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June 16, 2017

Connecticut NBC Station Won't Air Megyn Kelly's Interview With Alex Jones

Parents of Sandy Hook victims have objected to the interview as giving a platform to a man who has denied the school shooting — and their children — existed.

How Much Do You Remember From "Orange Is The New Black"?

Find out whether you deserve a marathon this weekend.

Make A Playlist And We'll Tell You Which "Pretty Little Liar" You Are

You think you know people, and then their music tastes surprise you.

17 Cosas que seguramente no sabías sobre Zac Efron

Fue considerado para un papel en El Despertar de la Fuerza de Star Wars.

The Seven US Sailors Found Dead After A Navy Destroyer Collided With A Cargo Ship Have Been Identified

The bodies of the sailors were found in a flooded compartment of the Navy destroyer, Navy officials said Sunday.

Sólo un verdadero tlatoani azteca sabrá de dónde vienen estas palabras

¿Ya te diste cuenta de que hablas náhuatl todo el tiempo?

13 Things You Should Know About Lorde's Long-Awaited New Album "Melodrama"

The pop prodigy's second album is finally here.

Pick Some Hats And We'll Guess Your Personality Type

What's that? A hat? Crazy, funky, junky hat?

"Your Lunch Is Going To Be Stolen:" How Silicon Valley Sees Amazon-Whole Foods

"We've been telling everyone for years Amazon was coming, and now they're here."

17 Little Things I Did To Have An Easier Pregnancy

Your mind is going through as much as your body, y'all.

17 Cosas que entenderás si conoces a tu mejor amigo desde que eran chiquitos

Hace mucho le perdiste el asco y tu mamá lo considera de la familia.

Projeto prevê impunidade para policial que atirar por susto, medo ou surpresa

Matéria, de autoria do deputado Fausto Pinato (PP-SP), também diz que um policial não poderá ser punido por usar arma de fogo para evitar sequestros, homicídios, roubo e destruição de veículos de transporte coletivo.

Corinne Olympios Hasn't Been Allowed To See The "Bachelor In Paradise" Tapes

Her legal team has asked for them, but hasn't been granted access.

Direct A Romance Movie, And We'll Tell You Where You'll Meet The Love Of Your Life

Will you meet your true love at work? In line at Walgreens? On the bus?

It's Time To Find Out If You Really Know Infamous Movie Quotes

Do you really remember these famous movie quotes, or do you just think that you do?

10 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

New Trump Financial Disclosures Show Millions In Increased Income From Mar-A-Lago

The Office of Government Ethics released the 98-page financial disclosure from the president late Friday afternoon.

Canada, We Need To Talk About The Pronunciation Of LaCroix

There's no fucking way we're calling it "La-CROY."

The Off-Duty Policemen Who Arrested Jo Cox's Killer Will Be Honoured By The Queen

The two officers who suffered serious injuries when they apprehended white supremacist Thomas Mair are among those named in the Queen's birthday honours list.

21 Filipinos Who Tried, Really Tried

Try and try until you die.

The Sad, Harrowing Evolution Of Every White T-Shirt You've Ever Owned

50 percent cotton, 50 percent stains and sadness.

Sofia Coppola Says “The Beguiled” Is About The Gender Dynamics Of The Confederacy, Not The Racial Ones

“I feel like you can’t show everyone’s perspective in a story," the filmmaker said.

21 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

18 Memes que sólo harán reír a tu amigo el filósofo

Ese que en todo piensa y no arregla nada.

We Tried Instagram Famous Gothic Lattes

"It's black like our souls."

People Took To The Streets Of West London To Protest The Grenfell Tower Tragedy

"I think there is too much of a gap between the rich and the poor – Kensington is the perfect borough to show this difference," one said.

Amazon May Already Be Selling Your Fave Whole Foods Products For Less

Whole Foods is notoriously expensive. Amazon, which just agreed to buy the natural grocer, has already been selling some of the same products for up to 51% less.

How Many Popular Home Design Trends Are You Sick Of?

Farmhouse sink: Pretty, or pretty basic?

Estas 7 preguntas te dirán si eres guapo o tienes bonita letra

Aquí te decimos de dónde provienen tus encantos.

O Ricardo criou um Monopoly de Harry Potter para a namorada e ficou incrível

Por enquanto ele não planeja vender porque ficaria muito caro, mas vai que...

18 maneiras de uma pessoa LGBT empoderar a outra

Não bote outra pessoa LGBT para baixo por conta da sua aparência, por exemplo.

Esta menininha ficou muito feliz quando conheceu a "princesa" do seu livro favorito

A garotinha de dois anos confundiu uma noiva com uma princesa. E foi como um conto de fadas se tornando realidade.

The Unexpectedly Most Important Character On "The Handmaid's Tale"

Madeline Brewer spoke to BuzzFeed News about Janine's surprising arc and that chilling, pivotal scene in the finale. “You can only take so much shit,” the actor said. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

The FBI Won't Release Comey's Trump Memos Because They're Part Of "Law Enforcement Proceedings"

BuzzFeed News requested the memos written by former FBI Director James Comey on his interactions with the president via the Freedom of Information Act.

Police Officer Found Not Guilty In The Fatal Shooting Of Philando Castile

Officer Jeronimo Yanez fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop last year. Castile's girlfriend used Facebook to live stream the graphic aftermath of the shooting

Como é namorar sendo uma mulher transgênera

Mulheres trans aprendem a se sentir gratas por qualquer migalha de afeto. Em minha vida amorosa, já fui relegada a um papel de professora e terapeuta – e muitas vezes temi pela minha segurança.

52 Photos That Are Too Weird For Any BuzzFeed Post

But it felt important that you see them.

Este quiz visual te dirá si tu mente es más intuitiva o más analítica

Pon a prueba el lado más misterioso de tu cerebro.

Whole Foods Is A Luddite Among Retailers. Can Amazon Fix It?

Whole Foods has struggled to build a modern tech infrastructure. Now, Amazon has the potential to "put them lightyears ahead."

If You Create A Rom-Com Boyfriend, We'll Accurately Guess Your Height

Or, how to guess your height in six questions.

DeMario Jackson Actually Left His Job Before The "Bachelor In Paradise" Incident

This story has been updated to reflect the most recent information obtained about the Bachelor in Paradise contestant.

Trump interrompe reaproximação entre Estados Unidos e Cuba

Presidente citou a repressão do governo cubano como motivo para cancelar as medidas implementadas por seu antecessor, Barack Obama, a partir de 2015.

Jada Pinkett-Smith Finds Aspects Of "All Eyez On Me" Deeply Hurtful

"My relationship to Pac is too precious to me for the scenes in All Eyez On Me to stand as truth," Pinkett-Smith said via her official Facebook.

Hollywood Is Confused About What Really Counts As Progress

Today, blockbusters are generating hype and controversy for far less significant moments of representation than the interracial on-screen kiss that sparked KKK protests in 1957. But in 2017, it takes more — on and off screen — to truly push boundaries.

Don Jr. Is Ready To Fight With You On The Internet

President Trump’s eldest son is running his own rapid-response operation outside the White House.

30 Things You Should Know About Devin Druid

The 13 Reasons Why actor takes our Q&A!

18 Celebrity Instagrams You Missed This Week

A mini Parks and Recreation reunion and more!

Los 14 mejores lugares para comer ramen en la Ciudad de México

Delicioso y sensual caldito con fideos.

Can You Cook Like A Real French Chef?

Do you know your croissants from your canelés?

All The People Who Went Missing After The Grenfell Fire Have Been Found Or Declared Dead

Scores of people were unaccounted for after a fire tore through Grenfell Tower in west London in on 14 June, but police said in November that the final death toll was 71.

13 razões para não termos mais a Parada do Orgulho LGBT no Brasil

O Brasil nem é o país que mais mata travestis, transexuais e transgêneros no mundo, né?

These Fathers Revealed Secrets Of Their Past To Their Sons And Things Got Emotional

We shaved away the layers of our relationships with our fathers.

14 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Oprah Winfrey threw a Wonder Woman party, Conan O'Brien became a Swiftie, and more!

This Woman Shut Down A Sexist Dude On Live Television

This TV anchor shut down a guy's sexist comments on live television and it was epic.

Janet Mock Surprised Some Of Her Biggest Fans

“Body goals, life goals, hair goals, I just…"

This “Zero-Star Hotel” Has No Walls Or Roof

The creators of this hotel are trying to redefine what we consider luxury.

This Artist Painted LA Homes Hot Pink

The houses were painted to draw attention to gentrification before they were all torn town.

This Train Just Became The Pride Train

Three designers redecorated the New York City subway to protest against the White House’s silence over Pride Month.

12 Roles Gal Gadot Played Before "Wonder Woman"

"THAT'S where I know her from!" — you, at the end of this post.

En marche: Claire O'Petit «a pu tenir des propos pas compatibles avec les valeurs» du mouvement

Claire O'Petit est intervenue régulièrement dans l'émission les Grandes Gueules sur RMC. Elle y parle des socialistes «racistes» et des profs aux «jeans dégeulasses» et aux «cheveux pas possibles». Contacté par BuzzFeed, En marche dit que c'est «au groupe à l’Assemblée de voir dans quelles conditions elle pourra siéger».

19 Things We All Did As Kids That Are Weird In Retrospect

It was those things that gave you the sense of “ahhhhh.”

"13 Reasons Why" Season 2 Has Officially Begun Production

The second season is set to start streaming on Netflix in 2018.

Should Pride Be A Party Or A Protest?

From Los Angeles to Washington, DC, LGBT organizers and activists have been reimagining what Pride events should look like in a new era of political resistance — revealing some long-held divisions in the LGBT movement.

The Trump Administration Is Behind On White House Tours For Blind Visitors

The audio description tours for blind and low vision people are not up and running yet but the administration says they're working on it. There is also some drama over a recorded introduction of Melania Trump to replace the one by Michelle Obama.

25 Of The Coolest Things You Can Get On Uncommon Goods Right Now

Including an ice cream mixing set, a tortilla baby swaddle, a wine-pairing towel set, and so many other fun things.

Can You Guess If Gordon Ramsay Wrote These Tweets Or I Made Them Up?

Only a true culinary artist can get a 100% on this.

26 Stain-Fighting Products That People Actually Swear By

You are now able to drink and eat freely!

Only A Food Expert Can Get 70% On This True Or False Quiz

You've got a 50% chance of getting each question right, so how hard can it be?

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a turbo convection oven, oil diffuser, laser printer, and more!

Here’s Why Trump’s Plan To Beat ISIS In Raqqa May Ignite A New War

Not since the 2003 US invasion and occupation of Iraq has Washington gone forward with a military plan so vehemently opposed by one of its closest allies.

People Are Asking The Government To Grant Visas To The Syrian Parents Whose Son Died At Grenfell Tower

"I can't imagine that we as a community have to campaign to get the government to issue a visa for Mohammad's family."

Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You If You Just Generally Ruin Everything

Sorry for spilling that. And burning the house down. Oh, and breaking your car's engine.

Die Polizei in Göttingen spähte jahrelang vermeintliche Linksaktivisten aus

Der Staatsschutz sammelte Bilder von Demos, Informationen über Arbeitsplätze und Facebook-Profile – wohl ohne rechtliche Grundlage

The Undeniable Importance Of Taystee’s “Orange Is The New Black” Experience

“A lot of these moments are much bigger than the show,” Danielle Brooks told BuzzFeed News. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Here's A 7-Day No-Added-Sugar Meal Plan That's Actually Doable

You'll learn how to eat well, prep more, spend less — and feel amazing along the way.

This Meal-Prep Plan Will Set You Up For A Week Of Healthy Eats

Cook now, feast later: We're kicking off our 7-Day No-Added-Sugar Meal Plan with a smart prep routine that will make the week ahead even easier. (And tastier!)

Here's Day Two Of Our No-Added-Sugar Meal Plan

With prep out of the way, today's meals come together in no time.

Here's Day Four Of Our No-Added-Sugar Meal Plan

We're more than halfway through the week — and you totally got this.

Here’s Day Five Of Our No-Added-Sugar Meal Plan

For dinner? A bright, lemony pasta you'll want to make over and over.

Here’s Day Six Of Our No-Added-Sugar Meal Plan

Easy one-pot dinners = the absolute best.

22 Foods That Will Take All Brits Back To School

When's the last time you had a turkey dinosaur?

26 Of The Best Places To Buy Last Minute Gifts

Where to go for fast, cheap shipping... because belated doesn't cut it.

These BBQ Bacon Onion-Wrapped Meatballs Are The Ultimate Dude Food

But you don't have to be a dude to partake in the goodness.

Camilla Is The Best Person On "Love Island" This Year

She's a goddamn wonderful character on a frankly ridiculous show.

PotCoin Says That Dennis Rodman Was Totally Behind The Release Of A US Prisoner

A spokesperson for PotCoin said that Rodman deserves "total credit" for securing the release of a US citizen. The State Department disagrees.

39 Gross Things Most Couples Do But Don't Talk About

The grosser you are, the deeper the love.

Helmut Kohl, The Chancellor Who Reunited Modern Germany, Has Died At 87

"The story of Helmut Kohl is the story of 20th-century Germany," former US President Bill Clinton once said of the German statesman.

15 Reasons Why I Should Never Have A Child

I can barely take care of myself.

Hier ist alles, was du über das Leben von Helmut Kohl wissen musst

Helmut Kohl ist gestorben. Nie zuvor regierte ein Kanzler Deutschland länger.

16 Of The Best Setting Sprays And Powders You Can Get On Amazon

You spend so much time on your makeup, why wouldn't you want it to stay in place?

Weil ich keine bessere Überschrift habe: Hier 7 brandneue und 9 legendäre Wortwitze von Jodel

Lass es einfach zu … du kannst dir das Lachen nicht verkneifen.

The Woman Who Encouraged Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself Is Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter

A judge on Friday found Michelle Carter, 20, guilty of involuntary manslaughter for urging Conrad Roy — through text messages — to kill himself.

14 Times Plankton Spoke To Your Relationship With Food

All he ever really wanted was a Krabby Patty.

23 Times Grace And Frankie Were Actually Iconic

"We'll form an old lady gang."

How Much Do You Think This Makeup Costs?

How much? Just for a lipstick?!

11 tuítes que responderam lindamente a pergunta "cadê as feministas?"

"Olha, eu tô tomando um cafezinho com bolo, não sei as outras."

É Impossível ficar indiferente às "sete caras do cinema" feitas por Marlon Teixeira

O minicurso de closes gravado pelo modelo vai te causar um misto de sensações.

38 secrets you need to know, if you want to understand all Germans

Finally you will understand everything. FINALLY!

17 Cosas que reconocerás si prefieres a los perritos antes que a la gente

Acéptalo: el 90% de las fotos de tu celular son fotos de cachorritos.

Russia Says It's Killed ISIS's Leader, But The Pentagon Isn't So Sure

A claim from the Russian military that it killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi two weeks ago has been met with intense skepticism inside the Pentagon.

The Sun Has Denied One Of Its Reporters Impersonated A Grenfell Relative To Visit A Victim In Hospital

A complaint to the press regulator was dropped by the hospital after The Sun apologised for its "crossed-wires".

The President Just Confirmed That He Is Under Investigation For Firing James Comey

In a cryptic tweet on Friday morning, the president said he was under investigation by "the man" who recommended he fire former FBI director James Comey. It wasn't totally clear who exactly the president was talking about.

Os gringos decidiram importar a nossa Cuca para fazer memes

Se o Brasil ganhasse dinheiro com exportação de memes, nosso PIB já era para ser o maior do mundo.

No, There Isn't A "D-Notice" Banning The Media From Reporting Details Of The Grenfell Fire

Twitter users and some far-left blogs have questioned whether UK authorities have banned the media from reporting details from the fire, including the death toll.

23 Things For Anyone Who's A Huge Nerd

Are you geeking out yet?

Whole Foods' Competitors Are Tanking After Amazon Deal

News that Amazon agreed to buy Whole Foods sent competitors' shares tumbling on Friday morning.

Alex Jones Scoops Megyn Kelly And Proves The Media Isn't Ready For The Trolls

"I’m not looking to portray you as a bogeyman," Kelly said in the published audio.

Here's What Canadians Are Buying On Amazon This Week

This week: Cactus duvet covers, enamel pins, and face masks!

This Is Why We Don't Need "Straight Pride"

Straight pride? No. I'm not even sorry, just no.

Você é uma pessoa escrota?

É importante saber se você é ou não um babaca.

16 pequenos atos de resistência para a sua saúde mental

Coloque sua máscara de oxigênio e, depois, ajude os outros.

Over £1 Million Has Been Raised For The Grenfell Tower Victims By A Single JustGiving Page

A huge pile of tens of thousands of donations outside one local community church has been described as a "mountain of love".

24 Toys From Your Childhood That Might Make You Rich

It might be worth searching through your parents' attic.

Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods, And The Grocery Industry Is In Big Trouble

The e-commerce giant sent shockwaves across the retail industry on Friday, announcing its biggest move yet into brick-and-mortar stores.

Lorde Just Confirmed That She Is Onion Rings Worldwide And I'm Shook

Please don't throw onion rings at her on tour.

Violence On Facebook Live Is Worse Than You Thought

According to a new BuzzFeed News analysis, Facebook Live has a violence problem far greater than the one portrayed in national headlines.

Here’s A Near Comprehensive List Of All The Violence Aired On Facebook Live

Facebook won't identify all the violence aired on Facebook Live, but here's a near-complete list.

16 Fake Stories Your Family WhatsApp Group Has Probably Fallen For

Don't believe everything you read (or anything).

The Hindu Nationalists Who Support Donald Trump Keep Feeding His Photos Cake And Laddoo

To celebrate Trump's 71st birthday, they got a 7kg cake to supply nutrition to a bunch of Trump's pictures.

34 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

From off-the-shoulder tops to pretzel pool floats to custom pillow covers with your pet's face: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

18 Cakes Who Tried, They Really Tried

They just want to make you happy.

Is This A Flag Or Did I Just Totally Make It Up?

Can you tell the difference between a country's flag and something I knocked up in Photoshop?

This Tory Minister Is Offering A Six-Month Unpaid Internship In Parliament

"I cannot see how anyone in all conscience can take someone on for so long without pay, least of all a member of parliament," Labour MP Justin Madders told BuzzFeed News.

Arunabh Kumar Has Stepped Down As CEO Of The Viral Fever

After being accused of harassment by multiple women earlier this year, Kumar has just announced his resignation.

17 preuves que si si, vous êtes bel et bien arachnophobe

Vous direz ce que vous voudrez, les araignées terrifient tout le monde.

Tom Hardy Has Proved Yet Again That He Is The Kindest Celebrity Around

The actor has launched a fundraising page to help victims of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire. And it turns out he's been launching other fundraisers under the radar for those in need.

A 24-Year-Old Artist Has Been Named As A Victim Of The Grenfell Tower Fire

Khadija Saye, whose work is currently being exhibited in Venice, was a friend of Labour MP David Lammy. Relatives wrote on Facebook that her mother Mary Mendy had also died in the fire.

Here's Why The Official Death Toll From The Grenfell Tower Fire Is Currently Lower Than People Expect

Responding to a question from BuzzFeed News, the Met's Commander Stuart Cundy said: "I will only say something that I know to be true."

European Governments Are Confused Because US Officials Keep Changing Their Stance On Trade

Diplomats have told BuzzFeed News the Trump administration is backtracking on trade positions agreed by the president less than three weeks ago.

MPs Are Paying Tribute To Jo Cox, One Year After Her Death

"We have far more in common with each other than things that divide us."

All The Best Deals On The Internet This Weekend

Deals at Forever 21, Grandin Road, ModCloth, and more!

23 imágenes que muestran que los roles de género siempre estuvieron ahí para romperse

Una mirada retrospectiva a cómo las normas se volvieron borrosas a principios del siglo XX, presentada por Getty Images.

18 experiencias que has tenido si usas una copa menstrual

No, esa olla no es para cocinar. La he sacado para hervir la copa menstrual.

Erdogan Is Not Happy After The US Issued Arrest Warrants For His Bodyguards

"If my bodyguards cannot protect me then why am I bringing them to America with me?" Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at an event in Ankara.

Councils Across The UK Are Ordering Urgent Tower Block Safety Reviews After The Grenfell Disaster

Local authorities up and down the country have sought to reassure tenants in high-rise flats that they are reviewing safety procedures in light of the tragedy.

A Man Has Been Arrested On Suspicion Of Possessing A Knife Outside Parliament

The incident in Westminster comes just three months after a police officer was fatally stabbed at the same gate. Police said they were "open minded" on whether the incident was terror-related.





What's Going On In The News Today?

Secret files reveal a ring of 14 Russia-linked deaths in Britain that the UK government has ignored. US Democrats and Republicans displayed rare unity at an annual baseball game just a day after a gunman opened fire at a team practice. And we’ve got your weekend reads.

¿Te comerías estas mezclas de comida?

¿Alguien quiere helado con salsa de soja? YO TAMPOCO.

333 trucos para adelgazar que querrías haber leído antes

Consejos totalmente realizables de nutricionistas, entrenadores personales y personas que han conseguido bajar de peso y mantenerse delgadas.



Cet artiste a réussi à refaire sa carte d'identité avec un portrait 3D créé par ordinateur

Honnêtement, j'aurais cru que c'était une vraie photo d'identité aussi.





どうして「日本語なのに英語っぽく」聞こえるの? 岡崎体育に歌詞の秘密を聞いてみた




Is It On? Episode 14: I Have This Russian Guy

"Donald and I are winning and winning in the polls..."

This Journalist Shared His Incredible X-Ray After He Was Shot In The Neck

He's recovering well – and got to keep the bullet.

These Two Runway Models Have Moves That'll Make You Gasp

"That little step together at the end made me weep, it was so beautiful."



New Zealand Has The Highest Adolescent Suicide Rate Of All Wealthy Countries, Says New Report

Rates in Canada, Chile, Estonia, Finland and Ireland are also well above the international average.

Radio Host Apologises After He Asks A Guest If She “Was Yellow” And "What The Deal Was" With Asians

"Chrissakes. When a leading ABC radio personality asks an Asian colleague 'are you yellow?' we have a problem."

【加計文書】閣僚らの発言を振り返る 内閣府は「総理のご意向」否定


Trump Administration Rescinds Order Aimed At Protecting Undocumented Parents From Deportation

Known as DAPA, the program would have allowed the undocumented parents of American children and legal residents to remain in the country.

Border Patrol Arrests Immigrants Seeking Medical Care During Desert Heat Wave

The arrests, which activists say violates an Obama-era agreement to allow aid workers to conduct medical care for immigrants, could drive border crossers deeper into the desert.


尊敬する人は誰? 意外な答えが返ってきた。





Choose Some Australian Food And We'll Tell You What % Bogan You Are

Don't deny it, we've all got a bit of bogan in us.