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June 13, 2017

The "Julius Caesar" Controversy Reveals The Challenges Of Protest Art In Trump's America

In 2017, political art is angrier than ever — and so is the backlash against it. The Trump-inspired Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar has sparked another fierce debate over artistic expression and what it means to go too far.

We Found Out Secrets From A Background Actor On "Neighbours"

For everyone who's always dreamed of being BFFs with Harold and Lou.

For Some Uber Employees, Focus On Culture Shift Comes Too Late

On Tuesday, Uber vowed to change after a damning internal investigation into workplace culture. Some employees aren't so optimistic.

17 Things That Are 100% True If You're A Night Owl

"Why the fuck is the sun up already"

Can You Kill Someone Via Text Message? One Judge Will Now Decide

Michelle Carter, 20, is charged with involuntary manslaughter for sending Conrad Roy text messages encouraging him to kill himself. The case closed on Tuesday, leaving a judge to decide her fate.

Sólo un genio de la ortografía podrá sacar más de 10 en este quiz de números

Porque todos sabemos decir, pero pocos sabemos deletrear.

President Trump Reportedly Called The House GOP Health Bill Too “Mean” And A "Son Of A Bitch"

Weeks after praising the bill as “a great plan,” the president told Republican senators the American Health Care Act was too mean, according to the Associated Press and CNN.

Breakfast Banana Split

How to make breakfast healthy.

SZA’s "Ctrl" Is A Black Girl's Tumblr Come To Life

The 26-year-old musician makes atmospheric R&B that’s self-questioning, self-affirming, and as relatable as it is personal.

8 Queer Stories We're Not Seeing Enough Of In Movies

"We're invisible until we demand to be seen."

There's Been A Steady Increase In Hate Crimes Against Muslims In Canada

There were 159 police-reported hate crimes against Muslims in 2015.

Trump's Name Will Be Bleeped Out In The Next "Broad City" Season

"There's no airtime for this orange [person]. We bleep his name the whole season."

75 Clever Dollar Store Ideas That Will Have You Saying, "How'd They Think Of That?"

"Where'd you get it? Bloomingdales?" "No, The Dollar Store!"

23 frases que não fariam absolutamente nenhum sentido em 2007

Me ajuda a escolher um emoji pra responder.

Este político de Tlaxcala se pirateó un discurso de 'House of Cards' porque #México

¿Qué no vio la clase de político que era Frank Underwood?

Two Georgia Inmates Are On The Run After Killing Corrections Officers

The inmates broke into the driver's cage of a transport bus, killed the guards, and fled. Authorities are now offering a $130,000 reward.

23 Pictures That Show Gender Rules Were Always Meant To Be Broken

A look back at how gender norms were blurred during the early 20th century, presented by Getty Images.

Nine Detainees Were Pepper-Sprayed By Guards While Protesting For Better Conditions

Their demands included clean water and unused underwear. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency denied anyone was injured following the pepper spray.

15 palavras que aparentemente não existem em português

"Agora tenho uma um call sobre insights, depois vamos dar start nesse projeto?"

An Uber Board Member Made A Sexist Joke At A Staff Meeting About Resolving Sexism At The Company

During todays all-hands meeting to discuss sexual harassment and discrimination at Uber, board member David Bonderman made a joke about how women talk too much. He has since apologized.

Here's What The Cast Of "Mad Men" Looks Like Exactly 10 Years Later

Yup, it's been a decade since the first episode, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," aired!

PT não pediu desculpas a Míriam Leitão, que foi hostilizada por delegados do partido

A presidente do PT, senadora Gleisi Hoffmann (PR), publicou nota e telefonou para a jornalista. Ela "lamentou", mas não se desculpou.

小池知事は「決めるのが遅すぎ」と下村・自民都連会長 豊洲移転表明すれば選挙に影響


La espectrofobia existe y tú definifivamente la tienes

Sí, hablamos al miedo que siente una persona al verse reflejado en los espejos.

Tofu Tikka Masala

The most perfect vegetarian dinner!

14 Cats Who Are Legit Prettier Than You

These are some seriously pretty kitties.

Hablemos del "squirting"

¿Es pipí o no? La ciencia finalmente tiene una respuesta.

経産省若手の資料「立ちすくむ国家」が異例の100万DL 政策化へ民間との意見交換始まる


Line-up da Parada LGBT terá Anitta, Daniela Mercury e Naiara Azevedo

Evento completa 21 anos com a expectativa de reunir até 3 milhões de pessoas no domingo. O tema é intolerância religiosa.

‘El piso es lava’ es el nuevo meme que describe tu vida perfectamente

¡El piso es mis ganas de hacer tarea y dormirme temprano!

Taylor Lautner Is Officially The Best Boyfriend Ever To Billie Lourd

"He's stepped up and acted like a husband would act."

An Uber Without A CEO Isn't Going Public Anytime Soon

The company needs a CEO to instill confidence in investors, according to one market expert.

13 coisas que pessoas bissexuais gostariam que você soubesse

O B de LGBTI+ não é de biscoito, ok?

20 coisas LGBTfóbicas que homens héteros falam sem perceber

"Eu não tenho nenhum problema com lésbicas, inclusive eu adoro vê-las se pegando".

An Early Investor Says Uber Has An Opportunity To "Reset The Culture"

With Uber CEO Travis Kalanick "stepping aside," Freada Kapor Klein is optimistic about the future of the company's culture. But she says employees who have been mistreated shouldn't be forgotten.

Turma do STF mantém Andrea Neves, irmã de Aécio, presa

Placar foi de 3 a 2. Ex-tucano Alexandre de Moraes e Marco Aurélio Mello votaram para soltá-la. Derrota de irmã é sinal negativo para análise do pedido de prisão contra Aécio, que será debatido na semana que vem.

Engineer Who Exposed Uber's Culture Crisis Calls Internal Investigation "All Optics"

Susan Fowler tweeted the criticism after Uber released a 13-page report on how it plans to change its culture.

Which Bodega Boy Are You?

My plus-one got a plus-one so don't make a fuss, son.

14 Cosas que los maquilladores quieren que sepas

Los agrandadores de labios son una pérdida de dinero.

Rolling Stone Will Settle With A University Of Virginia Fraternity Over That Debunked "Rape On Campus" Story

A fraternity spokesperson said part of the $1.65 million settlement would go towards sexual assault awareness education and victim counseling services on college campuses.

A briga destas duas senhoras é digna de roteiro de um filme

"A Vó e a Boi" seria um ótimo título para uma produção da Netflix, hein?

27 Hermosos lugares en México perfectos para tu Instagram

Una guía turística de los lugares más bonitos del país.

Disgraced Journalist Pleads Guilty To Threatening To Bomb Jewish Centers

Juan Thompson pleaded guilty after making several bomb threats against Jewish organizations in an effort to disgrace his former romantic partner.

Stephen King Says President Trump Has Blocked Him On Twitter

"Trump has blocked me from reading his tweets. I may have to kill myself."

Jeremy Corbyn Tells Labour MPs To Back Him Ahead Of A Possible Second Election

"We must remain in permanent campaign mode on a general election footing," the Labour leader told his MPs in parliament on Tuesday night.

Cheddar Ranch Chicken Strips

Cheddar + Ranch + Chicken= YES!

The Real Tragedy Of The Aaron Hernandez Story

In the eyes of the public, the former Patriots star went from American success story to unredeemable criminal. But his trajectory can’t be separated from the values and institutions that shaped him.

Amigo de Lula teve privilégios em negócio de R$ 100 milhões com BNDES, diz auditoria

Empresa de Walfrido Mares Guia, aquele que emprestou jatinho para Lula depor ao juiz Sergio Moro em Curitiba, recebeu investimento milionário mesmo com veto de regras internas do BNDES.

Guys Try The Bubble Face Mask That Went Viral

"I feel like my credit score just went up."

17 Tiny Changes That Would Actually Make The US The Best Country In The World


17 Photos Of Meals That Are Too Beautiful To Eat

If food burns, and there is no one around to hear it burn, does it make a sound?

Bake A Cake And We'll Reveal Which Kardashian/Jenner You Are

Kylie, Khloe, Kendall, Kim, Kourtney, or Kris?

Black Civil Rights Groups To Meet With Democratic Leaders On Voting

The meeting is the first since the NAACP, the oldest civil rights group in the country, announced that it would not be renewing the contract of its former president and CEO Cornell William Brooks.

Congressional Republicans Stand Behind Russia Investigator Amid Rumor That Trump Plans To Fire Him

House Republicans defended special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible ties between Russia and the Trump administration, after a friend of Trump's said the president was considering firing him.

Court Releases The Suicide Note A Teen Wrote To The Girlfriend Who Urged Him To Kill Himself

"You taught me how to be strong and carry on," Conrad Roy wrote to Michelle Carter, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter over his suicide.

Here Are All The Ways Uber Is Hoping To Change Its Culture Problems

The results come after a months-long internal investigation into the ride-hail giant’s workplace culture, and the day after the company's top business executive, Emil Michael, resigned.

Chris Harrison Speaks Out On The Halted "Bachelor In Paradise" Production

And according a source close to production, there is currently no criminal investigation of the sexual misconduct that cause the show to shut down.

Democrats And Reporters Say The Senate Is Trying To Restrict Press Access

The Senate Rules Committee is exerting more control, and reporters and Democratic senators are worried about restricted press access.

Uber CEO Takes Leave Of Absence Amid Mounting Scandals

"The ultimate responsibility, for where we’ve gotten and how we’ve gotten here rests on my shoulders."

20 Futuristic Appliances That Are Totally Worth The Splurge

Send your home straight to the future.

Quizás no notaste este pequeño detalle en la última temporada de 'House of Cards'

No fue tu imaginación. El hermoso edificio del Centro Histórico aparece en la serie de Netflix.

A Woman Who Was Denied An Abortion Had Her Human Rights Violated, A UN Committee Has Said

Siobhán Whelan was denied an abortion under Ireland's strict laws after she discovered her baby was unlikely to survive the pregnancy.

Quantas destas comidas você sabe fazer?

Se você marcar mais de 35 itens neste teste, me chama pra almoçar na sua casa?

Spices & Herbs: What Are The Health Benefits?

The health benefits of these spices and herbs will surprise you.

18 People Who Are Way Too Smart For Their Own Good

*Insert Black Eyed Peas lyric here*

22 Things That Will Make Anyone Who's Been Dumped Laugh Through Their Tears

You're laughing so that means you're fine and totally over it.

Can You Make Real Money On A Dog-Walking App?

If you need extra cash or just love hanging out with doggos, on-demand dog walking is totally worth it. But if you’re trying to make a living, consider something else.

You Can Control This Camera Drone With Your Hands

Here’s an easy-to-use camera drone you can control with your hands — and you don’t even need a permit to fly it.

Como dar prazer a um homem em 11 passos fáceis

Ou pelo menos é isso que eu lembro de ter lido nas revistas para adolescentes aos 16 anos de idade. AVISO: Este post contém desenhos de pênis.

Americans Waste A Lot Of Food

Americans waste 133 BILLION pounds of edible food every year. That's enough to feed 190 million people.

Beyoncé's Dad Revealed Her One Weakness And Honestly Who Knew She Could Be Bad At Something?

"I can tell you all my artists' limitations. Beyonce is not good at it."

26 Awesome Beauty Products You Didn't Know You Could Get At Urban Outfitters

Don't sleep on their beauty section — it's damn good.

Which Boy Band Stereotype Are You?

We can't all be the Justin Timberlake.

The Feds Can’t Cap The Cost Of Prison Phone Calls, Court Rules In A Major Loss For Prisoner Advocates

A lawyer for prisoner advocacy groups said the ruling from a federal appeals court in Washington “will hurt a lot of family and loved ones, not to mention the prisoners themselves.”

18 imagens lamentáveis dos anos 2000 que não vão fazer sentido para menores de 18 anos

Nossas sobrancelhas tinham a largura de um fio de cabelo.

How Egotistical Are You Actually?

Have you ever liked your own photos on Instagram?

15 Festival Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Never Leave The House

"Seen a girl take a shit in a noodle box at Download festival."

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on an Echo Dot, cheese log board and knife set, double dish serving board, and more!

Doria já fez curso de reciclagem e recuperou a carteira de motorista

O prefeito de São Paulo fez o curso de reciclagem hoje para recuperar a habilitação, suspensa por excesso de velocidade, manobra arriscada e por avançar sinal vermelho.

Fakten aus deinem Alltag, bei denen du sagst: "Wow, Mind Blown!"

All die Jahre hat dir das niemand verraten!

People Are Inspired After These Teens Shared A "Pet Therapy" Spotify Playlist That Calms Their Cats

Track titles include "Dreaming Of Birds," "Nap In The Garden," and "Paw Flex."

18 Glasgow Quirks That Confuse The Fuck Out Of The Rest Of The UK

Sticking political slogans on every wall is a bit odd; other cities just use Twitter.

21 Feel-Good Tweets That Will Make You Feel Better About Everything

Featuring cute family members and even cuter pets.

19 Body Pillows To Cuddle Instead Of An Actual Human Being

No awkward silences here. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

14 coisas sem sentido que acontecem em filmes pornô gay ou lésbico

Qual é a das unhas compridas e da falta de lubrificante?

15 Products That Will Make Your Ramadan Easier Than Ever

No water or food all day? Piece of cake, amirite?

Meet The 82-Year-Old App Developer Who Says Life Gets Better With Age

Masako Wakamiya started learning to code this year and has released her first app. What have you done?

This Woman's Elaborate Romance Scam Helped Her Con Four Men Out Of £100,000

Grace Akintaro was found guilty of cheating four men out of money as part of an elaborate online scam in which she used the online alter ego "Amanda Jenson".

Here's A Bunch Of Kinky Stories, Quizzes, And Tips You Should Check Out

We're all a little curious what everyone else is up to, right?

Bikers, A Parrot, And Mike Pence Make A Final Push To Win In Georgia

The universe of undecided voters in Georgia's 6th district is down to a sliver, and both sides are doing everything they can to boost base turnout while not alienating the elusive swing voter.

What's Your Most Unexpected Celeb Encounter Story?

Were you ever stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre?

Qual casa de Hogwarts você é na cama?

Qual feitiço melhor descreve sua vida sexual?

19 Ways To Keep Your Pets From Ruining Everything In Your Home

You love your pet... but you'd also love if they never got into the trash ever again.

A estreia da Maju como apresentadora do "Jornal Hoje" rendeu muitos elogios

Inclusive de William Bonner que durante o "Jornal Nacional" desta segunda-feira, fez questão de parabenizar a jornalista.

15 Pequeños detalles que probablemente no notaste en 'Mujer Maravilla'

¿Acaso la película revela el origen de un enemigo de Batman?

Layoffs Hit HuffPost

The cuts, which come as Verizon combines HuffPost's owner, AOL, with its new acquisition, Yahoo, hit the newsroom on Wednesday.

17 Reasons You're Not Getting Swole

You just lift things up and put them down...right?

Katy Perry Addressed Her Cultural Appropriation And Things Escalated

"I will never understand some of those things because of who I am. But I can educate myself, and that's what I'm trying to do along the way."

Esta comovente série de fotos apresenta as histórias dos sobreviventes, familiares e socorristas do ataque à boate Pulse

No dia 12 de junho, o atentado terrorista que deixou 49 mortos completou um ano.

Are You Sophisticated Enough To Get 10/12 On This International Food Quiz?

12 international dishes, do you know where they are from?

The Bizarre Story Of What Happened After The Internet Decided This Picture Of A Horse Was Porn

Basically, everyone on the internet is a pervert and bullied a French children's book company.

19 Dirty Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

"Guy: *gets blowjob* Guy: did u cum babe."

Estropajos y pastillas para adelgazar: el "regalo" de unos cines a las asistentes a Wonder Woman

Las asistentes a un pase exclusivamente femenino en Bélgica se encontraron con un regalo que incluía productos de limpieza y un folleto de unas pastillas para bajar de peso.

34 HBO Documentaries That Will Keep You Woke

There's more to HBO than just the shows.

Which "Wonder Woman" Character Are You Most Like?

Is it safe to say we all want to be Diana Prince?

29 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

Shut up and take this small amount of money.

15 Reasons Why I Could Never Work At McDonald's

"What do you mean the shake machine is broken?!"

19 Times Katherine Ryan Was Hilarious And 100% Right

"It's like a Disney film, but with shitting."

Jailed US Student Otto Warmbier Has Been Medically Evacuated From North Korea

University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier had been jailed for trying to steal a propaganda poster during a visit to the country.

Irish Abortion Rates Are Down And It Could Be Because More Women Are Buying Illegal Pills Online

Difficulty accessing abortion and an increased awareness of online abortion pills could account for the decline in official abortion rates.

10 tipos de sexo que toda pessoa preguiçosa já fez

Com vontade sim, com preguiça também.

A Government-Run Youth Prison Was Just Branded "Unsafe" By Inspectors

Medway STC, which has been in government control for almost a year, was described as "inadequate" in three key areas.

19 Secrets Music Journalists Will Never Tell You

There's a lot less sex and drugs than you might think.

Here's Why You Should Be Nice To Call Centre Workers

There's nothing more humiliating than having to ask whether you can go to the toilet.

Brazil Is Coming To Snatch The "Most Extra Politics" Crown From The US

US: Wow, our politics is bonkers right now! UK: Wanna bet? Brazil: Hold my caipirinha.

Theresa May Thinks IndyRef2 Is "Dead" And Won't Allow It During This Parliament

The secretary of state for Scotland told BuzzFeed News that the prime minister has ruled out opening discussions with Nicola Sturgeon until there's another general election.

The SNP's Fundraiser For IndyRef2 Has Been Mysteriously Closed Down

The party insists it closed down the fund to focus on raising money for the election, but BuzzFeed News analysis suggests the page was still live on election day.

21 Jokes You'll Honestly Hate Yourself For Finding Funny

"She wants the d... orbital. She's a transitional metal."

This New "Dragon Ball Z" Video Game Look Dope AF

Get ready for ruined friendships.

16 parents qui n'ont absolument rien respecté, même pas leurs enfants

La famille c'est sacré, mais n'abusez pas quand même.

These Young Tories Are Not Happy About Their Party Dealing With The DUP

BuzzFeed News spoke to young Conservative supporters who were critical of Theresa May's campaign, were worried about a DUP partnership, and said many of them only air their views in private online.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at ThinkGeek, Missguided, Wayfair, and more!

14 moments de gêne professionnelle qui vont vous rassurer sur votre taf

«Une fois aux urgences, des flics ont ramené un mec complètement torché. J'ai demandé mécaniquement: "C'est un de vos collègues?" Silence.»

23 deliciosas recetas con sandía sanas y refrescantes

¡La fruta del verano casa con todo!

Here's What You Need To Know About Sessions' Senate Testimony

In his opening statement, the attorney general said, "I never met with or had any conversations with Russians or foreign officials regarding interference with any campaign or election."

Tim Cook Just Confirmed That Apple Is Working On Tech For Self-Driving Cars

It's not clear if we'll get an actual Apple Car, but it's an area that Apple is very, very interested in.

A Police Commissioner In Devon Suggested Armed Vigilantes Could Fight Terrorists – It Didn't Go Too Well

Alison Hernandez, the police and crime commissioner, said the authorities should look at whether citizens should use firearms when faced with a terrorist attack – but police quickly ruled it out.

28 Times "Have I Got News For You" Perfectly Summed Up The World

"I'm just getting over the fact that Kanye West isn't a constituency."

Northern Irish Politicians Fear A "Dodgy Deal" Between The DUP And Tories On Marching Rights

Fears were sparked after the Orange Order called on the DUP to use its position of influence to reduce restrictions on the Order's marches.

This Celeb Whose Pregnancy Was Shocking AF Has Finally Given Birth

Binky's co-star and boyfriend JP announced the news with a lovely Instagram post.

ペヤングにザーサイを入れると美味い!? 試してみた


A Reminder That Mr Blobby Was Fucking Terrifying

The '90s were a creepier time.

アラサー涙目…! あのモデルたちのツーショットがいつ見ても最高でしかない


Google Just Released An Interactive Map Of Lynchings In The US

Google's philanthropic arm has doubled its commitment to the Equal Justice Initiative.

26 faits incroyables qui vont vous faire hurler «MAIS WHAAAAAAT»

L'entreprise Nintendo a été fondée en 1899.

What's Going On In The News Today?

The UK deliberately suppressed explosive intelligence that a Russian whistleblower was likely assassinated by the Kremlin. Top Uber executive Emil Michael is leaving the company after having been linked to several controversies. And we’ve got your product review for the new iPad Pro.

La secrétaire d'État à l'égalité tweete sur le harcèlement de rue puis supprime

«Il s'agit d'un bug communicationnel», plaide son entourage à BuzzFeed News.

You Don’t Need To Have Witnessed A Terror Attack For It To Affect Your Mental Health

This is what psychologists have observed in survivors and the population at large.

Two Senior Government MPs Will Host Drinks For The Australian Christian Lobby After Office Fire

Numerous Labor politicians were approached to co-host...but they all said no.

Everyone's Talking About Soft Brexit So Here's What That Could Really Mean

The election result has fuelled demands for Theresa May to adopt a softer Brexit plan, but there's little agreement on what that could mean. BuzzFeed News lays out the options.

15 ingeniosas formas de usar un cepillo de dientes que no te imaginas

Prepárate para una inesperada sensación de limpieza.

11 Things You Might Not Know About "Looking For Alibrandi"

Jacob and Josie originally lived happily ever after in the book.

Murder Witness Says Theresa May's Reliance On The DUP Is "Utterly Horrifying"

A witness to an Ulster Defence Association killing told BuzzFeed News: "The Conservative party should be ashamed at themselves."

藤代冥砂が撮った女優「のん」の姿 8日間限定の写真展


21 Times Tumblr Taught The World How To Speak Australian

You have achieved the highest form of compliment in Australia if someone calls you a "sick c*nt".

Sorry Fellow Picky Eaters, But I Made Us A "Would You Rather" Test

Sorry, I actually can't answer the third question without wanting to vomit.

An Uber Driver Has Been Jailed For Raping A Female Passenger

He stopped at a service station to buy condoms before the assault.

How Would You Wear These Red High Heels?

How would you wear them?

The US Is Deporting Iraqi Christians, And Their Families Say It’s A Death Sentence

An ICE spokesman said the individuals all had criminal convictions and their arrests came due to a recent agreement between the US and Iraq.

Terminally Ill Australians Will Have Fast-Tracked Access To Medicinal Cannabis

The waiting time for access to medicinal cannabis will be reduced from months to hours.

Megyn Kelly’s Interview With Alex Jones Has Sparked Backlash From Sandy Hook Families

The interview has drawn intense criticism after Alex Jones called the elementary shooting that left 26 people dead a hoax.

パンダの赤ちゃん誕生で黒柳徹子さんが緊急会見 「私が産んだわけでもないのに…」


14 Executives Who Have Left Uber This Year

The world's most highly valued private company has had a challenging 2017.





A High School Removed Trump Slogans From Students' Yearbook Photos

A New Jersey high school is investigating after several students said someone erased Trump messages from their yearbook photos.

18 Photos That Prove Millennial Proms Just Need To Chill For A Minute

Look, if I could've been this extra at my prom, I would've.

19 Slightly Annoying Things You Endured If You Were Alive Before The 2000s

How many times do I have to clean this damn computer mouse?!

21 Memories Every Kid Who Rented From Blockbuster Will Have

Wait, did you remember to rewind that tape? Dammit.

The Case For Interviewing Alex Jones

The mainstream media shouldn’t pretend Jones doesn’t exist — it should interrogate him.