzzFeed

    Bc it's fire, get it?!

    A limited number of Urban Decay Naked Heat palettes will go on pre-sale June 12 at, and the full sale launches June 30!

    Christina Lan / BuzzFeed

    The new palette has 12 "amber-hued neutrals — including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas," according to press materials. The brand claims that the shades look "insanely flattering" on any skin tone, and every shade features Urban Decay's Pigment Infusion System, "the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvet texture, rich color, staying power and blendability."

    Four of our BuzzFeed coworkers/gorgeous models — Kara, Tomi, Sarah, and Sasha — actually got to try it out first and show you what it looks like on a variety of skin tones. Here they are serving FACE, each rocking different shades from the palette.

    Christina Lan / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Makeup artist: Katie Jane Hughes

    Get into this close-up, though, so you can really appreciate each ~lewk~!

    Christina Lan / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    The makeup artist first applied Low Blow to Kara's lower lashline, with a little Lumbre in the center. She then blended Dirty Talk over Lumbre.

    Tomi is wearing En Fuego in the inner corners of her eyes, Ashes in the middle, and Scorched on the outer corners. The makeup artist blended Lumbre in the creases of her eyelids.

    Sarah's eyes were first lined with Urban Decay's eye pencil in Scorch. He Devil is on her lids, and Dirty Talk was blended last to create the sunset affect.

    Dirty Talk is in the inner corner of Sasha's eyes, Chaser is in the middle, and Ember is on the wing.

    We also swatched all 12 shades just to see what each one looked like on different skin tones...and because swatching is so satisfyiiiiiing!

    Swatch Set One.

    Christina Lan / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Swatch Set Two.

    Christina Lan / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Kara: Low Blow, Lumbre, and Dirty Talk might be my favorite shades (and I probably wouldn't have picked them myself!). I also think Ember and Ashes will be really flattering for a smoky eye.

    Tomi: My favorite colors are Ember and Low Blow. Low Blow is my skin color, and Ember is extremely beautiful on my skin.

    Sarah: Lumbre, Dirty Talk, and Ember are my favorites. I’m a sucker for shimmery, metallic shades and have been known to wear an entire eye of just those…I think it just works for me to not necessarily have a matte one to “balance” things out. As long as they’re blended out, I think all three would look incredible on me.

    Sasha: My faves were Dirty Talk and Ember because I love anything with a shimmer!


    Kara: When I first looked at the palette, I assumed these colors would be for going out/special occasions, but it is definitely something I could wear every day!

    Tomi: As a black women, nude is never really nude, but this palette actually is. It gives me mystical look, and it blends really well.

    Sarah: I’m not gonna lie. Right off the bat (and as only a semi-frequent dabbler in eyeshadow), it doesn’t scream “versatile” to me. At least, from an Asian perspective, I don’t see reddish colors being used often for everyday looks, so it’s not something I’ve internalized as “working” or “flattering” on me.

    Sasha: I love these tones collectively, but feel that some of the colors are repetitive. The deep pigmentation and high quality, however, are exactly what you'd expect from Urban Decay!