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Briefly 21: Forever 21 Says It's Declaring Bankruptcy

The iconic teen retailer announced it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Sunday as fashions shift and physical stores aren’t the draw they once were.

Leticia Miranda One month ago

Apple Stores Are Boring But They’re Still Raking In Cash

The company’s sleek stores changed retail but have struggled to keep shoppers amazed.

Leticia Miranda 2 months ago

President Trump Said He Plans To Ban Vape Flavors

“It’s not a wonderful thing.”

Leticia Miranda 2 months ago

America’s Orthodox Jews Are Selling A Ton Of The Products You Buy On Amazon

A community of Orthodox Jews prospers by selling products on Amazon — and keeping one foot in modernity and one foot out.

Leticia Miranda 2 months ago

Trump Ordered US Companies To Leave China And Come Back “Home.” They Aren't.

US manufacturers may be leaving China — but they're going to places like Vietnam.

Leticia Miranda 2 months ago

The Future Of The Mall Might Be On Your College Campus

Why a growing number of colleges and universities are becoming retail landlords.

Leticia Miranda 3 months ago

These Tech Companies Are Giving Millions To Politicians Who Vote Against LGBTQ People

A group of 30 advocates sent a letter Wednesday to dozens of companies, including Amazon and Google, calling on them to stop giving money to politicians who discriminate.

Leticia Miranda 4 months ago

These Are All the Businesses You Never Knew Were Owned by Amazon

Here are all the businesses, brands and subsidiaries (we know of) owned by “The Everything Store.”

Leticia Miranda 4 months ago

Wayfair Workers Walked Out To Protest The Company's Sale Of Furniture To Immigrant Detention Facilities

Employees asked the company to donate the $86,000 in profits it made in the transaction to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. Instead, Wayfair is donating $100,000 to the Red Cross.

Leticia Miranda 4 months ago

As Stores Scramble To Deal With China Tariffs, Their Competitors Expect To Benefit

Shoppers on the prowl for a deal at discount retailers may not see a big impact on their wallets as new taxes on Chinese imports take effect.

Leticia Miranda 5 months ago

Amazon Prime Members Can Now Get One-Day Shipping On Millions Of Items

Prime members in the continental US can get more than 10 million items within one day, Amazon said Monday.

Leticia Miranda 5 months ago

Amazon Shareholders Rejected Employees' Call To Respond To Climate Change

Shareholders on Wednesday rejected a proposal backed by 7,700 employees to come up with a climate change plan.

Leticia Miranda 6 months ago

Alyssa Milano Called For A "Sex Strike" To Protest Strict Abortion Laws And Many People Are Confused

"Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy," Milano said.

Leticia Miranda 6 months ago

Gemma Chan Explained Why She Liked A Salty Tweet About "Crazy Rich Asians" Costar Constance Wu

Chan said the like was a mistake. "Anyone looking for drama or beef, sorry to disappoint."

Leticia Miranda 6 months ago

Amazon Will Make One-Day Shipping Free For All Prime Members

Amazon plans to spend $800 million to expand Prime from a two-day to a one-day shipping standard.

Leticia Miranda 6 months ago

Some Amazon Sellers Are Paying $10,000 A Month To Trick Their Way To The Top

An emerging black market offers Amazon sellers pricey ways to cheat the marketplace and mislead customers, according to documents obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Leticia Miranda 7 months ago

A Suspected Rhino Poacher Was Killed By An Elephant And Then Eaten By Lions

Only a human skull and a pair of pants that belonged to a suspected rhino poacher were left after a pride of lions devoured the remains, according to South African National Parks.

Leticia Miranda 7 months ago

Jeff Bezos Is Still The Richest Person In The World After Finalizing Divorce Details With MacKenzie Bezos

The Amazon CEO will retain 75% of the couple’s shares in the company, and all interests in the Washington Post and Blue Origin.

Leticia Miranda 7 months ago

Facebook Employees Had Access To Millions Of Unprotected Passwords

In a blog post titled “Keeping Passwords Secure," Facebook explained that it had not.

Leticia Miranda 8 months ago

Soon You Can Rent Those Damn Expensive West Elm Pillows You Can't Afford

West Elm is expanding into rentals with fancy throw blankets available through Rent the Runway.

Leticia Miranda 8 months ago