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    17 Highly Rated Sex Toys You Can Buy On Amazon

    What sexy, sexy deals.

    Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Sektoy Mini Double Motors Vibrator, £27.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this..I bring it everywhere with me and I don't have to buy it a beer 🍺. Doesn't answer back and is always ready to please. Also take it with me when out shopping​ so if I'm feeling frisky I can knock one out in the shopping centre toilet." — Kd Barnes

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    2. Deluxe Silicone Rabbit Cock Ring, £19.99.

    Promising review: "A great product! This is the first rechargeable toy I have had and it makes life so much easier not having to worry about batteries. Because it is made out of silicone it is also very, very flexible, fitting perfectly.

    "With the 5 settings for the vibrator you get the stimulation that you want and it is one of the most powerful vibrating cock rings that I have used. The two rabbit ears are a nice touch and give your partner stimulation that she probably doesn't get with a normal vibrating cock ring." — Harmony

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    3. Lifelike Women Vagina Adult Toy, £36.99.

    Promising review: "This is without doubt the best male masturbator I have tried, and I have wasted a lot of cash. It's not too big so that it is easy to store away discreetly. I definitely recommend using a lubricant as it makes it much more pleasurable. It has a number of very nice vibration settings and comes fully charged and ready for action. Cleaning afterwards is easy – simply remove the sleeve from the holder and take the vibration pellet from its socket in the sleeve. Simply turn inside out and wash in warm soapy water and leave to air dry. Then just reassemble and it's good to go again. I also spray mine with a sex toy cleaner just to make sure. I cannot recommend this any more highly and wish I had found it years ago." — Mr. P. M. Anthony

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    4. Premium Leather Wrist Restraints, £4.15.

    Promising review: "Sensational product. Owned for a few weeks now. This product is comfortable on the wrists and doesn't bite into them like the furry metal ones. It is super-safe in the event of an emergency as the cuffed individual can unlatch the chain themselves, freeing their hands. The only negative, if you deem it so, is that it takes a bit of effort to (un)buckle the straps as the product is leather. Highly recommend." — Anon

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    Since it’s not always present in fantasy: Actually practising BDSM requires a lot of communication, research, and planning, which you can read about here if you’re interested in pursuing it IRL.

    5. Deluxe Silicone Real Dong Dildo, £23.99.

    Promising review: "Well packaged, beautifully presented in white box ... very classy in its presentation. This is big, black, thick and feels nice to touch –

    nice and weighty too. Plenty of fun to be had here alone or with a partner. The suction cup on the bottom is very good, sticks well and you have to give it a good pull to separate it from which ever surface it's stuck to, so lots of alone time to be had. I would recommend this beast and this brand and company. High-quality item – thank you." — crystal cochrane

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    6. Deluxe Silicone Butt Plug Set, £24.99.

    Promising review: "Another brilliant set. The plugs are all good sizes and the material is excellent, so cleaning is very easy. I love working my way up the biggest and then seeing how long I can keep it up there haha." — Ash N

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    7. Crystal Heart of Glass Wand, £28.99.

    Promising review: "Without getting too graphic, it's great. Quality is fab compared to some other toys, packaging is beautiful (comes with stand!!), and the toy itself is simply gorgeous. Been dropped on hard floor and survived, frozen, boiled, not a crack. Very ergonomic to hold and just so aesthetically pleasing (not at all intimidating). Truly beautiful, must have for anyone's collection." — Selkie

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    8. Deluxe Bondage Set, £27.99.

    Promising review: "An amazingly high-quality item. This set is extremely rugged and sturdy. Once you've clipped someone in, the sub isn't going anywhere quickly! The set also included a couple of extra goodies not shown (bonus!), which was a nice touch. All of the items fit snugly into the included felt carry pouch, which makes this set great for taking traveling, such as on holiday. New and experienced users should enjoy this set equally, as it's very good quality and well priced! Thank you for this brilliant item, with super-fast shipping too!" — Wisp

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    9. Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit The Silicone Rotating One Vibrator, £27.00.

    Promising review: "Very good, it hits the spot. Can recommend it." — Lady Patricia

    Get it on Amazon.

    10. Twist Up Nipple and Clitoris Suction Devices, £20.14.

    Promising review: "Fabulous! Stay put, no problems. Great addition to toy box." — Helsinki12

    Get it on Amazon.

    11. Kinx Squeeze and Please Nipple Clamps with Chain, £4.98.

    Promising review: "If you're just starting out to experiment and enjoy your nipple play, this product is for you. It applies a normal amount of pressure, not too much, which I think is great to experiment with. Very affordable product too!" — Manuel J. Rodriguez

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    12. LELO Mona 2, £109.00.

    Promising review: "After admitting the bed drawer was getting a little full I had a look at our little collection to find all manner of similar and cheaper items, too small, too big, too much or little power. So after some extensive researching I decided that the Lelo Mona 2 would be a good addition and most of the old items could be thrown away.

    "Thankfully I was right, plenty of variety in both patterns and intensity, and my wife said it was comfortable and pleasurable. As any other review will tell you it's silky smooth and soft to touch, fully waterproof and my wife (who's not a massive fan of toys) loved it both internally and externally." — LAW1980

    Get it on Amazon.

    13. Flesh 3D Oral Sex Blowjob Pocket Toy, 19.99.

    Promising review: "Just a quick soak in warm water and this feels amazing, wish I would have found out about this sooner. It makes suction type noises, which can be really loud and adds to the experience. Easy to clean too. Best I have used yet." — Jimbo

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    14. Mouth ball gag, £4.99.

    Promising review: "Good product and keeps me quiet during punishments." — Lennie

    Get it on Amazon.

    15. Lovehoney Basics Vibrating Love Egg, £8.99.

    Promising review: "Brilliant powerful device works a treat – highly

    recommend this, great value for the money, great fun and now I know what an orgasm is!!!!" — Rose

    Get it on Amazon.

    16. Deluxe Silicone Cock-Ring, £9.99.

    Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product and the overall packaging was excellent with a velvet-type drawstring bag to keep the rings in. The rings are made of high-quality silicone and I would imagine will have a long life, unlike some of the cheaper versions – the old saying goes you get what you pay for. The rings are very sturdy but still enough give in them to wear comfortably and they do work and give the desired effect by restricting blood flow, thereby giving a stronger and fuller erection. Highly recommended –

    you and your partner will not be disappointed." — G

    Get it on Amazon.

    17. Rocks off Ro-80mm Bullet Vibrator, £10.56.

    Promising Review: "My new best friend. Makes me go crazy every single time. It's also not noisy, so I can have fun in my room while my flatmates are home!" — Duroc

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