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Do You Remember When This Guy Pulled The Greatest Pizza Scam Ever?

What do you mean it's been a decade?

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Perhaps one of the greatest internet phenomenons to come out of 2007 was from a blog called The Sneeze. Steven, the owner and creator of The Sneeze, wanted a pizza and decided to test out the Domino's online ordering system.

A half pepperoni, half mushroom pizza is a reasonable enough request, but Steven didn't stop there. In a moment of either sheer brilliance or delusion, he placed an order for a pizza with no sauce, no cheese — absolutely nothing except beef on the left side.


Eventually "None pizza" became a Tumblr staple inspiring several spin off memes.

It became a playlist.

An actual necklace you can buy.

Someone even wore it as a costume.

I can't tell if the internet ruined it, made it better, or a bit of both.

Here's to a decade of "None pizza with left beef."