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June 22, 2017

Amy Poehler Laughs So Hard At Her Daniel Day-Lewis Theory That She Can Barely Breathe

"I think he's going to come back as another actor and fool us all!"

This Paperclip Is $185 And We Have A Lot Of Questions About It

"It ain't just a paperclip, it's Prada."

Heck Yeah, Our Politicians Get A Pay Rise And A Tax Cut On The Same Ripping Day

Politicians' pay goes up... Sunday retail and hospo workers pay cut.

25 Simple Meals You Can Make When Your Life Is In Shambles

Because even when things are bad, you do still have to eat.

You Can Make Your Very Own Wearable Embedded Camera

Who gets to tell the stories in our communities? You can build a hidden camera accessory to help tell the real stories in your neighborhood.

Here’s What The Senate Health Bill Means For Women’s Health Care

The Senate's health care plan would defund Planned Parenthood and remove tax subsidies for insurance plans that cover abortion, and could decrease contraception coverage.

This Interview Of RuPaul On "Oprah" From 1995 Has The Advice You Need In 2017

"Bad weather always passes over. If you could just wait it out, it will pass."

9 Celebrity #TBTs You Need To See This Week

Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood taking an old-fashioned selfie kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

New York Is Close To Financially Rewarding TV Shows That Make Diversity A Priority Behind The Camera

The state is one step closer to giving a tax credit of up to $5 million to productions that hire minorities and women as writers and directors.

17 Jokes You'll Only Get If You Know A Lot Of Songs

♫ "All the Pringle ladies / Get their hands stuck." ♫

21 Moments From Season 9 Of RuPaul's Drag Race That We're Still Not Over

Gentleman start your engines, and may the best woman win.

21 Things Kris Humphries Has Been Up To Lately

Here's what he's been up to since his divorce from Kim K, according to his social media.

Memo Shows Preet Bharara Was Concerned After Phone Call From White House

“Hi Mr. Bharara, this is Madeline Westerhout calling from President Donald Trump’s office.”

Trump Told Democrats He Wants To Do Something About Deported Veterans. His Staff Was Less Open.

Sources say Democrats raised the issue of deported veterans in a private dinner last week. The president expressed support for doing something, but his staff quickly told him it was complicated. Democrats want to see action on the issue.

Julgamento foi suspenso, mas maioria no STF valida delação da JBS

Maioria também deu segurança para garantir benefícios a delatores que não quebrem os termos do acordo de colaboração. Nesse ponto, único a divergir foi Ricardo Lewandowski.

Peña Nieto dijo que actuará legalmente contra quienes levantaron "falsos señalamientos" por #GobiernoEspía

El presidente admitió que su Gobierno compró equipo de espionaje pero rechazó que se use en contra de periodistas y activistas.

Here’s What The Senate And House Health Care Bills Would Actually Do

The long-awaited Senate health bill looks a lot like its House counterpart, and while it contains some new protections for poor and sick people, it also will lead to deeper cuts and more out-of-pocket costs.

12 Historias que demuestran que el amor es para todos

No estoy llorando, se me metió una historia hermosa en el ojo.

Cool Off With This Tropical Rainbow Sherbet

Taste the tropical rainbow!

26 Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Shots From Spielberg's Greatest Movies

Jaws, E.T., Indiana Jones, The Color Purple, Jurassic Park, and Saving Private Ryan, just to name a few...

A High School Pulled Its "Right-Wing Propaganda" Summer Reading List After Complaints

"The point of AP is to teach how to think, not what to think."

A Venezuela tentou me convencer de que a revolução vai bem, obrigada

Um guia turístico destacado pelo governo Nicolás Maduro levou o BuzzFeed News a alguns lugares de Caracas com o intuito de mostrar que o regime está funcionando. Falando com as pessoas é fácil perceber que, na verdade, não é bem assim.

Trump's Former HIV/AIDS Advisers Are Blasting The New Health Care Draft Bill

Former members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, who resigned last week in protest, say the Senate's new health care proposals will hurt people with the disease.

This State Almost Let Pregnant Women Kill People

Pregnant women in New Hampshire were almost given free rein to kill people, thanks to some sloppy bill writing.

Quer ter o BuzzFeed Brasil no seu WhatsApp?

Então preencha aqui o nosso formulário, é rapidinho!

The Awkward Politics Of Republican Governors And Obamacare

No issue has defined the modern GOP or animated its grassroots activists more than former president Obama’s health care program has. But with congressional Republicans moving ahead with repeal efforts, some governors are ignoring the party line in the name of Medicaid expansion. And some — New Mexico’s Susana Martinez, in particular — don’t want to talk about it at all.

I'm Seriously Cracking Up Over These Pictures Of Lady Gaga Hiking

I love this woman (even though I thought "Joanne" was only kind of okay).

20 Errores de belleza que todas las chicas de los 2000 hicieron

Felicitaciones por haber sobrevivido a los 2000.

Exclusivo: a íntegra do depoimento de Joesley sobre o BNDES

O dono da JBS disse que pagou caixa dois em 2010 a pedido de Palocci, em 2014 a pedido de Mantega e que ainda deu mesada de R$ 50 mil a Mantega.

La gente está convirtiendo sus conversaciones de WhatsApp en memes de Harry Potter

Por que mientras existan memes, la magia nunca morirá.

Kate Walsh On The "Grey's Anatomy " Death That Shocked Her The Most

Get to know the Grey's Anatomy and 13 Reasons Why actress!

Facebookライブ動画の深い闇 殺人、レイプ、自殺の生中継は防げるのか。


2000年度生まれ以降は子宮頸がんから守られない? HPVワクチン実質ストップの影響


Facebookライブされた暴力シーン 銃撃からレイプまで世界中で止まらない惨劇

BuzzFeed Newsは事件が発生する度にリストを更新します。


前川喜平さんがBuzzFeed Newsの取材に応じた。そこで語られた安倍政権への思いとは?



There Is A Body Part Called The Meatus, And I'm Sorry Folks, But We All Have One

"You get a meatus! You get a meatus!" —Oprah, probably.

Ramadan Is Almost Over, So Let's Talk About Souls

What do you think a soul is, even?

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Isn't Working, Watchdog Says

A new report says thousands of borrowers have struggled to take advantage of the program. President Trump has proposed scrapping it entirely.

7 Delicious Desserts Made With Five Ingredients Or Less

For those with a summer sweet tooth.

Here's Exactly What You Should Keep Around In Case Disaster Strikes

A shopping list for the (almost) apocalypse.

18 fatos impressionantes do mundo do cinema que parecem inventados

Filmes de terror, por exemplo, podem te ajudar a queimar calorias.

Supreme Court Justices Uphold Convictions In A Decades-Old DC Murder Case

The US Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that even though prosecutors withheld evidence that was favorable to the defense in a high-profile murder case in the 1980s, the defendants failed to show it would have changed the outcome.

Guess The Bulge

Contestants guess bulges in pants created by inanimate objects

Democratic Mayor Launches PAC Aimed At “Politics Of The Everyday”

This is South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg's first major political effort since his campaign for chair of the Democratic National Committee earlier this year.

17 Harsh Realities That Will Make People Over 32 Say "I Need To Sit Down"

Settle into yer rockin' chair. It's gonna get rough.

20 coisas que nossos filhos e netos simplesmente nunca entenderão

A terrível sensação de comprar um CD e as letras das músicas não estarem no encarte.

¿Tu vida sería una película de DC o de Marvel?

¿Eres más alegre y divertido o serio y dramático?

People Can't Stop Trolling These Guys For Saying Snapchat Filters Create A "Facade" For Women

"My boyfriend was so sad when he met me in person and I didn't have the dog filter on."

Bill Cosby Is Going To Educate People On How To Avoid Sexual Assault Allegations

The comedian is planning to "get back to work" to educate others on how a "brush on the shoulder" could lead to sex assault allegations, his representatives say.

18 Nasty Things That Bring You And Your BFF Together

Because how else are you going to pop the pimples on your back?

34 Songs You Need In Your Life This Summer Or Else Everything Will Be Shitty

There's more to life than 700 Justin Bieber songs on the radio this summer.

Qatar Airways Wants A Billion-Dollar Stake In American Airlines

Its home country is under blockade, and its US competitors have spent years lobbying against it. But Qatar Airways is getting out the checkbook.

The New Health Care Bill Would Mean Big Cuts For Opioid Addiction Treatment

Medicaid currently covers 3 in 10 people with an opioid addiction, and faces a proposed $830 billion cut. The new health care bill would, as written, be “a death sentence for millions of Americans,” said one treatment advocate.

Dan Rather On Why America Needs More Empathy

The culture of empathy I remember growing up during the Great Depression taught us that those who were suffering weren’t lazy or lacking the desire to do better — fate had the potential to slap any of us.

Macedonian Publishers Are Panicking After Facebook Killed Their US Political Pages

Over 30 Facebook pages being run from Macedonia have been removed by Facebook in the past two months.

Everything In This Post Is $10 Or Less And Magical AF

Sparkles and glitter and mermaids, oh my!

25 Pride Signs That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

"God said 'Adam and Eve,' so I did both."

Only A '00s Kid Can Ace This Internet Quiz

Just hope you remembered to feed your Neopets.

Jake Charles Laycock • 3 hours ago

These Are The Very Best Baby Products Of 2017

More than 500 products were judged — only these 26 were honored.

The Senate Health Care Bill Is Already In Danger

Senate Republicans can only lose two of their members to pass their health care bill. Just hours after they released a draft, four Republicans said they couldn't support it as written. On Friday, another GOP senator said he wouldn't support the current bill, either.

¿Por cuántos de estos problemas del primer mundo has pasado?

La vida es un lugar duro, sobre todo cuando no llega tu Uber...

21 conversas que você só tem se é MUITO ADULTO

Não manda nudes, não, manda dicas de produtos de limpeza.

Por dentro da cena mais perturbadora de "Orange Is The New Black"

Kate Mulgrew (Red) e Brad William Henke (Desi Piscatella) contam ao BuzzFeed News como foi fazer aquele final chocante, perturbador e sangrento. (AVISO: SPOILERS À FRENTE).

Delator da JBS cita "coronel" como carregador de mala de propina

PF suspeita que "coronel" seja um dos principais amigos de Temer, o coronel reformado da PM João Baptista Lima Filho, chamado nas investigações de "coronel Lima". Ele não prestou depoimento porque está doente e foi operado nesta quarta.

23 Things That'll Make Your Home So Much Safer For Children

Because they act like they're out to get themselves.

Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a neon beach coverup, bubble machine, and cast-iron grill pan.

Uber Employees Are Circulating A Petition To Reinstate Travis Kalanick

Managers are asking employees to join a campaign to reinstate the ex-CEO days after his resignation.

Just 17 Award-Winning Pictures Of Very Good Dogs

I hope all of these dogs got extra treats and belly rubs.

Quão brasileiro você é?

Colocou feijão em pote de sorvete, bebeu água em filtro de barro, reaproveitou copo de requeijão?

¿Te sabes la tabla del 12?

¿Crees que puedes llegar hasta el 10 X 12?

Dê um upgrade na sua pipoca doce com esta nova versão!

Paçoca + chocolate + marshamallow = FELICIDADE

Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You If You Properly Use These 20 Phrases

"Grammar: the difference between knowing you're shit and knowing your shit."

Trump Plays With A Drone And Meets With Emerging Tech Leaders

Startup entrepreneurs and investors met with the president to explain how the government can help facilitate the next technological revolution.

"Pizzagate" Gunman Is Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Edgar Maddison Welch, who brought loaded guns into a DC pizza restaurant in response to the "Pizzagate" internet conspiracy theory, was sentenced on Thursday to four years in prison.

Trump Has Finally Admitted He Has No Tapes Of His Meetings With Comey

"I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings."

18 Useful Beauty Tools That Are Totally Worth Splurging On

These ~legendary~ tools (and their cheaper dupes!) are worth a gander. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Esta campaña hecha por fans logró que ‘Supernatural’ tenga un spin-off con protagonistas mujeres

Exigieron más y mejor representación femenina en el show y después de dos años, fueron escuchadas.

Le nouveau secrétaire d'État Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, soutien zélé des anti-mariage pour tous

Proche des Veilleurs, et soutien affirmé de Sens Commun, le nouveau secrétaire d'État auprès du ministre de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères, a participé à plusieurs manifestations contre le mariage pour tous. Il n'hésite pas à ironiser dessus sur Twitter.

Quão horrível é a sua memória?

Talvez você faça este teste mais de uma vez.

12 fatos sobre "The Handmaid's Tale" que podem te surpreender

As roupas vermelhas das aias são uma referência à personagem bíblica Maria Madalena.

Can You Pass This Very British Food Quiz?

What exactly is a Jaffa Cake?

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on women's clothing, a pet shedding brush, beauty products, and more!

McDonald's Has Teamed Up With UberEats To Offer Home Delivery In Some Cities

McDonalds has announced that customers living near selected restaurants in London, Leeds, and Nottingham can order via the UberEats app.

You Should Eat These Pretzel Dogs Four Ways FOR DAYS

Why have to decide between a hot dog or a pretzel when you can have BOTH!

There’s A New Way To Pay For IVF, But No Guarantee It’ll Pay Off

Future Family will guide you through egg-freezing and IVF, and even pay for the procedures upfront. It’s one of several companies capitalizing on the high cost of — and demand for — fertility treatment. But the financial agreements involved aren’t risk-free.

Build An Outfit In Zara And We'll Guess Your Age

Your style reveals a lot about you.

A School Where Boys Protested A "No Shorts" Rule By Wearing Skirts Has Just Changed Its Policy

The ISCA Academy in Exeter said it had reviewed its uniform policy and decided that shorts will be allowed from the next academic year onwards.

Sabemos a dónde deberías mudarte según tu estilo

Es hora de un cambio en tu vida.

What's The Best Crime Novel You've Ever Read?

Tell us which batshit crazy crime novels you've read.

Si hubiera Tinder en 'Juego de tronos'

Un Lannister siempre hace superlike.

Operador do PMDB recebeu R$ 12,5 mi da JBS na eleição de 2014 usando empresas de fachada

Em depoimento, Lúcio Funaro disse que arrecadou R$ 100 milhões para o PMDB entre 2010 e 2014.

On a trouvé la recette idéale pour être une bombasse cet été

Votre «corps d'été» sera le corps que vous aurez décidé d'avoir.

16 frases que podem ser ditas durante uma transa ou um velório

"Não entendo, ontem mesmo ele estava vivão".

The Family Of The Man Who Died At The Scene Of The Finsbury Park Attack Have Paid Tribute To Him

Makram Ali, 51, "spent his whole life without any enemies, choosing a quiet life instead", his loved ones said in a statement.

The Hardest "The Office" Character Quiz You'll Ever Take

It's not just Michael Scott's world.

22 Brutally Honest Confessions From An Optometrist

Yes, you can get pubic lice in your eyelashes. And no, it's not pretty.

No, Taking Paracetamol While You're Pregnant Won't Make Your Son "Less Manly"

Articles in the Sun, Mail and Evening Standard newspapers claimed that "taking paracetamol when pregnant ‘makes boys less manly, less aggressive and lowers their sex drive'". But it's not true.

Could You Survive In Outer Space?

*Insert Neil DeGrasse Tyson quote here*

This Is What Period-Shaming Looks Like Around The World

"Pads will be wrapped in a newspaper when they're purchased."

16 astuces pour passer un été de ouf

Il fait chaaaaaaaud. Mais ces astuces sont là pour vous soulager!

19 Reasons Why Festivals Are Shit

Why do we lie to ourselves every single year and think they'll be a good experience?

Você provavelmente não está lavando suas toalhas tanto quanto deveria

E nem venha argumentar que você toma dois banhos por dia.

Cosas 100% reales que has vivido si siempre te vistes de negro

Merlina Addams tenía razón, el negro es el color más feliz del mundo.

This Is Theresa May’s Plan To Protect EU Citizens' Rights After Brexit

The PM said the proposals, outlined at a dinner in Brussels, were dependent on the 27 EU states guaranteeing the same rights for UK citizens.

We Want You To Write A Letter To Your Favourite Harry Potter Character

It can be to anyone. Even Umbridge. (But we'll judge you.)

17 Tiffany "New York" Pollard Quotes As Motivational Posters

"I don't wanna break a leg -- I'm gonna get the part; that's what I'm gonna do."

O quanto você odeia todo mundo?

Pessoas são a pior coisa.

The "Twin Peaks" Reboot Ratings Are A Perfect Example Of How TV Viewing Is Changing

There's been a lot of talk about how poorly the Showtime series has performed, but the David Lynch mystery illustrates a ratings system in flux.

Private Tower Block Owners Won't Be Forced To Test For Flammable Cladding

Councils and social housing landlords are testing hundreds of buildings for flammable cladding, but for private landlords that testing will be "voluntary".

9 Practical Beauty Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Practical solutions to your beauty problems

Victime d'une agression homophobe à Paris, il publie une photo des séquelles sur Twitter

Basile veut «montrer que ces choses existent encore. Que cela peut se passer à quelques mètres du Marais et à quelques jours de la Pride».

Why We Need Diverse Characters In YA Books, According To Angie Thomas

The author of The Hate U Give spoke to BuzzFeed about being inclusive when it comes to writing for children.

O quanto você é estranho(a)?

Vamos descobrir de uma vez por todas.

Hijabi Women Say They Were Subjected To Searches Before School Exams

Two high school girls have described the thorough checks targeting only the young veiled women at a Parisian high school.

Diane Abbott Said The Abuse She Faced During The Election Campaign Made Her Feel "Very Low"

"It was a tough campaign, and contrary to what you've heard about strong black women, even strong black women cry," the shadow home secretary said.

13 petits problèmes agaçants auxquels les femmes trans ne s'attendaient pas après leur transition

Pourquoi est-ce que les pantalons de femmes n'ont pas de poches fonctionnelles? C'est trop demander?

Die CDU hat #fedidwgugl zu ihrem Bundestags-Hashtag gemacht und Twitter ist sehr verwirrt

"Dachte erst, Trump ist beim twittern wieder eingeschlafen ..."

Far-Right Activists Are Stealing Tricks From YouTubers And It's Going To Get People Hurt

A small group of far-right activists have figured out how to manipulate the media with viral stunts — and it’s getting more and more dangerous.

21 traditions des premières règles aux quatre coins du monde

«Ma mère a rincé ma culotte (juste à l'eau) et me l'a étalée sur la figure, car elle disait que ça empêcherait l'apparition de boutons dans le futur.»

19 Profoundly Hilarious Tweets For People Trying To Make Sense Of Indian Politics

"An unbiased journalist is one who has the same political ideology as yours."

28 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham"

TIL Hrithik Roshan cut his own t-shirts, and "Suraj Hua Maddham" almost wasn't a part of the film.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Tarte Cosmetics, Williams Sonoma, BaubleBar, and more!

A College Student Accused A Powerful Man Of Rape. Then She Became A Suspect

When an Alabama college student told the police she was sexually assaulted, she did everything she thought she was supposed to do. She ended up killing herself.

Esta aplicación te permite encontrar en Tinder a gente que se parece a personas famosas

Utiliza un software de reconocimiento facial para escanear parecidos con famosos, o con fotos de tu ex o incluso tuyas propias (si quieres quedar contigo mismo).

「見えない」格差、気づいてますか? 10万人以上がアクセスできなかった「重大情報」


These Pictures Show The 845-Year-Old Mosque Just Recaptured From ISIS

Mosul's al-Nuri mosque and al-Hadba minaret, which were built 845 years ago, were bombed by ISIS militants.

7 Products All Sweaty Girls Need This Summer

Including an anti-chafe solution that actually works.

There's Going To Be An Independent Review Into The Recent Wave Of Terror Attacks In Britain

The home secretary told MPs she believed the world is facing "a new phase of global terrorism" with "unprecedented" challenges.

Trump Wants To Cover His Border Wall With Solar Panels, And His Fans Are All In

The president suggested for the first time Wednesday that the sun, and not Mexico, would pay for his border wall.

25 choses qu'aucune femme n'admettra faire en public

Chut, ne le dites à personne, mais on fait toutes ça.

9 Dinge, die du nur verstehst, wenn deine Brüste winzig sind

Wenn du dich hinlegst, ist es so, als hätten sie niemals existiert.

10 Things You Never Knew About Julia Stiles

The star of 10 Things I Hate About You is back 18 years after the movie was released with a brand-new TV show, Riviera. She dropped by BuzzFeed UK to let us in on a few little-known facts about herself.

Sex Attacks In Bars And Pubs Are So Common Women Go Out "Expecting To Be Assaulted"

The new figures, released to BuzzFeed News, are likely to be the tip of the iceberg.



Governo exige de Estados propaganda em troca de R$ 1,5 bi para escolas de tempo integral

Após lançar programa para criar vagas para escola de tempo integral no ensino médio, MEC muda as regras e exige que os Estados divulguem que o dinheiro é do governo federal. Governo diz que é por "transparência".

Profile Picture Robbery Is So Bad In India That Facebook Is Letting People Block Screenshots

That shiny blue shield isn't going to stop creepy exes, though.

What's Going On In The News Today?

US Senate Republicans will reveal a draft of their secretive health bill today, and there are lots of unanswered questions. ISIS destroyed an 845-year-old mosque in Mosul. And after a meteoric rise to prominence, whatever happened to Black Lives Matter?

60 Other Tower Blocks Have Combustible Cladding, Tests After The Grenfell Fire Have Found

Around 600 high-rise buildings in England have some form of exterior cladding and urgent tests are being done to determine whether they're a fire risk.

スーパーマーケット最強はどこ? 3位は「SEIYU」、2位は「ヤオコー」、1位はあの激安店

一番安いスーパーはどこ? 「ヤオコー」「いなげや」「マルエツ」「SEIYU」など様々なスーパーを比較した結果、1位に輝いたのは”あの激安店”です。ラジオ番組「ジェーン・スー 生活は踊る」で第1回スーパー総選挙が開催されました。

Lesbianas: estereotipos vs. realidad

Ninguna de las dos es el "hombre" en una relación lésbica. Spoiler: las dos son chicas.

Diese Frau formt Skulpturen aus ihrem Haar und es sieht einfach unglaublich aus

"Ich will, dass die Leute mich nicht nur als Frau sehen, die was mit ihrem Haar macht, sondern als kreative und wandelbare Person."

Three Women Tell Us How They Incorporate The Hijab Into Their Cosplay

"Anything is possible with passion and imagination."




罪悪感なく食べられる♪ 揚げないポテチ

あつあつ、とろーり! たっぷりチーズのポテトラザニア




75 Really, Truly Gross Things You Thought Only You Did

Nope. It isn't just you. We checked.



28 Photos Which Show How Different America And India Are

Still the best country to grow up in though.



「ヘイトの温床」の厳しい声も ヤフコメに期待することは?ユーザーから意見募る


Uber Knew That The Engineer At The Heart Of The Self-Driving Lawsuit Had Downloaded Google Information As Early As Last Year

The latest development in a lawsuit from rival Waymo shows that Anthony Levandowski, the former head of Uber's self-driving program, told ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick he had confidential Google information.

After 16 Years, This Teen's Mother Made Her Dream Of Setting Up An Orphanage Come True

"My mom was very compassionate about these children who are considered illegal in Vietnam and really wanted a place for the nuns to run and be able to educate and support them," Truong Xe told BuzzFeed News.

12 produits indispensables pour passer un été plus agréable

Contre le frottement des cuisses et tous les ~petits~ aléas pendant la saison estivale.

If You've Developed A Crush On Naveen Polishetty, Here Are 9 Things You Need To Watch ASAP

In case you wanted a playlist of everything this guy's been in.

A Nude Swim Ran Out Of Towels And Lol

Tasmanian skinny dippers were met with a shortage of towels.

Can You Spend Less Than $250 In This Kmart Shopping Game?

Kmart's homewares section is what dreams are made of.

Joe Biden Gave A Speech On LGBT Rights And Trump

Donald Trump promised to “fight for” the LGBT community on the campaign trail. Three weeks into Pride Month, the president hasn't said a word.

Only A Real "Simpsons" Fan Can Name 8/15 Of These Animals

"Why, oh, why is my cat dead? Couldn't that Chrysler hit me instead?"

This Politician Just Became The First Person To Breast Feed While Giving A Speech In Parliament

The baby is also probably the first human to go to the bathroom in the Senate.

It's Time To Find Out Which Famous Poet You're Most Like

There are no bad results when it comes to good poetry.

【おま国】セガの名作ゲームをスマホで無料配信も日本は除外 なぜなのか聞いてみた

第1弾で「ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ」「獣王記」「 ファンタシースターⅡ」「カメレオンキッド」「 コミックスゾーン」を配信

「都議会のドン」後継に平成生まれの27歳女性が立候補 背中を押した「母の言葉」


The Ministers Under Cloud For Possible Contempt Used Facebook To Spread Criticism Of Judges

BuzzFeed News has obtained screenshots of the now deleted statuses, which reveal federal ministers Alan Tudge and Michael Sukkar spread their controversial quotes critical of the judges on their Facebook pages, which led to dozens of similar comments.

Australians Can Now Help Find Missing Children Using Facebook

People can click on the alert to see photos and other details about the missing child and then share the alert with friends.

21 Super Extra Things Fangirls Have Actually Done

I didn't choose the fandom life, the fandom life chose me.

変わらぬ25年の愛情 カップルが思い出の地で撮った特別な写真が大きな感動を呼んでいる。