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Here's What Leggings From Amazon Look Like On People Who Aren't Models

Pocket-friendly leggings with positive reviews.

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Tim Lane/ BuzzFeed

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1. These squat-proof running pants with a hidden pocket by Lapasa.,

Helpful reviews:

Size purchased: S

"I am a UK size 8-10 and ordered a small. I love the fit of these, but I could have got away with a larger size also. I ordered the grey and will admit I was a little nervous as lighter coloured leggings are notoriously bad for being see-through during squats. The material of these leggings is so thick and they are so opaque that no matter how much you bend and stretch, you won't see a thing! I have attached photographs of me training so you can see this for yourself and see just how well the leggings move with your body." – Sarah Louise

Size purchased: L

"Just received a pair in heather dark grey. They are lovely, a great colour (a deep grey with lighter flecks) and really comfortable. I would advice buying a size up – I'm a 12-14 and bought a large and they fit brilliantly. Not at all see-through even when deliberately trying to test them. Haven't yet washed so can't comment on survivability but for this price I'm happy even if they aren't the longest lasting. Planning on buying more in other colours soon!" – Miss Lewis

Get them on Amazon, £14.99

2. These high-waisted yoga pants that won't flash your butt during Downward Dog, by Queenie Ke.,,,

Helpful reviews:

Size purchased: Small

"It is stretchy and so is the waistline. The length is perfect for someone who is 4'11" tall just like me. A little fold down at bottom hem will do which I don't mind." – Anne

Size purchased: XL

"I need something that is fairly stretchy when doing my yoga but thick enough that it's not going to go see-through when stretched. This is exactly that. The fabric is nice and thick but also very stretchy which is essential when doing yoga. The seams and edges are all nicely reinforced so I don't have to worry about them being undone. There is a wide band on the waist which helps flatten the bulge and I like the little pocket especially. The little pocket is located at the waist band and is very discreet. It's big enough to fit a bank card, a bill note or a locker key." – May

Get them on Amazon, £16.88

3. These graphic printed leggings by Fringoo that are perfect for lazy days and layering.,,

Helpful reviews:

Size purchased: One size fits all

"I have pretty thick legs and constantly worry that because of my proportions stuff won't fit. But amazingly enough, when these came I thought they were gonna be too small – turned out, they fit PERFECTLY!! So, to those who worry about being a big size 10-12, you'll be fine, 'cause damn was I worried – also, they came within the time limit, so I was pretty chuffed, would buy these again." – Ghost-Pai

"I am a size 12 and these were great." – Mena

Get them on Amazon, £14.99

4. These gradiated yoga leggings by Qutool that are thick enough to get you through winter.,,

Helpful reviews:

Size purchased: M

"I love these leggings. The are so comfy and offer infinite movement due to being so stretchy. They are not see-through at all and stitching/material still good after 4 months of frequent use. Really like the colour. Also pretty good for no VPL." – D. Field

Size purchased: M

"I wear these to run and walk the dog as well as for yoga and working out in. Great in all weathers due to the material; they keep you warm in cold weather but they're so thin that they also dry quickly without becoming heavy if you get caught in the rain." – Shelly

5. These form-fitting and high-waisted running tights by YR Lover.,

Helpful reviews:

Size purchased: L/XL

"I have just taken up running as a new year's resolution and didn't want to spend loads on clothing in case I fail terribly at keeping up with my plan but I can honestly say these leggings make me want to get up and go for a run! They ARE super comfy, they keep me warm! (I went running one morning while it was -3 degrees and i didn't feel the cold anywhere except my ankles. I have invested in proper socks since!!) The colour is great and they wash great too!

I highly recommend these leggings – great buy!" – Melissa de Jager

Size purchased: L/XL

"Great material, non-sweaty, looks really good, fits perfectly. I'm size 16, 5'11", with sturdy legs, and Large fits perfectly. I'd say size 18-20 should still be fine in a Large as well. I'm buying another one now." – Gundl

Get them on Amazon, £9.95

6. These ombré yoga leggings that you'll never want to take off, by Running Girl.

Helpful reviews:

Size purchased: S/M

"Usually, I wear size 12, but S- M fits perfectly. Nice and modern design and looks brilliant. Got few compliments in the gym already." – Zivaile

Size: L/XL

"I'm pretty sure these are the comfiest yoga leggings i've ever owned. Before I bought these I was a Lululemon fanatic. Don't get me wrong, I still love LL, but seriously, these are like 10x comfier. I don't know how they will hold up when I'm running but I love how soft and stretchy they are." – AMZreviewMonkey

Get them on Amazon, £13.99

7. These glam mesh leggings that can go from day to night, by Queenie Ke.,,

Helpful reviews:

Size purchased: M

"I normally wear UK 10-12 size clothes and M sports wear fits comfortably. I expected M to be tight around the waist and loose around the hips but found the opposite – the waist is wide enough while the hips and lower legs are tightly fitting (though not uncomfortably tight). I would still say that the fit is right and would not have ordered L as the waist would have been too wide. Definitely follow the size guide in the product text description.

"I have washed the leggings on a 40-degree cotton wash with dark clothes, and they came out fine, with no colour run (I use Colour Catcher, which did not become black). They dry incredibly quickly and no ironing is required.

"Overall, I am really happy with them; they are comfortable for cardio workouts and general fitness. If they are going to be used for yoga, I would suggest ordering a size larger, to ensure that the mesh panels do not restrict movement." – Yves

Size purchased: XL

"I ordered size X-Large; I'm a UK ladies size 12 and am 5'7" tall and the pants fit me perfectly both in length and fitting. I was a little worried the elasticated waist wouldn't hold up during a workout and periods of bouncing around but they did which I was pleased about.

"The quality of the pants is good; the material is very forgiving and stretchy like Lycra. The mesh material on the knees and calf look really cool and are still stretchy when performing squats. I noticed these yoga pants don't seem to crease especially when these pants face extreme measures and are usually found crumpled and creased in my sports bag and even after washing, the pants remain crease free, so no need for ironing. Although I wear for gym workouts and classes, the pants are great for casual wear too. These are the best workout pants I've owned and would definitely recommend buying." – Clever Petals

Get them on Amazon, £15.99

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.