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17 Jokes That’ll Make You Crack TF Up If You Play NBA 2K

Nobody should be allowed to play as the Warriors in NBA 2K17.

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1. Those times when face scans go wrong.

2. It's easy to get ahead of yourself when trying to create yourself.

3. Sometimes 2K just doesn't seem fair.

4. Like when the computer fails to help you on defense.

How ya cpu teammates guard dudes on 2K

Twitter: @WayneL_Jr

5. But anyone who doesn't play 2K won't be able to relate to your frustration.

6. Sometimes you can feel the L coming your way and emotions get the best of you.

When you're losing in 2K and it's 4th quarter

Twitter: @MemeLordNorv

7. Truly, 2K is an intense game that has led to many friendships meeting their demise and grudges being held throughout the years.

8. There's an unspoken code of conduct that most gamers know and respect.

9. But some gamers aren't up for the challenge.

10. True 2K lovers are ruthless, no matter who their opponent is.

11. Especially when the stakes are high.

12. Sometimes, even your significant other doesn't understand just how dedicated you are to 2K.

13. And sometimes your significant other surprises you with their gaming skills.

14. And as great as NBA 2K games are, sometimes you're TOO heavily immersed in them.

15. Still, they have glitches like any other video game.

16. And sure, some of the glitches are infuriating and the tendencies are odd and inexplicable.

"2K in real life" one of the most accurate I've seen.

Twitter: @WorIdStarComedy

17. But no game brings out the competitive spirit and intensity that NBA 2K does.

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