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We Went To A Haunted Hotel In New Orleans And Things Got Creepy, Really Fast


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The Dauphine Hotel is located in the center of New Orleans and is known for being notoriously haunted. So, in our ongoing investigation to figure out if ghosts are real, we investigated the hotel… and I’m not sure if you’re ready for what our experience was like:

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Before we visited the hotel, we wanted to learn a little bit of history about it. It is located a block away from Bourbon street, and some parts of the hotel that still stand date back to 1775, while other parts were built in the early 1800s.


Before 1898, brothels and gambling houses were said to be spread across the city. That is, until a City Alderman named Sidney Story (who was against debauchery), created legislation that made prostitution and gambling legal within a 16-block region.

During the Civil War, soldiers stayed on the hotel premises while recovering from battle. There are multiple accounts of soldiers seen in different places; visitors and employees of the hotel have claimed that doors lock themselves shut and footsteps can be heard.


As we were leaving the library, we heard footsteps upstairs in a vacant room where the Bordello was once located… it’s said to be where the most activity takes place.


Another famous ghost at the hotel is May Baily's younger sister, Millie. There have been multiple accounts where people have seen her wearing a wedding dress around the hotel due to the fact that her fiancé was shot in a gambling dispute the morning before their wedding.


The footsteps continued all night, and in the morning Ryan was so bewildered that he decided to ask the hotel if the two rooms upstairs were occupied, but only one was.

When Ryan asked the person staying the room if he was the one walking around the entire night, the person not only said it wasn't him but also admitted to hearing footsteps and being spooked out by it too.

Ryan learned after his talk with the visitor (and after speaking to a New Orleans ghost tour guide) that there is an angry ghost who was once a Confederate soldier that walks around and stomps all night long.

Who knows whether it was a ghost or just another visitor, but given the rich history of the hotel, it’s no wonder people have felt a paranormal presence when they stay. But whether or not the Dauphine Hotel is haunted will remain…unsolved.

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We Went To A Haunted Hotel In New Orleans And Things Got Creepy, Really Fast

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