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    People Said They Tried To Stop The London Attackers By Throwing Bottles And Chairs At Them

    Bystanders threw objects including bottles, pint glasses, chairs, and tables at the assailants to try to stop them as witnesses said they stabbed people at random.

    Bystanders who witnessed Saturday night's attack on Borough Market, near London Bridge, said they tried to stop the assailants from stabbing people by pelting them with glasses and bottles and hurling tables in their direction.

    Horrified witnesses who had been enjoying a night out at the busy London nightspot described seeing men stab people at random.

    One witness, identified only as Gerard, told the BBC he tried to intervene to stop one of the men from stabbing a girl, as she begged for help.

    "They were running in all the pubs and all the bars and they were stabbing everyone," he said. "I was throwing bottles at them, pint glasses, stools, chairs."

    He described seeing the horrific scenes unfold as he made his way home after watching a football match in a nearby pub.

    He said: "They were running up going 'This is for Allah.' They ran up and stabbed this girl, I don't know how many times, 10 times, maybe 15.

    "She was going 'help me, help me' and I could not do anything. I tried to help her, I threw something at them.

    "There was a bike on the floor, I tried to pick up the chair but it was locked to it, to throw it at them, to get them away from her."

    Terrifying testimony from stabbing witness Gerard who just spoke to me about what happened #LondonBridge

    He continued: "I could not do anything. When you look at the CCTV, the police will, they will see me on the CCTV at Borough Market chasing them and throwing bottles at them and glasses. I know it's a silly thing to do but I just tried to save people's lives."

    Another eyewitness, who was identified only by his first name, Ben, told the BBC that he had seen glass bottles and a table thrown at one of the attackers.

    “I saw a man in red with quite a large blade,” said Ben, who said he was at Borough tube station with his wife Natalie. “I don’t know the measurement – I guess maybe 10 inches. He was stabbing a man...he stabbed him about three times fairly calmly.

    “It looked like the man had maybe been trying to intervene but there wasn’t much that he could do. He was being stabbed quite coldly and he slumped to the ground.

    “A table was thrown, a bottle was thrown at the individual with the knife, and then we heard three gunshots and we ran."