Over Black Friday weekend Amazon was 182% more likely to appear on competitors' brand search terms — Williams Sonoma, Wayfair, Walmart — than its own brand name, according to a market analysis report.

Leticia Miranda • 2 hours ago

Protesters filled New York City's council chambers on Wednesday, interrupting Amazon's remarks with chants like "G-T-F-O, Amazon has got to go."

Leticia Miranda • 16 hours ago

Walmart's Jet.com saw a 39% decrease in online sales revenue on Cyber Monday compared to last year, despite promoting steep discounts.

Leticia Miranda • 12 days ago

It's expensive for retailers to get online orders to your home, so Target and Walmart have a plan to get you to come to their stores.

Leticia Miranda • 21 days ago

The company said cutting off languishing stores could add over $100 million in earnings.

Leticia Miranda • 21 days ago

KKR and Bain Capital committed $10 million each to the fund, which falls below the $75 million that workers estimate they’re owed.

Leticia Miranda • 22 days ago

The company’s 300 stores will remain open and shoppers’ orders will not be impacted as David’s Bridal restructures its debt, the company said Monday.

Leticia Miranda • 23 days ago

“We ran out about an hour ago. This morning we had 800.”

Leticia Miranda • 26 days ago

Mint, menthol, and unflavored tobacco would be exempt from the new rules, the Food and Drug Administration said Thursday.

Leticia Miranda • 27 days ago

Massive tax breaks, an exclusive airport lounge, and a William Shatner cameo for Star Trek-obsessed CEO Jeff Bezos.

Leticia Miranda • 28 days ago

Juul will restart orders for flavored pods if stores "invest in technology that designates flavored Juul products as restricted."

Leticia Miranda • 29 days ago

Guys, "it’s not an actual neighborhood."

Leticia Miranda • 29 days ago

The search for Amazon’s next headquarters has finally come to an end — and it’s officially a tie.

Leticia Miranda • One month ago

Hairy crabs, white shrimp, and Australian milk sold like crazy during Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s Singles Day sales.

Leticia Miranda • One month ago

Earlier this year, Amazon pulled items promoting Nazism and other racist ideologies from its marketplace after facing scrutiny from Congress.

Leticia Miranda • One month ago

Most of Juul’s pods will now be sold online. Its menthol- and tobacco-flavored products will still be available in stores.

Leticia Miranda • One month ago

It's free standard shipping for everyone, folks.

Leticia Miranda • One month ago

The country’s biggest vape company tried to fix a problem it created by shopping around a vaping prevention program that encouraged “mindfulness” and meditation as an alternative to e-cigarettes.

Leticia Miranda • One month ago

It's thrilling to stock shelves and get yelled at by your manager.

Leticia Miranda • One month ago