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New "Game Of Thrones" Footage Suggests A Long-Overdue Reunion Is Imminent

"A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I'm going home."

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And HBO being HBO, they are doing a good job of teasing us. This week we had a behind-the-scenes video from the costume department.

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Costume designer Michele Clapton talks us through the costuming process and where she gets her inspiration.


But arguably the most telling shots are of the Stark girls. First, we see Arya riding a horse – just as we did in the trailer.


The problem up to now is that we have no idea where she is. Last we saw she was at the Twins, killing Walder Frey and his sons. But we don't know whether she'll head home from there, or go in search of the remaining people on her infamous list, now that she's got a taste for blood/Frey pie.


Arya and Sansa will (we hope), for the first time in six seasons, be TOGETHER at WINTERFELL! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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These photos from a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly definitely hinted that there would be more Stark reunions ahead, but we've been burned before, so until now we didn't want to let ourselves believe it.

And while we're here, there's also a rather interesting shot of Jon Snow.


He's clearly stood on a cliff, without snow on the ground, with the sea behind him. This means it's certainly not Winterfell, and probably isn't even the North. So where could it be? Well we've just seen Dany arrive at Dragonstone in the trailer – could Jon be on his way to meet his aunt? We certainly hope so.

If slightly more out-there theories are your thing, read about why some people think Ser Davos might be Azor Ahai.