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Live Updates: Police Release Images Of London Bridge Attackers' Fake Suicide Belts

Eight people were killed and dozens of others injured when suspects rammed a van into people on London Bridge then went on a stabbing spree at nearby Borough Market. Three suspects were shot dead by police.

What We Know So Far


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Police make further arrest in connection to London Bridge attack

The Metropolitan police have made another arrest in connection with the London Bridge attack.

Officers with the Met's Counter Terrorism Command, supported by the Territorial Support Group, arrested a 19-year-old man at 9.50pm Sunday evening in Barking, the Met confirmed in a statement.

"He was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism under Section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000," the statement read.

Searches of a residential address in Barking continue, with six men remaining in custody.

–Rose Troup Buchanan

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The police have released images of the fake explosive belts that the attackers wore. The attackers each wore belts with three disposable water bottles covered in duct tape attached.

Commander Dean Haydon said: "I have not seen this tactic in the UK before where terrorists create maximum fear by strapping fake explosives to themselves.

"Anyone who saw them on the night would have thought they were genuine. It is hard to speculate what the motive was for wearing the belts. It could be that they had plans to take the attack in to a siege situation or it might be that they saw it as protection from being shot themselves."

–Ikran Dahir

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Another man arrested on suspicion of terrorism

Police arrested a 28-year-old man at a home in Barking in the early hours of Saturday.

He was taken into custody on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism, police said.

The arrest took place just after 2 a.m. local time, and police said searches are ongoing in the area.

Six other men are currently in custody in connection with the attack.

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Before three suspected terrorists went on a killing rampage on 3 June in London, they loaded their van with gravel and explosives, tied a knife to one of their wrists, and left a Qur'an open to a passage about martyrdom.

Those details were among a slew of new information released early Saturday by police who have been piecing together what happened during the deadly attack that left eight dead and dozens more wounded. The attack began shortly after 10pm when Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane, and Youssef Zaghba rammed into pedestrians on London Bridge.

Hours before ramming the pedestrians, the attackers — who were all eventually killed — tried to rent a 7.5-tonne truck, according to police. However, Butt failed to provide payment information for the rental and it didn't go forward.

Instead, that evening, police say Butt rented a Renault van. The men later drove up and down the bridge, scoping it out, before pulling a U-turn and hitting pedestrians.

Read more here.

—Jim Dalrymple II

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London's Metropolitan Police arrested a 27-year-old man Friday in connection to the deadly London Bridge attack, police said.

Five other men remain in custody since Saturday's deadly attack, which has sparked a series of raids and arrest across London.

The arrest was made at a home in Ilford, police said in a statement.

The man was taken into custody on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism.

Other homes across Ilford were expected to continue into morning, police said Saturday.

—Salvador Hernandez

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Man arrested in east London on suspicion of terrorism

Detectives arrested a 29-year-old man at a home in Newham in the early hours of Friday in connection with the London Bridge attack, police said.

Counterterrorism officers carried out the warrant around 1:15 a.m. and took the man into custody on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation, or instigation of acts of terrorism.

Searches in the neighborhood were ongoing, police said.

—Claudia Koerner

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Police officer Charlie Guenigault, who was injured defending people from three attackers during the London Bridge assault on Saturday night, has been identified and named by his family.

"Given the opportunity again, Charlie would no doubt do exactly the same if faced with the same situation; helping a fellow police officer in need and protecting the public," his family said in a statement released through the Metropolitan police.

Guenigault, 25, is an emergency response officer on Southwark borough. He joined the force in 2014, and was originally posted Peckham police station on "C" team. His family said Guenigault's colleagues described him as a "dedicated police officer, who is a diligent, hardworking and respected member of his team".

"We are extremely proud of Charlie who showed immense bravery on Saturday night," the statement said, adding that they had been comforted by the messages of support from the public during a "difficult time" as Guenigault recovered in hospital.

"He is immensely proud to work for the Metropolitan Police Service and serving the Southwark community, and this is an example of that," they added.

You can read more about the people injured in the attack here.

–Rose Troup Buchanan

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“I want you to know I did everything I could," injured police officer says

One of the police officers injured defending passerbys from the three attackers on London Bridge has spoken from his hospital bed, where he remains in a serious condition.

"I want to say sorry to the families that lost their loved ones. I'm so sorry I couldn't do more and I want you to know I did everything I could," the British Transport police (BTP) officer, who has not been named, said in a statement.

The officer, who was on duty at the time of the attack, received wounds to the head, arm, and leg during the attack, but said he had been "truly moved and overwhelmed" by the support and comments from across the country and around the world.

"Like every police officer who responded, I was simply doing my job. I didn't expect the level of love and well wishes I have received," he said. "I feel like I did what any other person would have done."

"I am so proud of my colleagues from BTP and everyone from the other emergency services who were on shift that night and did everything they could in the face of danger. I especially want to thank the officers who saved my life and kept me alive. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.

"Saturday night changed my life, like I'm sure it has for many others. My thoughts are with the people who died in the attack, but also with those that were injured and are recovering in hospital, including the three other officers that were injured, and all the members of the public who rushed to help."

Eight people died and 48 were hospitalised after three men drove a van across London Bridge, ploughing into pedestrians, at around 10pm on Saturday night. 10 people remain in critical care in hospital. All three attackers were shot dead by armed police just eight minutes after the attack began to unfold.

—Rose Troup Buchanan

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The Met police have identified French national Alexandre Pigeard as the latest victim.

Pigeard, 27, was living and working in London at the time of the attack. He was fatally stabbed whilst he was working on the terrace of the restaurant, where he had been an employee for nine months.

In a statement released through the Met, his family paid tribute to a "marvellous son, a perfect older brother and a radiant young man".

He was "much loved by all who had the good fortune to meet him. All his friends praised his kindness, his good humour and his generosity," the statement said. Pigeard, who loved electronic music, was a member of "Club 808", a group of DJs based in Caen (Calvados).

You can read more about the victims of the London Bridge attack here. —Rose Troup Buchanan

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Three men arrested in east London as investigation continues

Three men were arrested in Ilford, east London, on Wednesday night, police said.

Officers arrested two men on a street: a 27-year-old on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts and a 33-year-old on suspicion of a drug offence, police said.

A third man, 29, was arrested at a home on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts, police added.

Officers continued to search a home and a business in the area in connection with the investigation.

The arrests come after 12 people were taken into custody on Sunday, then released without charge. A 27-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday and a 30-year-old man was arrested earlier Wednesday.

—Claudia Koerner

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CCTV footage shows police shooting London Bridge attackers

Dramatic CCTV footage appears to have captured the moment police arrived at the scene of the London Bridge attack and shot the knife-wielding suspects.

The video was shared on social media and its authenticity was confirmed by The Guardian. A source also supplied it directly to BuzzFeed News.

In the video, a man can be seen walking down a street. A man with what appears to be a knife then runs up and lunges at him, followed by two other men. As the pedestrian is taken down to the ground, police vehicles arrive and armed officers get out.

The suspects scatter, and the fatal shooting of at least one is visible on the footage.

—Claudia Koerner

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A group of police officers who were among the first responders following Saturday night's terrorist attacks at London Bridge and Southwark gathered on Wednesday to lay floral tributes to the eight people who were killed and the 48 who were injured.

Officers were joined by members of the British Muslim Forum, representing 500 of the UK's imams, who condemned the attack and said the actions of the attackers did not represent the Muslim faith. In a speech, they announced that they would not perform funeral prayers for the terrorists.

See more pictures from the event here.

—Laura Silver

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The ex-wife of attacker Rachid Redouane has said she is "shocked and saddened" by Saturday's attack.

Charisse O'Leary, 38, offered her heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of those who were killed and injured in the attack.

"I am deeply shocked, saddened and numbed by the actions of my ex-partner who has killed and injured so many innocent people," she said in a statement to Press Association.

"Since discovering that Rachid was responsible I have shed many tears for the people caught up in this horrific incident."

O'Leary married Redouane in Ireland in 2012, and they have a 17-month-old daughter. She has since relocated to Barking, east London, where she was among those arrested in connection with Saturday's attack, the Daily Mail reported. She was later released without charge.

"Rachid and I have been separated for six months. We have a beautiful young daughter, that for the last six months has been our only bond and reason for contact," she said in Wednesday's statement.

"My thoughts and efforts now are with trying to bring up my daughter with the knowledge that someday I will have to try and explain to her why her father did what he did.

"I want to make absolutely clear, so that there can be no doubt, I absolutely condemn his actions and do not support the beliefs he held that led him to commit this atrocity."

—Laura Silver

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Ignacio Echeverría, 39, is among the people to have died in Saturday's attack.

"Ignacio didn't survive the time of the attack," his sister Echeverría wrote on Facebook. "Thanks to all who loved him and took care of."

Echeverría, from Madrid, Spain, was living in London and working as a financial adviser at HSBC.

Echeverría was dubbed the "skateboard hero" following reports that he sustained his injuries while using his skateboard to ward off the attackers after he rushed to help a woman who was being attacked on London Bridge. He had been on his way home from a local skatepark at the time.

Shortly after his death was announced, members of the public left messages on his Facebook page lauding his fatal act of heroism.

"You were an example for humanity. We haven't met, but today I'll talk to my children about you," Alejandro Candioti wrote.

Read more about Ignacio Echeverría and the other victims of Saturday's attack here.

—Laura Silver

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Theresa May has denied making a U-turn on counterterrorism, insisting that she is now revisiting legal restrictions that she rolled back as home secretary because the terrorism threat has changed drastically since then.

In the Home Office, May withdrew some of the controversial anti-terror powers that Labour had introduced, including control orders and 28-day detention of suspects without charge. Those powers now appear to be back on the table after May said on Tuesday night she will tear up human rights laws if they get in the way of stopping terrorism.

On the final full day of campaigning for Thursday's general election, May continued to face difficult questions from journalists about the government's record on national security in the wake of the killings in Manchester and London.

At a campaign rally in Norwich, May was asked by one journalist if she had threatened to weaken human rights laws in a "desperate attempt to appear tough on terror" and deflect attention from potential failures by the government in protecting public safety.

May said she was being pragmatic in the decisions she made as home secretary, responding to what the police and intelligence services asked for, and proportionate to the threat at the time. She was considering going back on some of those decisions now because the terrorism threat has changed, she said.

You can read the full story here. —Alex Spence

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The UK has now had three terror attacks in three months, killing 35 people – making this the deadliest year for terror deaths since 2005. Given this, the UK government, police, and MI5 are facing questions over whether they could have done more to prevent the attacks.

Questions centre on why suspects in all three attacks were known to security services but still able to conduct acts of terror, how one attacker was able to enter the country despite being on EU watchlists, and the degree to which cuts to policing budgets were a factor in the attacks.

You can read a full breakdown of the questions being asked here.

—James Ball

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Italian authorities say they passed on information about third attacker to British officials

Giuseppe Amato, the chief prosecutor in Bologna, has said he warned British officials about the risk Youssef Zaghba posed when he was investigated in 2016.

"We monitored him while he was here and our officers had alerted the British authorities," Amato told The Guardian. He personally witnessed a report from Bologna's chief counterterrorism official on Zaghba that had been sent to London.

"We did our best. We could just monitor and surveil him and send a note to British authorities, that's all we could do. And we did it," Amato told the newspaper. The prosecutor went on to say that when Zaghba periodically returned to Italy from the UK to visit his mother, Italian security officials "surveilled his every move".

Finally, Amato also confirmed that Zaghba was on a European-wide watchlist. "He was definitely on a list of suspected terrorists and that list could have been accessed by the British," Amato said.

The disclosure will add to pressure on the security services following the London Bridge attack. Eight people were killed and 48 injured in the assault in central London on Saturday night.

—Rose Troup Buchanan

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London's mayor has warned that there has been a "significant spike" in hate-related and Islamophobic incidents in the wake of the London Bridge attack that killed eight people.

In a statement posted to his official Facebook page, Sadiq Khan – one of the first Muslim mayors of a major Western city – urged Londoners to pull together in the face of such hatred.

There was a 40% rise in racist incidences on 6 June to 54, compared to the yearly daily average of 38, provisional statistics from the Metropolitan police show.

A statement from the mayor's office notes that this is the highest recorded number of incidents this year, and "higher than recorded levels following the Paris attacks in November 2015 and the murder of Lee Rigby in May 2013".

Read Khan's full statement below:

"There has been a significant spike in incidents of hate crime and Islamaphobic incidents in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack.

"One of the greatest things about London is our defiant unity in the face of adversity - and that will not change in the aftermath of this horrific attack.

"Just as the police will do everything possible to root out extremism from our city, so we will take a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime.

"If you witness a hate crime please report it to the police. If you commit a hate crime, you face arrest.

"I'm calling on all Londoners to pull together, and send a clear message around the world that our city will never be divided by these hideous individuals who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life."

—Rose Troup Buchanan

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Police confirm death toll from attacks now up to eight

The Metropolitan police have confirmed the number of victims from the London Bridge attack has risen to eight, one more than previously stated.

A body pulled from the River Thames at Limehouse increased the overall count. While formal identification is yet to take place, the Met said that the family of French national Xavier Thomas, 45, had been informed of the development.

The NHS has also released a statement regarding those injured in the attack. Of the 48 individuals who were initially admitted for treatment, 29 remain in London hospitals.

"Of these 10 patients remain in a critical condition," the statement said.

—Rose Troup Buchanan

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Spanish official questions the delay in identifying victims

Ignacio Echeverria, a 39-year-old Spanish national who works as a financial analyst for HSBC banks has been missing since Saturday's attack. He is last reported to have been seen attempting to fend off the attackers with a skateboard.

British authorities have requested Echeverria's fingerprints to assist with their identification process, his brother Joaquin wrote on Facebook. On Tuesday, the family was told there would be a wait of around 24-48 hours before they could be given any more information on Echeverria.

The family's frustration was echoed by the Spanish interior minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, on Wednesday, who said he found delays by UK officials to be strange.

"Especially during a terrorist attack, the victims and their relatives have to be well taken care of," he told a Spanish public radio station, the Associated Press reported.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police told BuzzFeed News that identifying a large number of casualties after a major incident like Saturday's attack was a complex and challenging process.

"Accurately identifying victims is crucial and every care is taken to ensure this is done as quickly as possible, with due consideration to the families, in liaison with the senior identification manager and Coroner," the spokesperson said.

—Laura Silver

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The Metropolitan police has confirmed that a body has been pulled from the River Thames near Limehouse, a short distance along the river from where Saturday's attacks took place, and it is believed to be that of 45-year-old Xavier Thomas.

Thomas had been missing since Saturday night.

His girlfriend Christine Delcros was seriously injured in the attack, and remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital, her sister Nathalie Cros Brohan said on Facebook.

Formal identification is yet to take place, but Thomas's family have been informed.

French minister for foreign affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian extended his condolences to Thomas' family and friends. "I assure all the families concerned of my profound solidarity at this painful time," he said. "As I pledged in London, everything will be done to support the victims and their families in this ordeal."

Le Drian said French authorities had been aware of two French fatalities and one French national who was missing.

It was previously believed that seven people were killed in Saturday's attack. The formal identification of Thomas will take the death toll to eight.

—Laura Silver

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Sebastien Belanger, a 36-year-old French chef, has been identified by friends and family as among the dead following Saturday's London Bridge attack.

Belanger, who lived in London, worked at the Blueprint café a short distance along the Thames from where the attack took place, and had been in the London Bridge area watching football with friends on Saturday night, according to the Evening Standard.

Friends and family, led by his girlfriend Gerda Bennet, had been searching desperately for Belanger who disappeared following the attack.

"Saddest and heart breaking news I ever received. My brother, my dear friend Sebastien Belanger you will be so missed," Pawel Rolka, a friend, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday night. "My heart is full of anger and pain. It was amazing working with you and I'm pleased I meet you in my life. RIP Sebastien Belanger."

You can read more about the victims of the London Bridge attack here.

—Laura Silver

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Roy Larner, a 47-year-old from London, was stabbed eight times in the head, neck, and back.

Larner, who is recovering in hospital and also has wounds to both hands, reportedly fought the terrorists during Saturday's attack.

Friends have set up a crowdfund on JustGiving to honour his bravery, so far raising over £27,000. Donations have come in from the UK and also from Australia, Germany, and Singapore.

He told Good Morning Britain: "The three of them, I'm fighting them, and at the time I'm thinking of those families and kids who need to get out of the bar.

"It happened in about 45 seconds and as I've got them out they've been shot around me."

You can read more about the people who survived here.

—Sara Spary

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Sara Zelenak has been identified as the second Australian killed in the London Bridge terror attack on Saturday night, according to post on social media by her friends and family.

The 21-year-old from Brisbane, who is thought to have been living in London working as a nanny, was reported to have become separated from her friends at the time of the attack.

"Rest easy wherever you are, I hope there is lots of KFC and hot boys with you. Forever love," her best friend Sam Hetherington wrote on Facebook on Wednesday morning.

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop had earlier said she was "deeply saddened" to confirm that two Australians had died.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the government had been in touch with the families of both Australian victims.

"We have been in touch with the families of the two young women that you've mentioned, Kirsty Boden and Sara Zelenak," he told 3AW radio.

You can read more about the victims here.

—Laura Silver

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Keir Starmer has called prime minister Theresa May's calls to push back human rights legislation in the wake of the London Bridge attack a "diversionary" tactic.

Seven people died and 48 were injured after three attackers drove a van through pedestrians on London Bridge, before leaving the vehicle and attacking people on foot with knives. In the wake of the attack, the run-up to the general election has increasingly focused on security and police funding.

Starmer, speaking on the BBC's Today programme and Sky News this morning, said that after being challenged on her record as home secretary, May "has thrown up the human rights act as if that's the problem. The Human Rights Act didn't cause any problems in those key areas."

Yesterday, May told an audience in Slough that she will introduce tougher anti-terrorism measures if she wins the general election on Thursday, including restricting the movement of suspects when the authorities do not have enough evidence to prosecute them.

You can read more about the Conservative proposal and the political backlash here.

—Rose Troup Buchanan

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Another man has been arrested in connection with the attack

Police carried out a search in east London early Wednesday morning in connection with the London Bridge attack. According to the Metropolitan police, a 30-year-old man was arrested on terrorism charges during the search.

Two men are currently in custody in connection to the London Bridge investigation. Twelve other people who were arrested Sunday have since been released. —Grace Wyler

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Much of the London Bridge crime scene had reopened by the early hours of Wednesday, police announced.

Borough High Street and the area to the east had reopened by 2 a.m. local time, police said. Borough Market and a small area surrounding it remained closed to the public.

#LondonBridge - Borough High Street has now re-opened at Great Dover Street / Marshalsea Road. London Bridge is also open northbound.

#LondonBridge has now also re-opened southbound. This means the only remaining closure is Southwark Street east of Southwark Bridge Road.

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Police in Ireland arrest man in connection to London attack

Ireland's police force, Garda Siochana, said they arrested a man in his thirties on Tuesday just south of Dublin under the Theft and Fraud Offences Act.

He was being questioned about documentation connected to Rachid Redouane, one of the three London Bridge attackers killed by British police, the Associated Press reported.

His identify was not immediately released.

—Jason Wells

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British officials had flagged who they believe was the leader of the London attack as a major potential threat and started investigating him intensely in 2015, UK counterterrorism sources told CNN and the Associated Press.

Police and M15 saw Khuram Shazad Butt as a powerful figure in al-Muhajiroun, a UK-based extremist terrorist organization that supports ISIS, sources told CNN.

His extremist views made him potentially one of the most dangerous radicals in the UK, CNN added.

Butt, 27, was a UK citizen who was born in Pakistan. He was connected to Anjem Choudary, a leader in al-Muhajiroun who was jailed for supporting ISIS and who praised the 9/11 attackers.

Officials believe Choudary was key in Butt's radicalisation, the AP reported.

One of Butt's alleged connections is also suspected of training one of the four suicide bombers who killed 52 people in the 2005 London bombings.

Butt was known to the police and MI5, but, police said, "there was no intelligence to suggest that this attack was being planned and the investigation had been prioritized accordingly."

UK counterterrorism officials had been aggressively trying to eradicate al-Muhajiroun in 2014 after British extremists started joining ISIS in Syria and had links to the group, according to CNN.

"Everybody knows they are dangerous extremists who secretly support terrorist groups," Mohammed Shafiq – chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim organisation – told BuzzFeed News in a previous interview when asked of Butt and Choudary.

"I'm not surprised he's done what he's done. I'm just surprised our authorities are not able to take action and keep an eye on these people," Shafiq added. "They've clearly been investigated and on the radar."

Brianna Sacks

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The mother of Youssef Zaghba, the third London Bridge attacker, confirmed that her son was trying to get to Syria last year and believes he was radicalised online and by his friends in London.

In an interview with Italian news site L'Espresso, Valeria Khadija Collina said her 22-year-old son had an idealized version of Syria due to ISIS propaganda, despite her warning him that he was being misled.

"For him, Syria was a place he could live according to a pure Islam," Collina said. "I always said that there were horrible things that they weren't showing him. Unfortunately, I could not change his mind."

Collina last spoke to her son on the phone last Thursday, then "he disappeared." In hindsight, she says she realised the phone call was a goodbye.

Zaghba had studied computer science in Fez before moving to London, and that's when things changed. Collina told L'Espresso that her son started hanging with "the wrong people" and believes that they helped radicalise him.

"We always checked his friends and that he didn't mix up with the wrong people. But he had the internet and that is where everything comes from," she said. "Neither in Italy nor in Morocco...did he ever let himself be influenced by anyone."

She also confirmed that Italian police arrested Zaghba last March after he bought a one-way ticket to Turkey from Bologna, where she lives.

A senior Italian official told BuzzFeed News that police were convinced Zaghba planned to join a militant group in Syria but were unable to prove charges. He was eventually released but kept under limited surveillance as a terror threat.

Collina told the outlet that she is "distraught" and implores people to understand that her son's extremist beliefs do not represent true Islam.

"We must fight the ideology of the Islamic State with true knowledge, and I will do it with all my strength," she told the news site.

Brianna Sacks

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Theresa May has threatened to tear up human rights laws if they get in the way of stopping Islamist extremism.

Speaking at a Conservative rally in Slough on Tuesday night, with the election campaign entering its final hours, the prime minister sought to head off increasing questions about the government's record on national security in the wake of the London Bridge terror attack.

May said she will introduce tougher anti-terrorism measures if she wins the general election on Thursday, including restricting the movement of suspects even if the authorities do not have enough evidence to prosecute them.

The prime minister also vowed to make it easier to deport foreign terror suspects to their home countries and introduce longer sentences for those convicted of terror offenses if she is re-elected.

Read more here.

—Alex Spence

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Thomas, 45, was visiting London with his girlfriend and was on the bridge at the time of the attack, according to the Metropolitan police, who are looking for any information as to Thomas's whereabouts.

His girlfriend was hit by the van and seriously injured, according to witnesses, it's possible that Thomas was also struck by the van and subsequently fell into the River Thames. Police have searched the river but Thomas has not been located.

The police are asking for anyone with information to contact them on 0800 0961 233.

—Jessica Simeone

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Khuram Shazad Butt's uncle says family is with the victims

Khuram Butt's uncles' message to the families of the London Bridge victims, in between tears of sympathy 💔

In an interview with BBC reporter Secunder Kermani, suspected London Bridge attacker Khuram Shazad Butt's uncle said this of the attack victims, "we are with them...I don't know their names...but I feel like they're my relatives."

–Jessica Simeone

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At a campaign event in Stoke, BuzzFeed News asked May whether foreign secretary Boris Johnson was right to say MI5 had questions to answer.

"I think Boris Johnson made the point that I've answered, in a sense, by making the point that actually MI5 and the police, I would expect them to look into how they've handled this case, once they've done the necessary work they need to be focused on now, which is investigating the threat," the prime minister said.

"As the terror threat evolves, we need to see how we adapt to deal with that terror threat. And after appalling tragedies such those that have taken place, we look at what has happened and what lessons need to be learned."

Earlier, Johnson asked how one of the attackers had slipped through the security services' net. As foreign secretary Johnson is responsible for GCHQ and MI6. "And that is a question that will need to be answered by MI5, by the police as the investigation goes on. I can't answer that question now," he told Sky News.

You can read more about the fallout on the security services in the wake of the London attack here.

–Alex Spence and Rose Troup Buchanan

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Italian law enforcement confirm third attacker was arrested attempting to fly one-way to Turkey

A senior Italian law enforcement official confirmed to BuzzFeed News on Tuesday that Youssef Zaghba, a suspect in the London attacks, had been arrested by Italian police on 15 March 2016 attempting to fly on a one-way ticket, paid for in cash, from Bologna to Istanbul.

The official said that police were convinced he planned to join a militant group in Syria but were unable to prove charges. He was eventually released but kept under limited surveillance as a terror threat.

You can read more about the three attackers here.

– Mitch Prothero

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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have visited one of the London hospitals treating those wounded in Saturday night's attack.

They spoke with members of staff from the hospital, who were involved in treating the wounded. "You have a fantastic team here," the prince told staff.

"You can see that the patients are receiving wonderful care," the duchess said.

Seven people have died, and 48 were initially hospitalised following an attack on London Bridge over the weekend. Fifteen people remain in critical condition in London.

–Rose Troup Buchanan

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15 people remain in critical condition in hospital, NHS says

NHS England has said that 15 people remain in a critical condition following Saturday's attack, with most of the critical patients being cared for at Kings College Hospital.

32 patients remain in five hospitals across London as a result of injuries sustained during Saturday's attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market. Following the attack, 48 casualties were admitted.

–Laura Silver

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Theresa May says she expects security services to carry out a review into the London Bridge attack

Prime minister Theresa May said on Tuesday that she expects security services to carry out a review into how they dealt with the London Bridge attack.

MI5 and police have faced questions after it emerged that one of the three suspects had been filmed on a Channel 4 documentary about Jihadism, and was known to both police and security services – but had been downgraded.

Earlier, May's foreign secretary Boris Johnson had said MI5 and the Metropolitan police have questions to answer over how one of the London Bridge attackers was able to commit such an atrocity when he had previously been under investigation for extremism.

"MI5 and the police have already said they would be reviewing how they dealt with Manchester and I would expect them to do exactly the same in relation to London Bridge," May said earlier today in Bangor, North Wales.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a former Conservative MP who chaired parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee for five years, told BuzzFeed News there would likely be multiple detailed investigations into recent terror attacks.

One, he said, would be an internal inquiry conducted by MI5 itself, as well as an inquiry by the Intelligence and Security Committee – which oversees all three UK agencies – to investigate the agencies' response to the attacks.

Rifkind said the crudeness of the attacks, often launched with knives and rented vehicles, presented an near-impossible job for security services. " It's not realistic or fair to expect MI5 or police to anticipate that or stop it happening."

You can read more about May's reaction and security service reviews here.

–James Ball

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At least three fake crowdfunding accounts have been set up in the wake of Saturday's London Bridge terror attack, which saw seven people lose their lives and dozens injured, BuzzFeed News has learned.

JustGiving, the site that allows well-wishers to raise donations for causes, confirmed that it had taken down three false funds so far pertaining to be raising money for victims. One falsely claimed to be the BBC – with the word 'emergency' misspelt and another from the Evening Standard, but both were not found to be genuine and were removed, a spokesperson said.

BuzzFeed News spotted a third account by a person going by the name of Bob Smith claiming to raise funds for a survivor of the attack, Roy Larner, who was stabbed five times and remains in hospital.

The person posted a link to the fund in the comments of a genuine crowdfunding site set up by friends of Roy Larner and incorrectly claimed he had died.

A woman, claiming to be Larner's niece, spotted the link and said: "I feel you may be using this as an excuse to raise money."

BuzzFeed News flagged the account with JustGiving, which had yet to raise any money, and asked whether it was fake.

JustGiving said it had removed the account after performing checks on it, and said it had already been investigating it when it was brought to the team's attention.

You can read more about the fake JustGiving accounts here.

–Sara Spary

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In the latest episode of his show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver opened with a segment on the London Bridge attacks.

After offering his thoughts and condolences to those who were affected, he decided to single out the American media for their coverage of the attack.

In particular, he singled out coverage that featured reports that London is "reeling" and being "under siege".

This sort of hyped-up headline does the terrorists' job for them. UK isn't "reeling" @nytimes

Oliver also praised Londoner Richard Angell, who was a witness to the attacks on Saturday. Angell went back to the restaurant he was dining in to pay his bill on Sunday, and his comments about the attack went viral.

You can read more about Oliver's show here.

—Scott Bryan

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An arrest has been made in connection with the attack in east London

#Breaking Man, 27, arrested in Barking in connection with London Bridge attack, Scotland Yard says

A 27-year-old man has been arrested in the Barking area of east London in connection with the London Bridge attack, the Metropolitan police told the Press Association.

Barking is the area of the city where suspects Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane lived.

—Francis Whittaker

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Youssef Zaghba has been confirmed as the third attacker by the Metropolitan police, shortly after the news was first reported by Italian media.

The 22-year-old from east London was not a police or MI5 subject of interest, the Met statement said. Formal identification is yet to take place, but his family have been informed.

He is believed to be an Italian national of Moroccan descent. According to reports in Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Youssef Zaghba was born in 1995 in Fes in Morocco to a Moroccan father and an Italian mother. She currently lives in the Italian city of Bologna.

Zaghba's parents lived for a period of time in Morocco before separating. The suspect's mother then returned to Italy, and settled in Bologna where Zaghba is alleged to have visited her a number of times up until last year.

The Corriere della Sera report claims Zaghba was arrested on charges of international terrorism at Bologna airport in March 2016 because he was trying to travel to Turkey, the report claims, to make his way to Syria.

Zaghba was later acquitted but, according to Corriere della Sera, Italian authorities registered his name as a "suspected foreign fighter" and flagged him as a potential risk to both Moroccan and British authorities.

The report also claims Zaghba was working a summer job at a London restaurant.

You can read more about Zaghba and the two other attackers here.

—Alberto Nardelli & Rose Troup Buchanan

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Kirsty Boden, a 28-year-old from Australia, was killed in the London Bridge attacks on Saturday, the Metropolitan police have confirmed.

Boden, a nurse who was living in London, died while trying to help others who had been injured in the attack on the bridge on Saturday night.

"As she ran towards danger, in an effort to help people on the bridge, Kirsty sadly lost her life," her family said in a statement.

Met Police issue statement on behalf of family of Loxton woman Kirsty Boden who was killed in London terror attacks…

Boden, who worked as a staff nurse in Theatres Recovery at Guys hospital, was an "outstanding nurse and a hugely valued member of staff", the hospital said in a statement this morning.

Dame Eileen Sills, chief nurse at Guy's and Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, said she "couldn't put into words how sad I am that we have lost one of our own".

Sills went on to say that Boden's colleagues described her as "one in a million, who always went the extra mile for the patients in her care". She said all her thoughts were with Boden's family, friends, and loved ones during this difficult time.

You can read more about the victims of the attack here.

—Laura Silver & Rose Troup Buchanan

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According to reports in Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera the third attacker is Youssef Zaghba. The report, which has not been confirmed, claims that the suspect was born in 1995 in Fes in Morocco. Zaghba is the son of a Moroccan man and a woman who lives in the Italian city of Bologna.

The report goes on to say that Zaghba was stopped at Bologna airport in March 2016 when trying to travel to Turkey from where, the report claims, he wanted to reach Syria.

Zaghba was cleared of any wrongdoing, but according to Corriere della Sera, Italian intelligence had flagged his name as a "person of risk" to both Moroccan and British authorities.

The report also claims that Zaghba was working in a restaurant on London.

Zaghba's parents lived for a period of time in Morocco before separating. The suspect's mother then returned to Italy, and settled in Bologna where Zaghba is alleged to have visited her a number of times, the last of which in March 2016.

The Metropolitan police declined to comment on the name when contacted by BuzzFeed News. A spokesperson instead said that they would release information when they were ready, stressing that they were not yet in a position to do so.

—Alberto Nardelli & Rose Troup Buchanan

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Hundreds gathered in Potters Fields Park on Monday evening for a vigil to remember the seven people who were killed in the London Bridge terror attack, many holding banners bearing the words "We Love London", "We Are Not Afraid", and "We Stand Together".

London mayor Sadiq Khan, who led the vigil, invited all Londoners and visitors of the city to pay their respects and remember those who had lost their lives. He was joined by joined by the Archbishop of Canterbury, politicians including home secretary Amber Rudd and Diane Abbott, senior representatives of the emergency services, and community leaders.

The vigil took place beside the river, a short distance from the location of the attack. Addressing the crowd Khan, London's first Muslim mayor, said he wanted to send a clear message to the "sick and evil extremists who commit these hideous crimes".

"We will defeat you. You will not win," he said. "And as a proud, patriotic British Muslim I say this: You do not commit these disgusting acts in my name."

The vigil ended with a minute's silence in solidarity with the victims and their families. Afterwards, floral tributes were laid at the flagpole outside City Hall.

Read more about the moving vigil here.

—Alicia Melville-Smith

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Boris Johnson says MI5 and the Met have questions to answer over a dropped inquiry into a London Bridge attacker

MI5 and police need to explain why attackers were able to carry out the #LondonAttack, explains @BorisJohnson…

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has said MI5 and the Metropolitan police have questions to answer over how one of the London Bridge attackers was able to commit such an atrocity when he had previously been under investigation for extremism.

"People are going to look at the front pages today," Johnson said on Tuesday morning, "and they are going to say, 'How on earth could we have let this guy — or possibly more — through the net, what happened, how can he possibly on a Channel 4 programme and then commit atrocities like this?', and that is a question that will need to be answered by MI5, by the police, as the investigation goes on. I can't answer that question now.

"What I can say is that we are not only going to invest in our counterterrorism, but we are also looking, as the PM said Sunday, looking at a range of intensified measures to tackle this hydra-headed problem."

—Alicia Melville-Smith

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A former Metropolitan police commander, who led the team that unravelled the failed 21/7 bomb plot in London, says community policing cuts have made it harder to prevent terrorist attacks like London Bridge.

Bernie Gravett, who was divisional commander of Westminster police for the Met, told BuzzFeed News the community policing units essential in finding the bombers in July 2005 had been cut from teams of five to just a single constable.

He was one of several former senior police officers who spoke to BuzzFeed News about the devastating impact that budget cuts are having on forces' ability to prevent terrorism. One warned that forces are so depleted that if a Nice-style attack happened outside London it could take up to 20 minutes for police to respond.

Police budgets have been reduced by more than 20% since 2010 in England and Wales, according to Home Office figures.

The slashing of budgets has angered many in the police, with one retired detective sergeant telling BuzzFeed News that Theresa May was "absolutely loathed" by officers for the cuts she presided over as both home secretary and prime minister. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for May to resign over the impact of police cuts.

Read more about what officers told BuzzFeed News about policing cuts here.

—Emily Dugan & Hannah Al-Othman

London's Metropolitan police have defended their decision to downgrade an inquiry into one of the men responsible for Saturday's London Bridge attack.

Pakistan-born Khuram Butt, 27, of Barking, London, was known to police and MI5 in 2015. But the Met's Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said there had been "no intelligence to suggest" an attack was planned and inquiries into Butt where downgraded.

"There was no intelligence to suggest that this attack was being planned and the investigation had been prioritised accordingly," Rowley said during a press conference.

The inquiry was "prioritised in the lower echelons of our investigative work", Rowley added. Asked by reporters if that had been a poor decision, Rowley said he had seen nothing yet to suggest that was true.

However, Rowley did confirm police had received a call from a member of the public warning of concerns over Butt a few months after the launch of the police inquiry into him in 2015.

You can read more about what the Met knew of the London Bridge attacker here.

—Alicia Melville-Smith & Alan White

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London mayor says Trump should not visit UK following his tweets about the London Bridge Attack

Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement. MSM is working hard to sell it!

After remaining silent on Trump's comments initially, Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, has now called for Trump's state visit to the UK to be cancelled due to his tweets.

"I don't think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for," Khan said during an appearance on Channel 4 News Monday night.

"When you have a special relationship it is no different from when you have got a close mate. You stand with them in times of adversity but you call them out when they are wrong. There are many things about which Donald Trump is wrong."

The US president accused Khan of having "to think fast" after the mayor of London said there was no reason for Londoners to be alarmed following the terror attack, which appears to have been conducted by Islamist extremists.

Trump also said the mainstream media was spinning the story on the mayor's behalf and implied Khan, one of the only Muslim mayors of a major Western city, had to come up with an explanation for his comments after the event.

In reality, Khan's comment was taken out of context by Trump on Sunday morning when Trump implied the Muslim mayor was playing down the impact of the attack. The original quote was intended to reassure Londoners they had "no reason to be alarmed" about the "increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days" on the streets of the capital, rather than the attack itself.

Khan's original quote continued: "I'm reassured that we are one of the safest global cities in the world, if not the safest global city, but we always evolve and review to make sure we're as safe as we possibly can be."

—Alicia Melville-Smith & Jim Waterson

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Police conduct another early morning search

Further police search in #Ilford following London Bridge terror attack

The Metropolitan police conducted yet another search early Tuesday in connection with the London Bridge attack.

According to a police update, officers from the Met's Counter Terrorism Command entered an address in Ilford around 1:30am. As of this update, the search was ongoing, and no arrests had been made.

Late Monday, police announced that they had released all 12 people initially detained in connection to the attack.

—Grace Wyler

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Everyone arrested following London attack has been released

Metropolitan Police announced Monday night that all of the 12 people taken into custody following the London attack have been released.

Twelve people were arrested on Sunday after two homes were searched in Barking, east London. A 55-year-old man was released without charge, then by late Monday, police announced the remaining 11 people had also been released.

They include a 38-year-old woman, a 28-year-old man, a 52-year-old man, a 27-year-old man, another 55-year-old man, a 49-year-old woman, a 60-year-old woman, a 19-year-old woman, a 27-year-old woman, a 24-year-old woman, and a 53-year-old woman, police said. Their names were not released.

According to reports, one of the attackers lived in one of the homes were police had made arrests.

—Claudia Koerner

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The Metropolitan Police on Monday identified two of the three suspects in the London Bridge terror attack.

Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane, who both lived in Barking, east London, were both shot dead within eight minutes of the first call to police.

Police warned that formal identifications are still pending.

Butt, 27, was born in Pakistan. Redouane, 30, "claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan. He also used the name Rachid Elkhdar, with a different date of birth" showing him as 25 years old, police said.

Read the full story here.

–Tom Namako

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US president criticises Sadiq Khan, again

Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement. MSM is working hard to sell it!

Donald Trump has attacked Sadiq Khan, building on earlier criticism that the London mayor was playing down the severity of the attack on Saturday night.

So far, Khan has declined to comment, with his team telling reporters yesterday that they had "more important things to do" than respond to the tweets.

However, during a joint press conference with police commissioner Cressida Dick earlier today, he seemingly make a small dig at Trump. Discussing the importance of London as an international hub, he said the city hosted state visits, "some welcome, some less so".

The question of whether Trump would visit the UK as part of a traditional state visit has been contentious. Prime minister Theresa May has been careful to tiptoe round the issue, avoiding directly criticising the US president.

Earlier today, asked directly by BuzzFeed News what it would take for Trump to say for May to criticise him, the PM said she had already disagreed with the US president over climate change.

Here's @alexGspence this morning, asking May exactly what Trump would have to say in order for her criticize him

It's the latest in a small saga surrounding the president's tweets. Yesterday, the US president implied Khan – who is one of the first Muslim mayors of a major Western city – was playing down the severity of the attack following the deaths of at least seven people in Saturday night's terrorist incident.

At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is "no reason to be alarmed!"

In response, Khan's spokesperson said yesterday that the mayor of London had "more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump's ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks".

You can read more about Trump's reaction here.

–Rose Troup Buchanan

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The number of people in critical condition following Saturday's attack has fallen

The number of casualties who are in a critical condition after Saturday night's attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market has fallen from 21 to 18.

A spokesperson for NHS England told BuzzFeed News that this is because patients have recovered rather than died.

Seven people were killed during the attack, including Canadian national Christine Archibald. The 30-year-old had been walking over London Bridge with her partner when the attack took place. The remaining six fatalities are yet to be named by their families or police.

A total of 48 casualties were taken to five London hospitals following the attack, 36 of whom are still being cared for.

—Laura Silver

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says Theresa May should resign over record on policing

Jeremy Corbyn says he would back calls for Theresa May to resign over cuts in police numbers…

Speaking to the BBC, Jeremy Corbyn said "indeed I would" back calls for PM Theresa May to resign.

"There have been calls made by a lot of very responsible people on this who are very worried that she was at the home office all this time, presided over these cuts in police numbers and now is saying we have a problem. Yes we do have a problem, we should never have cut those police numbers," he said.

"But we have an election on Thursday and that is perhaps the best opportunity to deal with it."

Asked directly whether she would resign at a campaign event in Edinburgh on Monday afternoon, May replied: "On Thursday the people of the United Kingdom have a very simple choice when they come to vote.

"It's about who they believe has the leadership to take this country forward. To get the best Brexit deal for Britain from Europe, to ensure we can build that stronger, fairer more prosperous Britain for the future. Who has the leadership, who has the vision, and who has the plan? It's me and the Conservative party."

—Alicia Melville-Smith and Jamie Ross

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Following the London Bridge attacks, Facebook activated the safety check feature. Shortly after this, people began to post fake, jokey, or irrelevant things in the community section.

One of those posting an unrelated status said that the anger attracted by his status shows that emotions following the attack were misguided and should have been directed at things that could have done some good.

Facebook told BuzzFeed News that the effectiveness of the safety check feature was of huge importance to it, and that if it believed the feature was doing more harm than good, it would be taken down.

You can read more about these people here.

—Rachael Krishna

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Questions are being raised about how authorities handled intelligence after there were reports that the London Bridge attackers had been reported to anti-terror police at least twice.

Following the attack on Saturday night that killed seven people and left 21 in critical condition in hospital, neighbours and former friends have told the press how they had contacted authorities after becoming concerned over the suspect's extremist views.

Police had made 12 arrests during a raid at flats in Barking over the weekend. Officers searched two addresses in east London in Newham and Barking on Monday morning.

A man claiming to be a former friend of the perpetrators, who did not want to be named, told the BBC Asian Network he had contacted police after comments the suspect had made over previous attacks, and is reported to have said authorities had failed to act and take action.

A man who knew one of the London Bridge attackers has told me why he alerted authorities years ago #bbcasiannetwork

A woman named Erica Gasparri also told The Guardian she had reported her concerns about the suspect's extremist views to police two years ago, after she feared he was radicalising children in a local park.

The suspect is also said to have appeared in a Channel 4 documentary last year about British jihadis, and was involved in a filmed altercation with police after an Islamic State flag was unfurled in Regent's Park.

It is the third such attack this year. In the aftermath of previous attacks, details emerged surrounding those attackers that indicated friends and family had made repeated efforts to contact authorities.

You can read more about the reaction here.

—Aisha Gani

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In a joint public statement with London's mayor Sadiq Khan, the police commissioner confirmed the scale of an "enormous" police investigation into the events of Saturday night.

Dick also paid tribute to the "amazing abilities" of the Metropolitan police and urged the public to "reach out" to their officers, so that they "could work together to keep this country safe".

But she again rejected calls for arming police. "I do not believe that arming every one of our officers is a sensible or practical option," Dick said, noting that those who attack the UK want to change "our way of life" and arming officers would do just that.

Neither Khan nor Dick would be drawn on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's comments that PM Theresa May should resign over cuts to police funding.

"News to me, I have been busy today dealing with other issues, Khan said. "We need to make sure that the police have all our support as citizens giving them information, but it's a fact that the more resources that police forces have the better job that they can do."

The London mayor went on to say: "It's a fact that over the past seven years, we as a city have lost £600 million from our budget. We have had to close police stations, sell police buildings, we have lost thousands of police staff.

"Over the next four years there are plans to cut a further £400m from our city's policing budget. There are plans to change the police funding formula, which could mean that we lose up to several hundred million pounds on top of that, which means a total loss to our policing budget of £1.7bn and we don't receive the right level of funding that we should as a capital city."

—Rose Troup Buchanan

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