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Watch A Full Audience Of '00s Kids Sing The "Proud Family" Theme Song With Solange


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Holy nostalgia, Batman! Remember The Proud Family? It was a perfect show from the *golden era* of animated Disney television, aka 2001.

Disney Channel

Until today, I totally forgot that Solange Knowles sang the catchy AF theme song for the show and I DEFINITELY forgot that Destiny's Child sang on it too.

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But they totally did — and wow are we BLESSED.

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Solange decided to sing it during her set at the Roots Picnic over the weekend and it was a magical moment. One amazing fan caught the whole thing on video, and you can watch a full audience of '00s singing the classic song together:

Solange sung the Proud Family theme song at her show and the whole crowd sung along 😍😩

The moment had people SHOOK.

Solange singing the Proud Family theme song is the most beautiful thing I've seen today

Can you believe that Grammy®-nominated, Goddess of the Sun Solange Knowles sang the Proud Family theme song?

Hearing Solange perform "The Proud Family" theme song live is everything I expected it to be and more.

It honestly may have even rekindled a relationship:

tried to direct message my ex this video of Solange singing the proud family theme song at a concert recently because she loved that song

If that doesn't show the power of The Proud Family, nothing will.

Disney Channel

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