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    17 Funny Pictures That Will Make You Feel Good About Your Parenting

    It's not just you — it's them too.

    1. Know this: the craziness isn't just at your home.

    2. And all of those amazing Instagrams you see from other parents? They aren't always all that they're cracked up to be.

    3. Getting frustrated by your kids is not just a YOU thing.

    4. Struggling to keep your home clean is also not just a "you" thing.

    5. You should know, too, that we all bust out the paper plates from time to time (or like, all the time).

    6. That embarrassing thing your kid said that made you want to crawl into a hole? We all have a story or three.

    7. We also all have a story about something our kids epically destroyed — so don't think your kid is the only one.

    8. And we've all wanted to walk away from a mess our kids made in the name of creativity.

    9. Ever think you're a hot mess mom or dad? Especially before coffee? Well, EVERY parent (except for a few robots) is.

    10. Do you ever think, "My kids can NEVER know what I was like before I had them!" Well, we all feel that way. (And we're all basically playing the role of "responsible adult.")

    11. Not everybody's kid is reading at two — and it's totally fine (and normal).

    12. Your motivational speeches are better than your realize. They're not bad — this one is bad:

    13. Have you resorted to getting one of these bags to make it through your kid's functions? If not, you're doing OK!

    14. If you feel bad that parenting has changed you, know that you're not alone.

    15. And if you look more like the mom on the right, well, so do we.

    16. Relate to this one? Yeah, we do too. It's OK!

    17. And lastly, pat yourself on the back because you're not this guy!