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    Urban Decay Is About To Drop A New Naked Palette And Here's What It Looks Like

    *setting self-care/Urban Decay coins aside now*

    ATTENTION MAKEUP HOARDERS: Urban Decay is dropping a brand new Naked palette, and it is appropriately called HEAT!!!

    A limited number of Urban Decay Naked Heat palettes will go on pre-sale June 12 at, and the full sale launches June 30!

    Four of our BuzzFeed coworkers/gorgeous models — Kara, Tomi, Sarah, and Sasha — actually got to try it out first and show you what it looks like on a variety of skin tones. Here they are serving FACE, each rocking different shades from the palette.

    Get into this close-up, though, so you can really appreciate each ~lewk~!

    We also swatched all 12 shades just to see what each one looked like on different skin tones...and because swatching is so satisfyiiiiiing!

    Swatch Set One.

    Swatch Set Two.


    Kara: When I first looked at the palette, I assumed these colors would be for going out/special occasions, but it is definitely something I could wear every day!

    Tomi: As a black women, nude is never really nude, but this palette actually is. It gives me mystical look, and it blends really well.

    Sarah: I’m not gonna lie. Right off the bat (and as only a semi-frequent dabbler in eyeshadow), it doesn’t scream “versatile” to me. At least, from an Asian perspective, I don’t see reddish colors being used often for everyday looks, so it’s not something I’ve internalized as “working” or “flattering” on me.

    Sasha: I love these tones collectively, but feel that some of the colors are repetitive. The deep pigmentation and high quality, however, are exactly what you'd expect from Urban Decay!