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16 Things We All Wore In 2007 That We Should Maybe Bring Back To 2017

The signs of the time.

1. Low-rise jeans, superior to all other types of jeans, duh.

2. Waist-cinching belts that'll add a bold flare to spice up your look.

3. Long, skinny scarves you can wear with any outfit.

4. Chandelier earrings are your answer for a piece of jewelry with some serious swag.

5. Cropped vests guaranteed to make you the office fashionista.

6. Hair extensions for when your normal hair color just isn't cutting it.

7. Von Dutch hats for those looking to protect themselves from the sun this summer.

8. Oversized sunglasses, because how else are you going to channel your inner diva?

9. Ed Hardy T-shirts are a good choice for anyone looking to wear a cool AF graphic tee.

10. Cargo shorts add a grungy vibe to any look.

11. Ugg boots create the illusion of walking on a furry cloud and will make your feet smile.

12. Claw clips are simply a hair accessory must-have.

13. Sweater dresses are a good choice for work or social gatherings.

14. Sparkly, shiny, glittery dresses will make you the star of your next party.

15. Plaid jeggings are a rockin' way to switch up your look.

16. Velour tracksuits so you can be comfy all day, erryday.

Now, get out there and buy all of the 2007 fashion trends!

The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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