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June 19, 2017

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Was Not Here For Demands That Her Country Restore Democracy

Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez packed her things and left a meeting rather than listen to debate on a resolution on keeping democracy alive in Venezuela.

Do You Actually Know What Breeds These Dogs Are?

How much do you really love dogs?

20 Fotos de la vida que quieres vs. la vida que tienes

No siempre puedes tener lo que quieres.

19 Memes de lesbianas tan reales que te harán llorar de risa

Como cuando tu abuelita te pregunta por el novio en cada reunión familiar.

Solo un experto en medicina podrá sacar más de 14/17 en esta prueba

La medicina ha hecho un largo camino, dejémoslo ahí.

Los periodistas y activistas espiados por el Gobierno de EPN demandaron que se investigue el caso

Tras la revelación del espionaje digital hecha por The Citizen Lab, Artículo 19, R3D y SocialTIC, los afectados presentaron una denuncia ante PGR y CNDH.

Drivers Sue Ride-Hail Startup Juno After Its Acquisition By Rival Gett

Juno was supposed to be an opportunity for New York drivers to make a decent wage and own a little piece of the app-based taxi revolution. But after an acquisition, 20,000 drivers were left nearly empty-handed, and now three of them are suing for breach of contract, false advertising, and intentional misrepresentation.

¿Eres la Pati Chapoy de tu grupito de amigos?

Etiqueta a esa pequeña reina del chisme que tienes en tu vida.

Tell Us How You Sleep And We'll Tell You What You're Like When You're Awake

Yes, how many pillows you have totally means something.

27 Photos From "Handmaid's Tale" That'll Take You On A Wordless Emotional Journey

How can a show so horrifying be shot so beautifully? (Contains spoilers!)

¿Que ícono gay debería ser tu BFF?

Una respuesta a la pregunta que no sabías que tenías.

Mahershala Ali Opens Up About His Black Experience In America

"I think African-Americans have a very convoluted relationship with patriotism."

Democrats Change Gears And Take The Health Care Fight To The Senate Floor

After months of keeping a low profile, Democrats are staging a show of defiance in the Senate Monday over health care.

Why Is The Trump Administration Slow To Respond When Muslims Are Attacked?

The president doesn't usually seem to have a problem calling out terrorism.

Otro relato de presunto abuso sexual en México revela que Uber no hace lo suficiente para ayudar a sus víctimas

Ella necesita los datos de su agresor para denunciar, pero Uber no puede liberar esa información sin una denuncia.

People Online Can't Stop Making The Same Joke To This Teen Named Sadaf And She's Fed Up AF

"Damn why you sad there is no need," "Girl what's wrong," "Why you sad tho," "Why are you sad," "Are you OK?"

The US Says It Doesn't Want To Fight Syria — But It Keeps Fighting Syria Anyway

The US and its allies used to fight against ISIS in eastern Syria in relative isolation. Now the Syrian government, Russia, and Iran are all pressing in closer, raising the chance of a miscalculation.

Seu pinto e seus hábitos com o pinto são iguais os de todo mundo?

Por exemplo, o Júnior fica virado mais pra esquerda ou mais pra direita?

An Undocumented Immigrant Allegedly Beat And Killed A Muslim Teenager Because Of Road Rage

A man has been charged with murder after police found the body of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, who was attacked with a baseball bat and murdered after leaving a mosque this weekend.





離党ドミノでガタガタの民進党 都連会長が小池知事への期待を語る理由


House Democrats Want Documents On Michael Flynn's Work With Saudi Arabia

Reps. Elijah Cummings and Eliot Engel requested new documents relating to Flynn's foreign travel and work on a US-Russian nuclear power project in the Middle East, that was to be financed by Saudi Arabia.

The American Student Released From North Korea Has Died

"It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home," his family said in a statement.

This Is What It Looks Like To Celebrate Pride All Around The World

Powerful images of love, celebration, rallies, and protests from the world's 2017 Pride Month gatherings.

People Are Applauding This Teen's Hack To Pick A Color At The Nail Salon

"This would have solved so many of our problems."

This Is How The "Justice 4 Grenfell" Campaign Is Helping Survivors Of The Tragedy

The campaign, which will get advice from a leading QC who represented the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, will be community-led and support survivors ahead of and during the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire.

Em ação, Temer diz que Joesley é o criminoso de maior sucesso na história do país

Queixa crime diz ainda que Joesley anda na companhia de sicários (assassinos de aluguel) e mentiu sobre o presidente para ficar impune de seus crimes e morar fora do país com seu polpudo patrimônio. Veja os documentos na íntegra.

Shop The Look V1

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We Replaced The Cast Of "The Bachelorette" With Dogs

Half of the men act like dogs anyway, so we changed them to the cute, furry ones.

What Do You Consider The Proper Way To Eat Chicken Wings?

Not all chicken wings were created equal.

There's A War Going On Behind Amazon's "Add To Cart" Button

It's the holy grail for Amazon sellers — and as more spending moves online, it gets more valuable by the day.

Este quiz visual te dirá qué es lo que más te importa en la vida

¿Podemos adivinar con solo cinco preguntas?

¿Qué dice tu forma de dormir sobre el sexo en tu relación?

Tu posición en la cama te dirá... cómo eres en la cama.

23 estilistas que deveriam pedir perdão pelo pecado que fizeram com o jeans

O jeans não merece sofrer uma crise existencial dessas.

“Aviso aos criminosos que não sairão impunes”, diz Temer após entrevista de Joesley

Sem citar JBS, presidente faz vídeo dizendo que cortou práticas que permitiam criminosos crescerem à sombra de ilícitos e de dinheiro público.

19 Aterradoras experiencias paranormales que te causarán pesadillas

Los juguetes de niños nunca dejarán de ser espeluznantes.

This Is What It’s Like To Work With The World's Deadliest Pathogens Every Day

From the outside, the CDC campus in Atlanta looks fairly nondescript. But inside one of its buildings — a "box within a box" — scientists study some of the most dangerous threats to humanity.

10 imagens de emos brasileiros que vão fazer você se sentir com 100 anos

Antes: cores. Depois: os cabelos não são mais os mesmos.

This Baby Became A Meme After Her Aunt Posted These Adorable Photos

"This entire thread, all the memes and all the love."

O Faustão cantando "Admirável Gado Novo" rendeu um gif ótimo

"Êêêê, ôôô, ôôô, vida de gado!"

Será que você realmente se lembra de 2012?

Foi apenas cinco anos atrás.

A Mobile Billboard Is Driving Around Seattle Urging Amazon To Cut Ad Ties With Breitbart

The billboard was put up by Sleeping Giants, an anonymous advocacy group trying to get brands to blacklist Breitbart.

Seu gosto musical revelará sua paixão interior

O que você gosta de ouvir diz muito mais do que você pensa.

Liberals Hope To Take Down Trump’s Judicial Nominee With A Controversial Blogging Past

A pro-choice group on Monday launched a six-figure campaign opposing one of President Trump’s judicial nominees. With two Republicans already expressing concerns about the nominee, liberals sense an opportunity to strike.

Show Us The Most Incredible Birth Photo You Got In The Delivery Room

Birth is truly incredible, especially in photos.

17 Things You'll Find In "American" Restaurants Around The World

Apparently, a lot of them are '50s-style diners.

"Our Community Will Fight This": Finsbury Park Rejects Division After Attack

There was a spirit of togetherness within Finsbury Park's diverse community in the hours after a van ploughed into Muslims leaving a mosque.

21 Memes del calor que solo entenderás si vives en Sonora

Como cuando todavía no empieza el verano y ya estás a más de 40º.

The Trump Administration Has A New Plan For Dealing With Russia

A classified document by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson lays out a new path for Russia and the US. But does the president, weighed down by scandal and investigation, support it?

Jay Z Is Now Going By JAY-Z, So Take Notice

A new year, a new way to spell your name.

People Who Pinned Down The Finsbury Park Terror Suspect Heard Him Say It Was "For London Bridge"

A number of witnesses told BuzzFeed News what they saw as the attack near a north London mosque unfolded.

12 Comfy Pairs Of Heeled Sandals You Can Walk In All Day

Because blisters shouldn't get in the way of looking boss. The products in this post were updated in June 2018.

Governor General David Johnston Would Like To Clarify That Indigenous People Are Not Immigrants

Johnston told a CBC interviewer that even "quote, Indigenous people, unquote" are immigrants.

15 fotos impressionantes do incêndio que deixou 63 mortos em Portugal

Fogo se alastrou em florestas da região central do país. Pessoas morreram carbonizadas em seus carros.

Twitter Re-Created The #NickiMinajChallenge And It’s AMAZING

Most of y'all can't even spell "amazing."

16 pessoas que são os visionários da nossa geração

Enquanto nós não fizemos nada digno de nota em 2017.

Here's What Kim Kardashian's New Makeup Line Looks Like IRL

*sets KKWBeauty reminder for Wednesday at 9 a.m.*

Scientist Who Helped Connect Litvinenko's Murder To The Kremlin "Assassinated" In Britain

His nuclear research helped a judge determine that former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko had been assassinated – likely on Putin’s orders. Just months after the verdict, the scientist himself was found stabbed to death with two knives. Police deemed it a suicide, but US intelligence officials suspect it was murder.

How The Finsbury Park Attack Unfolded

Shortly after midnight on Monday, a group of Muslims breaking their fast stopped to help a man in need. Moments later, they were mown down.

7 Things To Blurt Out During Awkward Silences This Week

These random facts will make you the most interesting person in any room.

Here Are Some Epic Trucks, Vans, And Helicopters You Can Actually Stay In

Why stay in a boring hotel when you could sleep in a converted helicopter instead?

La respuesta de Belinda a este reportero que la acusó de mantenida es lo mejor que hay

Una columna sugirió que Criss Angel estaba financiando la carrera de la cantante y pues, no.

17 Things Real People Are Doing To Prepare For Disaster

From hitting up Costco to learning how to hunt.

17 Ways To Protect Your Phone From Literally Everything

Your phone will be safe and sound.

A Woman Shot And Killed By Seattle Police Was Pregnant And Had Mental Health Problems, Her Family Says

"Get back! Get back!" can be heard on audio released by the Seattle Police Department, before the sound of multiple loud gunshots.

22 Heartbreaking Pictures From The Portugal Fire That Killed More Than 60 People

Many of those killed had been trapped in their motor vehicles. Portugal has declared three days of national mourning.

Une épreuve du bac demande s'il faut garder les œufs au frigo, les lycéens deviennent fous

«On nous demande de calculer des puissances énergétiques et pourquoi faut mettre un œuf au frais... genre on est semi-ingénieur semi-con»

I'm Terrible, Thanks For Asking

After my husband died, my father died, and I lost my second pregnancy — all in the span of six weeks — everyone wanted to know how I was doing. And everyone heard the same thing: "I’m fine.”

You Won't Believe How Good These Avocado Desserts Are

We can officially put avocado in everything.

Pour tout comprendre aux législatives en 11 graphiques moches

L'abstention atteint 74% chez les 18-24 ans. Les députés EE-LV passent de 17 représentants à... 0. L'UDI et le PCF sont les mauvais élèves de la parité.

Flash Briefing For Monday, June 19

Here's what happened over the weekend.

This Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Is Basically Heaven For Your Skin

Like a trip to the farmers' market, but for your face. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

Which Country Should You Live In Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

When the stars align, the truth will be revealed.

Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le fait de se bander la poitrine

Pour de nombreuses personnes, l'utilisation d'un binder peut leur changer la vie et même la leur sauver, mais seulement si c'est bien fait.

20 choses que les lesbiennes en ont marre d'entendre

«Pourquoi tu détestes les hommes?»

Did The Kardashians Just Serve Father's Day Shade?

Kourtney paid tribute to her late father, but not Scott Disick. And that wasn't the only apparent Father's Day snub from the Kardashian camp either.

This Georgia Republican Fought Planned Parenthood Five Years Ago. Here's What That Means Now.

Karen Handel turned down a payday so she could tell her story of fighting against abortion to conservative Georgia voters. Now her opponent is trying to rewrite that story.

14 fois où les États-Unis ont commis des crimes contre les pâtes

Si on me donnait un centime à chaque fois que quelqu'un ruine un plat de pâtes...

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Urban Outfitters, Land of Nod, American Eagle, and more!

26 Things For People Who Pretty Much Enjoy Eating More Than Any Other Activity On Earth

This is not a drill, people. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

18 Memes que te harán decir "yo en la vida"

Resumen a la perfección tus relaciones, la escuela y hasta tu futuro.

A Car Rammed A Police Vehicle On France's Champs-Élysées In What's Being Called An Attack

The driver, a 31-year-old known to police for his extremist views, is dead.

The Justice Department Wants To Seize A Surreal List Of Billionaire Toys

A corruption scandal in Malaysia has US authorities looking to confiscate rare art, giant diamonds, and the rights to some bad Hollywood comedies.

Uma pessoa morreu e 10 ficaram feridas no ataque terrorista contra muçulmanos em Londres

Motorista atropelou pessoas que saíam de uma mesquita após orações do Ramadã, mês sagrado do Islã. Ele foi detido pela polícia, mas sua identidade ainda não foi revelada.

11 perguntas que revelarão por que as pessoas traem

Você está pronto(a) para ouvir verdades desagradáveis?

This Is How Cats Conquered The World

New research studied the DNA of ancient cats – including mummified ones from Egyptian tombs – and showed how they followed humans around the world.

29 Pieces Of Costume Jewelry That Are Better Than Actual Diamonds

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend"... or are they?

Teens Keep Stealing Each Other's Photos To Go Viral And It's Really Gotten Out Of Hand

Turns out that before-and-after photo on Instagram you love might be totally fake.

Você consegue gastar R$ 50 mil em tranqueiras?

Será que você nasceu para ser rico?

What's The Most Insane Movie Fact You Know?

Did you know E.T. and Poltergeist were originally supposed to be the same movie?

33 Totally Specific Things That Make Real People DTF

From sushi boats to Ikea furniture, here are the unusual things that get people going.

15 Gründe, warum ich niemals ein Kind bekommen sollte

Ich kann nicht einmal auf mich selbst aufpassen.

You Can Only Eat Cheese If You Get At Least 9/12 On This Quiz

Is your cheese knowledge bad or gouda?

These Are The Civilian Victims Of The US-Led Campaign Against ISIS

The US-led air campaign against ISIS in Iraq has taken a devastating toll on civilians, with very little accountability. BuzzFeed News visited seven sites in Mosul where witnesses say that innocent people were killed by airstrikes from the US and its allies.

Você é uma pessoa privilegiada?

Muitas vezes não nos damos conta de nossos privilégios.

Can You Score 17/17 In This Very Annoying "Odd One Out" Quiz?

Find the thing that isn't like the other things.

Você só pode comer macarrão se acertar mais de 80% deste quiz

Mentira. (Mas vamos fingir que sim para fins de brincadeira.)

11 Cosas que necesitas saber sobre #GobiernoEspía

Te explicamos lo que tienes que saber sobre la investigación que acusa al gobierno mexicano de espionaje a ciudadanos y periodistas como Carlos Loret de Mola y Carmen Aristegui.

The Body Of A Missing Student Has Been Found In A Manchester Nature Reserve

A man has been charged with murder after 18-year-old Ellen Higginbottom was found dead with multiple wounds to her neck in Orrell Water Park in Wigan.

Welcome To The Worst Week Ever!

Everyone is worried the end is nigh, so we might as well talk about it.

39 eklige Dinge, die die meisten Paare tun, aber verschweigen

Je ekelhafter, desto stärker die Liebe.

Perguntamos para a comunidade LGBT qual seu maior medo e foi isso que responderam

Rejeição, violência, estupro, solidão e morte são os principais temores que participantes da Parada do Orgulho LGBT relataram sentir. Para alguns entrevistados, um simples gesto ou a escolha de uma roupa podem resultar em perseguição.

Seven People Injured In South Carolina Shooting That Was Captured Live On Facebook

The suspect, who was also injured in the shooting, has been detained.

17 Real AF Life Situations That Will Make You Say "Yup"

When you question your intelligence because you can't figure out how to switch something on.

The New "Lipstick Under My Burkha" Poster Is The Most Amazing "Fuck You" To The Censor Board

Pahlaj Nihalani is pretty thick though, I'm sure he didn't get it.

Video Of Ayatollah Khamenei Goes Viral After Iran Launches Strikes Inside Syria

"They cannot slap us. We will slap them," the country's supreme leader said in a message posted on Instagram.

25 Tragödien, die du durchmachen musstest, wenn du als Brillenträger aufgewachsen bist

Dieser peinliche Moment, wenn dir jemand aus der Ferne zuwinkt, und du keinen blassen Schimmer hast, wer diese Person ist.

21 Tumblr Posts About Boys That Are On Point And Hilarious

"Sexting boys is so fun because they get so into it and you're like cleaning your kitchen or something."

This Report Says The Mexican Government Deployed Spyware Against Journalists And Activists

New research shows dozens of text messages sent to critics of the Mexican government were laced with spyware meant to copy the entire phone's contents.

13 cosas que deberías saber sobre el nuevo disco de Lorde, "Melodrama"

El segundo álbum del prodigio del pop está aquí por fin.

21 Leute unserer Generation, die in der Zukunft leben

Während der Rest von uns im Jahr 2017 feststeckt.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a tankini bathing suit, a travel mug, a waffle maker, and more!

Este informe acusa al Gobierno de EPN de espionaje digital en contra de periodistas y activistas

Carlos Loret de Mola, Carmen Aristegui y activistas han recibido mensajes de texto con el malware Pegasus, de acuerdo con un reporte elaborado por The Citizen Lab, Artículo 19, R3D y SocialTIC.

Chrissy Teigen's Father's Day Message To John Will Destroy You

This is all the proof we need that John and Chrissy are the ultimate in relationship goals.

The Imam Who Saved The Finsbury Park Attacker From An Angry Crowd Said He Protected Him "By God's Grace"

"We stopped all forms of attack and abuse that were coming from every angle."

27 bromas sexuales que te perdiste al ver "Buffy, cazavampiros"

De hecho, es probable que te perdieras el 90 % de las bromas de la serie, por eso necesitas volver a verla urgentemente.

Here's How 18 Celebs Celebrated Father's Day

"Thanks for taking the journey of two lifetimes with me." – Neil Patrick Harris

People Of Different Faiths Are Coming Together After The Finsbury Park Terror Attack

"An attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths," Reverend Adrian Newham told the BBC.

23 Bilder, die zeigen, dass Gender-Normen schon immer gebrochen wurden

Ein Rückblick, wie Gender-Normen schon im frühen 20. Jahrhundert verzerrt wurden.

Trade Talks Will Have To Wait After Britain Agrees To Follow The EU’s Timetable For Brexit

After a day of meetings, the UK and EU negotiators agreed on how to structure Brexit talks moving forward.

Ariana Grande Shared A Beautiful Message About The Manchester Attack

She shared the message as the European leg of her tour drew to a close, and thanked fans for "wiping her tears away" after a terrorist attack killed 22 people at one of her concerts.

19 erschütternde Male, als Disney uns das Herz rausgerissen und draufgespuckt hat

"Papa?! Steh auf, Papa! Du musst aufstehen. Papa. Lass uns nach Hause gehen!"

16 Times Twinkle Khanna Was Hilariously Savage

What did we do to deserve her?



44 Things You Need To Know About The Brand-New "Crystal Maze"

BuzzFeed spoke to one of the executive producers of the new series of The Crystal Maze, Neale Simpson, about everything there is to look forward to in the show.

Be Honest, Would You Eat These Foods With Gravy?

How much do you really love gravy?

In Pictures: Finsbury Park Terror Attack

One person has died after a terror attack on worshippers near a mosque in London.

【青春クイズ】#帰ってきたKICKTHECANCREW! 10代は知らない伝説


Poursuivis, condamnés, épinglés pour leurs propos... et nouveaux députés En marche

Plusieurs candidats élus à l'Assemblée sont loin d'avoir des profils irréprochables. Un nouveau député a déclaré que l’homosexualité était une «abomination», un autre est visé par une enquête préliminaire pour «harcèlement moral»,.... Tour d'horizon.

28 famosos que quizás no sepas que son bisexuales

En lo que se refiere a sexualidad, estos actores, escritores e iconos no tienen problema en hablar claro.











Are You Even A K-Pop Fan If You Don't Know The Names Of These Fandoms?

Some groups have really creative names, while others are just flat-out corny.

This Is What The Cast Of "Lizzie McGuire" Looks Like Now

I know your heart is wondering what happened to our boy Ethan Craft.

How Many '90s Rom-Coms Have You Actually Seen?

The decade of Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock.

南スーダンPKO派遣の自衛隊員が自殺 防衛省「職務との関連性はない」


Here's Everything That Happened In Megyn Kelly's Controversial Interview With Alex Jones

"Some thought we shouldn't broadcast this interview because his baseless allegations aren't just offensive, they're dangerous," Kelly said at the beginning of her show. "But here's the thing: Alex Jones isn't going away."

A Muslim Teen Was Attacked And Murdered Outside A Virginia Mosque

A man has been charged with murder after police found the of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, who went missing after leaving a mosque this weekend. Police said they currently had no information to indicate that this was a hate crime.

Live Updates: The Man Who Died In The Finsbury Park Attack Has Been Identified By Police

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after driving a white van into a group of people near Finsbury Park Mosque. A witness told BuzzFeed News the man shouted that he wanted to "kill all Muslims".

I Hacked The Famous Portovino Wine Bag

"I would give this MacGyver hack an A++"

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