John Oliver Explains Why It Was Wrong To Say Britain Was "Reeling" Following The London Attacks

    "In no way is Britain under siege. Is it upset? Yes. Is it pissed off? You fucking bet it is pissed off. But to say it's under siege and its people are reeling is to imply that it is weak enough to be brought to its knees."

    In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver opened with a segment on the London Bridge attacks.

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    After offering his thoughts and condolences to those who were affected, he decided to single out the American media for their coverage of the attack.

    In particular, he singled out coverage that featured reports that London is "reeling" and being "under siege."

    On the morning following the attacks, such reports from American news outlets resulted in a lot of responses on British social media.

    This sort of hyped-up headline does the terrorists' job for them. UK isn't "reeling" @nytimes

    He pointed this out on his show.

    Tweets under this hashtag included:

    Choosing the wrong items for a meal deal and having to pay £10 for a bottle of water, a Sandwich and a twix…

    When Americans refer to our language as 'British English' #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling

    #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling ....people that use the same spoon to stir tea, directly after stirring coffee !!!

    And he summed it up as this:

    Oliver also praised Londoner Richard Angell, who was a witness to the attacks on Saturday. Angell went back to the restaurant he was dining in to pay his bill on Sunday, and his comments about the attack went viral.

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