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June 14, 2017

How Do You Block Outside Noise From Your Bedroom?

I'm not always up before 7 a.m., but when I am, it's because I haven't gone to sleep.

Joel Schumacher Is Apologizing For His Shitty "Batman" Film

Twenty years after its release, the movie is still every bit as cringe-worthy.

What's Your Makeup IQ?

Are you a beauty buff or a beauty beginner?

Probé un corte de pelo de $450 y ahora empiezo a entender a los hipsters

La estética unisex de mi cuadra ya nunca será la misma.

This Is What Summer Looked Like 20 Years Ago

It was the summer that gave us Harry Potter, Netflix, and hope about the new Stars Wars film.

Stuffed Crust Pizza As Made By Jackson

Perfect to make with your little one for Father's Day.

Reports: President Trump Is Under Investigation For Potential Obstruction Of Justice

The special counsel appointed to investigate Russian meddling in last year's election is reportedly now examining whether the president obstructed justice.

Southern Baptists Condemn Alt-Right Movement At National Conference

Faith leaders adopted a resolution during their annual conference Wednesday condemning white supremacy and the alt-right movement.

20 Hilarious NBA Memes For People Who Don't Watch Basketball

You don't need to like the NBA to LOVE NBA memes.



18 Memes que te van a hacer reír solo si te da hueva la vida

La pregunta es: ¿te dará hueva verlos todos? Jeje.

32 testes de comida do BuzzFeed para você não fazer com fome

É sério, não nos responsabilizamos se você sair do site com fome.

Use Leftover Quinoa To Make Fried Rice

The perfect way to make leftover quinoa into another meal!

35 Simple Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Find something that gold spray paint can't fix. Try.

Solo un recordatorio de que Waldo de "The Little Rascals" está guapísimo

En las palabras de Darla, "me derrito como un helado en un día con mucho calor".

LGBT Parents, Tell Us About Your Experiences With Parental Leave

Whether you're a new parent or just welcomed your fifth, adopted or created your family in any other way — we want to hear from you!

Trump Was Somber, Measured After Shooting — But Some Trump Allies Are Blaming The Left

The president struck a tone of unity but his son and supporters were quicker to assign blame for the shooting to Democrats, the media, and an unadulterated dislike for Trump.

Betsy DeVos Is Halting Protections For For-Profit College Students

The Trump administration is "abandoning critical student protections," a state attorney general said.

12 dicas de maquiagem que uma drag queen gostaria de te contar

Dicas de Ikaro Kadoshi para quem quer começar a se montar ou mesmo experimentar mais com a maquiagem.

7 Things To Know About How Armed Cops Came To Be In Toronto High Schools

The School Resources Officer program places armed, uniformed officers in Toronto high schools.

Trump Has Handed The Keys To Afghanistan Over To The Pentagon

Critics worry that the new authority given to Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis shows a president with very little interest in actually commanding his armed forces.

15 Roommate Arguments So Strong They Cause Move-Outs

Can we get through this without ripping up the lease?

People Can't Handle This Couple's Truly Inspiring Love Story

"Falling in love with another black man was scary in ways neither of us could have ever imagined."

25 "Wonder Woman" Posts That Will Make You Cry All Over Again

Steve Trevor 4ever. WARNING: Tears and spoilers ahead.

21 Tweets About Carly Rae Jepsen That'll Make You Laugh Then Bow Down

"Cut to the Feeling" is the official anthem of Pride, don't @ me.

Here's How To Make Pesto Out Of Carrot Tops

Learning something new every day.

Não, as lágrimas não saem deste furinho que você tem na pálpebra

Ao contrário do que você pode ter lido no Twitter, o ponto lacrimal existe para DRENAR as lágrimas – que saem de outro lugar.

Em depoimento, Cunha diz que nunca tentaram comprar seu silêncio

Ex-presidente da Câmara prestou depoimento no processo em que Michel Temer é investigado devido à delação de Joesley Batista, da JBS.

14 Protein-Packed Dinners Made With A Can Of Chickpeas

Did you know chickpeas have 15 grams of protein PER CUP?! That's about 30% of your daily intake!

This Transgender Woman Is Suing McDonald's For Discrimination

The former crew member reported verbal and physical abuse to her manager and was later fired, a lawsuit alleges.

UPS Worker In San Francisco Fatally Shoots Three Coworkers Before Killing Himself

UPS confirmed six people were shot in the San Francisco warehouse, all of them employees.

Behind The Cliffhanger Finale Of "The Handmaid's Tale," And Where The Show Could Go Next

The acclaimed drama's creator, Bruce Miller, talks about those last moments in the season finale, rethinking the show's approach to race, and gives hints about what's to come in Season 2. (Spoilers, obviously.)

We Know Which Superhero You Are Based On Your Career Path

With great jobs comes great responsibility.

18 Verdades del cine que suenan un poco falsas pero son 100% reales

Es cierto que ver películas de terror te puede ayudar a perder peso.

This Bike Ride Is Absolutely Incredible

There's nothing quite like peddling through the petals of the Keukenhof tulip fields in Amsterdam.

Yes, You Can Make Pizza Outside Now

When you want to be ~nature~ but still love food.

Where All The Women At?

There Are 10 Movie Stars On The Forbes 100 List And They're All Dudes

London Tower Blaze: Here’s What We Know

Eyewitness reaction of Grenfell Tower blaze

This US Student Was In A Coma When North Korea Released Him

University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier had been jailed for trying to steal a propaganda poster during a visit to the country

This Baby Argues Like A Grown-Up

This 2-Year-old doesn't want to hear it.

Today's Dads Aren't Who You Think They Are, And Thank Goodness For That

They're definitely not who the internet tells you they are.

How Betsy DeVos Could Break Up The Charter School Coalition

The fragile bipartisan alliance that formed around the charter school movement could fall apart in the Trump era.

Live Updates: The Congressman Shot At Baseball Practice Is Out Of The Intensive Care Unit

A gunman opened fire as members of Congress were practicing baseball in Alexandria, Virginia, on June 14. Six people were injured and the gunman was killed.

Corinne Olympios And DeMario Jackson Have Broken Their Silence On "Bachelor In Paradise" Incident

Both contestants released statements on Wednesday and lawyered up.

Two People Have Been Arrested In Connection With A Massive Brawl Outside The Turkish Embassy

The fight took place last month in Washington, DC. Video showed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan standing by watching the violence.

Members Of Congress Plead For Unity In Wake Of Shooting, Despite The Vitriol On Social Media

After a shooting injured a colleague, Capitol Police officers and staff, members of Congress in both parties came together Wednesday, calling for less heated rhetoric and avoided politicizing the attack.

Skittles lanzará una versión en blanco y negro en honor al mes del orgullo LGBT

La marca de dulces “cederá” el arcoíris para la comunidad.

Esta es la campaña del Gobierno federal para promover el respeto a la diversidad sexual

#Méxicolncluyente celebra el Mes del Orgullo Gay y el spot circulará en tiempos oficiales de radio y TV.

Jeremy Corbyn Has Appointed Leadership Rival Owen Smith To The Shadow Cabinet

The Labour leader has stuck with the shadow cabinet team who were loyal to him during last summer's coup – but invited back his former leadership rival Owen Smith to fill a vacancy.

16 coisas que só quem tem uma melhor amiga há 10 anos vai reconhecer

Daria para conversar durante horas só lembrando "daquela vez que".

MI6 May Be Ordered To Turn Over Intelligence Linking Financier's Death To Russia

In the wake of a BuzzFeed News investigation, a judge is considering forcing MI6 to hand over secret files containing explosive intelligence that the Kremlin ordered the assassination of a Russian whistleblower on British soil.

11 gráficos que são bem reais para mulheres bi

Apps de encontro = casais querendo fazer um ménage.

11 Looks Selena Gomez Wore In Her "Bad Liar" Video That Will Make You Say, "WTF?"

Find someone who looks at you the way Selena looks at Selena...

The Federal Reserve Is Hiking Interest Rates For The Second Time This Year

Fed-watchers predict another increase will follow in September.

19 Things That'll Make '90s Kids Say, "So Weird How That's How We Used To Watch TV"

There was no better feeling than turning on the TV Guide Channel and immediately catching the exact channel you were looking for.

Si naciste después de 1990, no podrás sacar más de 10 en este quiz de logos

Los nuevos millennials se perdieron de toda esta diversión.

Members Of Congress Say They Received Threats Before And After Shooting

Multiple Democrats said they received threatening phone calls after Wednesday's shooting, California Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán said.

Are You More Batman, Wonder Woman, Or Superman?

Time to find out which member of DC's Trinity you are.

Michigan Officials Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter In Flint Water Crisis

Michigan's attorney general said officials failed to act to stop the Flint water crisis, leading to at least one death.

17 Hechos asombrosos que quizás no sabías sobre "La Mujer Maravilla"

Durante el rodaje de las escenas de Themyscira, algunos esposos de las actrices amazonas aparecían en el set para darles su apoyo.

Tim Farron Says He's Quitting As Liberal Democrat Leader Due To "Suspicion" Over His Religious Beliefs

In his resignation speech, Farron said he had found it "impossible" to be the leader of a progressive party and a committed Christian at the same time.

14 filmes para celebrar o mês do orgulho LGBT

Para aprender, chorar, rir e, principalmente, praticar a empatia.

13 Weird Facts About Soda That'll Make You Say, "Holy Shit"

Some sodas were thought to be a cure for syphilis.

OMG James Blunt Is Retweeting Every Random Stranger Who Says They Like His New Album

He's retweeting everyone who likes his album. Literally, everyone.

How The Internet Helped Ramadan Feel Like Home Again

When I moved away from home, I almost gave up on Ramadan. But an online confession helped me find my way back to it.

17 Pictures Of People Who Are 100% Wrong

Pray for all the poor, mistreated toothpaste out there.

Can You Create A Fast-Food Mega-Meal Over 9,000 Calories?

Don't worry, it's all make-believe food.

Graças à Anitta tem gente rebolando a bunda no supermercado

É a #ParadinhaChallenge fazendo todo mundo ser Anitta por alguns segundos.

People, Let Lorde Review Her Onion Rings In Peace!!!


DIY Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp

These cute, cordless lights soak up the sun while you do!

33 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Leaf belts, scalp massagers, and 31 other favorite products from our recent posts.

Tattooing Freckles On Your Face Is A Trend And People Are Like "Hmmmm..."

Yes, there are rainbow freckles inside this post.

19 Relationship Goals Every Single Person Dreams Of

Can you really find that special someone who will look at you as if you're as special as pizza?

The Fed Is Going To Slow Down The Economy And Only Left-Wingers Care

The Federal Reserve's agenda has upset liberals and economists. Trump, on the other hand, has remained silent.

19 Tweets About Healthy Eating That Are Funny Because They're True

"Use cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes, rice, and any joy in your life. You have no friends now, there is only cauliflower."

Meet The Young Radical Who Helped Get Women The Right To Vote In America

Alice Paul asked for her political rights and was tortured for it. But opposition just meant that she and her legions of committed young women had to work harder. So they did.

Can You Guess The Dog Breed From The Crappy Drawing?

Come for the crappy drawings, stay for the beautiful dogs.

Bernie Sanders "Sickened" By Alleged Shooter Who Once Volunteered For His Campaign

On Wednesday morning, a man opened fire on a congressional Republican baseball practice. The alleged shooter was a former Bernie campaign volunteer. The senator condemned violence of any kind on the Senate floor on Wednesday.

The Man Who Warned Of The "Catastrophic" Fire Risk At Grenfell Tower Almost Died In The Blaze

Edward Daffarn, author of the widely shared post on the resident group's blog, told BuzzFeed News he was rescued from thick smoke on the 16th floor by a firefighter.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a pearl necklace, bluetooth speaker, yoga mat, and more!

"Wonder Woman" Is Affecting Cable Options

Charter/Spectrum told BuzzFeed News they added a "Women of Action" section to their On Demand offerings because of Diana, princess of Themyscira.

18 Probleme, mit denen Make-up-Fans im Sommer zu kämpfen haben

Wenn Schweiß und Make-up doch nur einen tollen Teint geben würden.

Which Of These Teen Movies Must Go?

All of them are good!

Jeremy Corbyn Calls For Ministers To Face Questions Over Grenfell Tower Fire

The Labour leader told LBC: "If you deny local authorities the funding they need, then there is a price to pay that's paid by the lack of safety facilities all over the country."

15 Mega-Famous People You Totally Forgot Appeared In "Doctor Who"

TL;DR: Every British actor ever has been in Doctor Who.

These Are Actually The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Because chewy cookies > crispy cookies.

19 Memes que entenderás si has estado enamorado alguna vez en tu vida

Como cuando la persona que te gusta te da un like y ya estás buscando lugares para hacer la boda.

28 Of The Best Beauty Products To Buy At Target

You're going there this weekend anyway...

Donald Trump Praises Law Enforcement's Swift Response After A Congressman Was Shot At A Baseball Field

The president said many lives would have been lost if it wasn't for the "heroic actions" of Capitol police officers.

Estas son las únicas cosas a las que España no quiere ponerle una moción de censura

Le hemos preguntado a la gente de Twitter si prefieren a papá o a mamá y esto es lo que nos han respondido en la batalla española definitiva.

17 mujeres que tienen una relación complicadísima con la comida

Fotos de stock: la universidad de la vida.

15 produtos para celebrar ainda mais seu orgulho LGBT

Para brilhar por fora tanto quanto você já brilha por dentro.

25 Tragedies You've Experienced If You Grew Up Wearing Glasses

That awkward moment when someone far away waves at you and you have no idea who they are.

16 echt ekelhafte Dinge, die du als Kind getan hast

Da wird man direkt nostalgisch.

Selena Gomez Doesn't "Necessarily Believe In Religion"

"That word freaks me out sometimes, you know.”

Here's What We Know About The Suspect In The Congressional Baseball Shooting

The FBI identified the shooter as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois.

Pick Sweet Or Cheesy

It's the hardest choice you'll ever have to make.

13 Podcasts You Should Listen To, Based On Your Favorite Books

Finding your new favorite podcast = easier than ever.

I Tested My Sperm Using Only My Phone And My Buddies Can Swim

I learned to start thinking things through more often.

Beyoncé Might Be In Labor And People Can't Handle It

These babies have already mastered the art of arriving fashionably late.

Lawmakers Share Their Thoughts After A Republican Congressman Was Shot

A gunman opened fire as Republican members of Congress were practicing at baseball fields in Alexandria, Virginia, early Wednesday morning.

People Have Donated All These Supplies To Just One Centre For Those Left Homeless By The Grenfell Tower Fire

Food, shoes, clothes, blankets, towels, toiletries, and even a PlayStation. The Westway Sports Centre was so inundated with donations that volunteers had to consider asking people to stop.

29 fotos que são um pesadelo para quem sofre de vertigem

Cerca de 5% da população mundial sofre de vertigem aguda. Você é uma delas?

24 Jokes About Work That Will Always Be Way Too Real

"Our boss just banned overly specific nicknames and the whole office is staring at Rat Snitch Brian The Good Time Ruiner."

Gena-mour Barrett • 8 hours ago

Flash Briefing For June 14, 2017

Quickly catch up on today's top stories.

Nur Leute zwischen 15 und 22 können 10/10 in diesem Quiz schaffen

Für alle, die jünger als Friends, Simba und die Sony PlayStation sind.

Solo un experto sabe pronunciar estas palabras en inglés

Demuéstranos que no hay quien te gane hablando el idioma de Shakespeare.

20 Of Your Most Burning Questions Answered By Cassandra Clare

From Shadowhunters to Lord of Shadows — she's got it all.

Katy Perry falou sobre seus casos de apropriação cultural e as coisas ficaram tensas

"Eu nunca vou entender algumas dessas coisas por causa de quem sou. Mas posso me informar melhor, e é isso que estou tentando fazer."

What Creative Hobbies Got You Through A Difficult Time?

Making stuff is a good way to occupy your mind and your hands and feel a tiny bit less awful.

【速報】「共謀罪」法成立 徹夜国会の末、与党は「禁じ手」を使い委員会省略


Grenfell Tower Investigation To Look At Role Of Cladding As Eyewitness Describes Building "Going Up Like A Match"

One eyewitness said "the cladding caught fire and went straight to the top".

Here Are The Questions The Government Needs To Answer About The Grenfell Tower Fire

Why wasn't there a review of fire safety regulations in tower blocks? Why weren't sprinkler systems fitted into blocks? Are other buildings safe?

A Woman Dropped Her Baby From The 9th Or 10th Floor Of Grenfell Tower, A Witness Says

Samira Lamrani said the baby was OK, but that the mother had disappeared back into the burning building.

Instagram Made A Feature To Disclose Celebrity #Sponsored Posts

"This is a first step in a journey," said Instagram.

Facebook Just Expanded Safety Check

You'll be able to fundraise via safety check, give personal safety status updates, see information about a crisis, and use the community help feature for different kinds of incidents.

Scientists Didn’t Stop Their Study Of Premature Babies Even After Finding Out That It Depended On Broken Oxygen Meters

An experiment on 1,300 premature infants continued despite oxygen meters that didn’t work right, public records uncovered by a health advocacy group show.

To Modernize The Grammys, The Recording Academy Will Try Online Voting

But can a technical fix solve a cultural problem?

Nearly 200 Democrats In Congress Are Suing Trump Over His Business Interests

For the second time this week, the president is facing a new lawsuit that accuses him of violating a constitutional prohibition against receiving gifts, payments, and other "emoluments" from foreign governments.

30 lustige Alltags-Fotos, die jedem Deutschland erklären, der nicht aus Deutschland kommt

Deutsche sind so penibel, dass sie sogar ihren Müll sauber halten.

15 Horror-Storys von Festivals, nach denen du nie mehr dein Zuhause verlassen willst

"Hab beim Download Festival ein Mädchen dabei beobachtet wie sie in eine Nudel-Box gekackt hat."

原因がわかっていて、減らすこともできる「がん」がある 最新のデータは何を示す?


Congressman Critical After Five Shot At Republican Baseball Practice In Virginia

A gunman opened fire as members of Congress were practicing at baseball fields in Alexandria, Virginia, early on Wednesday morning. Five people were injured and the gunman was killed.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at H&M, The Body Shop, Lane Bryant, and more!

Ariana Grande Will Be The First To Receive Honorary Citizenship Of Manchester Under This New Scheme

The leader of Manchester City Council said many already consider Ariana to be "an honorary Mancunian".

This Quiz Will Reveal When And Where You Went To Secondary School

Your favourite break time snack says a lot about you.

This Celeb Has Split From Her Boyfriend Just 6 Weeks After Giving Birth

Amy Childs first split from Brad Wright when he went to prison, but after he was released, the pair rekindled their relationship and became parents 6 weeks ago.

9 echt eklige Erfahrungen, um die Eltern nicht drumherum kommen

Bereit oder nicht, das ist doch dem Kind egal.

Here Is All The Misinformation About The Grenfell Tower Fire

There have been many fake accounts of missing people.

Estos son los personajes LGTB+ que más inspiraron a nuestros lectores

27 personajes que cambiaron la vida a nuestros lectores.

Here’s How To Donate Online To Help People Who Have Lost Their Homes In The Grenfell Tower Fire

Several crowdfunding pages and an Amazon wish list of emergency supplies have been set up following the devastating fire in west London.

The Hardest "Game Of Thrones" Character Quiz You'll Ever Take

How many of the 39 characters who've been in 20 or more episodes of Game of Thrones can you name?

What's Going In The News Today?

Several people have died and over 50 others were taken to hospitals after a massive fire engulfed a 24-story apartment tower in London. Jeff Sessions declined to answer questions about his conversations with Trump before Congress, but experts say he legally could have. And we bring you the latest from Uber’s bumpy ride.

Wenn du 1990 geboren bist, dann werden diese historischen Fakten dich fertig machen

Ich sag's dir nur ungern, aber du hast mehr als die Hälfte auf dem Weg zur 50 hinter dir.

Literally Just 75 Random Tweets That'll Make You LOL, I Promise

Seriously, there's no theme 'cept hilarity.

I'm Tired Of Mayanti Langer Being Uncomfortable On Air

She deserves to show up and do her job without the added burdens of sucking in her tummy and balancing on stilettos. And, for that matter, we all do.

18 Erlebnisse, die nur kennst, wenn du schon mal einen Diva Cup benutzt hast

Nein, dieser Topf ist nicht zum Kochen. Der ist für meine Menstruationstasse.

Au coeur du procès Amiel pour viol et agressions sexuelles, le silence des femmes

A Versailles se tenait mardi le sixième jour du procès de Sidney Amiel, avocat accusé de viol, d'agressions sexuelles et de harcèlement par de nombreuses femmes. La collaboratrice qui l'accuse de viol a attendu des années avant de parler, comme beaucoup de victimes. Son témoignage éclaire les raisons de ce long silence.

23 Modedesigner, die für ihre Sünden um Vergebung bitten sollten

Was man alles mit Jeans anstellen kann... Muss aber wirklich nicht sein.

15 Cookbooks That Will Help You Eat A Little Healthier

Whether you're veggie, vegan or just love vegetables – we've got you covered.

H&M ne cède pas à la pression du maire qui veut retirer le voile de ses employées

«Notre règlement intérieur permet à chacun de nos collaborateurs de s'habiller comme ils le souhaitent dans les limites fixées par la loi», déclare un porte-parole de la marque.

Here's How People Are Helping Those Who Have Been Evacuated From Grenfell Tower

The west London tower block was devastated by a fire in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and many Londoners are reaching out to help those affected.


米軍の部隊がシリア南部に秘密裏に常駐し、反体制派に指導・支援を行っていることが、BuzzFeed Newsが関係筋から入手した情報で明らかになっている。



17 anecdotes que vous ignoriez peut-être sur «Wonder Woman»

Par exemple, la scène du no man's land a failli être coupée.

Grenfell Tower Residents Have Described How They Escaped The Burning Building

"There's a lot of people we know, we haven't seen them... We still have family and friends missing," one resident told BuzzFeed News.



A Residents' Group For Grenfell Tower Made Repeated Warnings About Fire Safety

The group used its blog on at least eight occasions in the last three years to say fire safety standards were inadequate.



In Pictures: London Grenfell Tower Block Fire

A fire broke out in Grenfell Tower, Notting Hill, shortly before 1am on Wednesday morning.

27 People Who Are The Thinkers Of Their Generation

While the rest of us are stuck in 2017.

Live Updates: Officials Say They Can't Risk Another Grenfell Fire And Evacuate Five Towers

A fire tore through Grenfell Tower, north Kensington, shortly before 1am on Wednesday 14 June.

People Are Using #FixNetworkTen To Help Save A TV Station

The hashtag #FixNetworkTen went viral on Wednesday afternoon.

Deja Vu All Over Again As PM Stands His Ground In The Face Of Abbott's Niggling

Ever get the feeling you've seen this movie before?

81 Thoughts We Had While Watching "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 Episode 18

Mona looks at this board game the way that I used to look at this show.



21 Fucked-Up Tinder Messages That'll Make You Cringe And Cry

Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore.

Network Ten Goes Into Voluntary Administration

In a statement, the network said it would be "business as usual", as much as possible.

A Massive Fire Has Engulfed A 27-Storey London Apartment Building

Fire officials worked to evacuate residents for hours after flames first broke out. At least 30 people were taken to hospitals. For live updates go here.