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2007 week

2007 week

Here Are 29 Things That Used To Piss You Off In 2007

Don't you dare take me out of your top 8.

Here Is How 19 Alt-Rock Stars Looked Like In 2007 Vs. Today

RIP to all the cool bands that have broken up over the last decade.

If You Did At Least 10 Of These 27 Things, You Were, Like, A Total "It Girl" In The 2000s

The decade of super-plucked eyebrows, clothes that looked like negligés, hip-huggers, etc.

16 Country Songs You Couldn't Get Enough Of In 2007

"Our song is a slamming screen door..."

18 “Superbad” Scenes That Are Still Funny 10 Years Later

"Okay. So, we have an African Jew wearing a hoodie..."

21 Alt-Rock Songs From 2007 You've Probably Forgotten About

One, two, three, four, tell me how many of these were on your old iPod.

Here's How Much The Kardashians Have Changed Since Their Show Premiered

Can you believe we've been trying to keep up for 10 years?!

Here's What The Cast Of "Knocked Up" Looks Like Exactly 10 Years Later

The Apatow girls have grown up — and Paul Rudd looks exactly the same.

MTV Was At Its Trashy Reality TV Prime In 2007

The Hills, Next, Parental Control, and the list goes on!

18 Books From 2007 You Forgot How Much You Loved

So many vampires, so little time.

You're Only Allowed To Marry Chuck Bass If You Can Pass This "Gossip Girl" Quiz

Do you really know B and S or are you just full of BS?

27 Trends From 2007 You Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Wearing Today

"That's (not) hot." — Paris Hilton, probably

Here's A Reminder That Australian TV 10 Years Ago Was Very, Very Different

Waiting for the Australian Open to finish so you could find out whether Sally survived being stabbed on Home and Away.

That One Time Taylor Swift Performed At Walmart

When you think Walmart, I want you to think of your biggest dream.

27 Celebrities Ten Years Ago Compared With Now

It's as if there's been a decade in between!

19 Hot Guys In 2007 Compared With Now

Proof that things get better with age.

25 Things People Actually Tweeted In 2007

Facebook bumper stickers, Crackberries, and liking Juno — it truly was a simpler time.

33 Indie Albums That Turn 10 In 2017

2007 was a fantastic year for indie rock fans.

16 Images Of Life In 2007

Which was a WHOLE TEN YEARS AGO. O_o

Here Are 19 Popular Books Turning 10 In 2017

2007 was truly the year of vampire books.

25 Films That Will Surprisingly Have Been Released A Decade Ago In 2017

Eek for all of us who remember seeing these in the theaters like it was yesterday!

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