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August 1, 2011

"Cowboys & Aliens," "Smurfs" Have A Box Office Showdown

"Cowboys & Aliens" barely edge out the "Smurfs" for the top movie this weekend Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Best Of The 'Manly' Words With Pictures Parody

At tumblr4men, they take 'words with pictures' from around the web and edit them to make them more masculine. While some of them are actually poignant, most are just offensively funny.

Right Brain, Left Brain

Your brain, my brain.

Left Brain, Right Brain

Your brain, my brain. Are you analytical or creative? Math or English? Choose. Your. Side.

The World Responds To The U.S. Debt Crisis

While coverage of how upset Americans are about the debt crisis has been frequent, recently the world community has been weighing in as well. I'll soften the blow by delivering these select quotes with the accompaniment of photos of each country's national animal.

Dubai In The 2000s Looks Like "Metropolis" In The 1920s

Photographer Martin Becka took a series of photos of 2008 Dubai using nineteenth-century equipment, and the results are incredible. The ultra-modern city looks like a real life depiction of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis."

Watch The Worst, Saddest Group Of Women On Motorcycles Ever

This year’s X-Games added something called the “Moto X Enduro Women’s Division”, and on paper it sounds pretty cool. Women’s motocross could be awesome, right? Like when female skiers take off their helmets and they look like a hot, athletic Peppe…

Mario Represented By Containers

As you'd expect, grocery store stockers often have a lot of spare time on their hands. They're probably bad for business, though, because really, who's going to want to take a chunk out of Mario's nose?

Retro Martian Airline Posters

Well there's the problem. They went bankrupt trying to defend stealing their catchphrase from "The Hobbit". Like these sweet future past prints by Andy Rohr? You can buy them here.

Woman Is Addicted To Her Gross Pillow

TLC's My Strange Addiction is a TV show straight out of Idiocracy, yet it is fittingly addictive. Last night's episode featured a woman who is addicted to her pillow. She goes everywhere with it and can't have it leave her sight. It's caused tension amongst her friends and has even led to her fiancé calling off their engagement. It's never been washed. Its name is "Boo." I can't believe this is on TV.

Sassy Stray Cat

Bugger off! House cats have no sense of self-preservation.

The Best Of The Sad Hipster Meme

Cheer up! At least you still have mommy and daddy's credit card.

Stocks Finish Lower Despite Potential Debt Deal

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 11 points, or 0.09%, to close at 12,133. The S&P 500 shed 5 points, or 0.4%, to finish at 1287, and the Nasdaq ended the session 12 points lower, or down by 0.4%, at 2745. Congress is expected to vote on legi…

D.B. Cooper Case Jumps Forward With "Promising Lead"

D.B. Cooper, the only unsolved hijacking case in U.S. history, is one step closer to being solved Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

6 Completely Nonsensical Military Homosexuality Laws

If you Don't Ask Don't Tell was stupid, wait until you hear about We Don't Believe You Without Pictures. Here are six completely nonsensical military homosexuality laws.

A Completely Sane Visual Guide To The Debt Ceiling Crisis

Columnists, Graphs, Debt Ceiling, Jon Methven, Analytically Speaking

Scarlett Johansson Turns Down Marine's Invitation To Ball

When a Marine made a video asking Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball and she accepted, it was pretty cute. Then when another, female Marine called Justin Timberlake out for setting up Mila Kunis’ date, that just made good sense (and spawned the del…

10 Signs You're The Female Lead In A Korean Drama

1. You’re a hardworking twenty-something with big dreams and humble means who sports oversize clothes, no make-up, and messy hair, but, it turns out, you’re actually a hottie! 2. Every guy you know has a better haircut than you do and looks incredi…

Coneing Just Went To Another Level, I'm Not Sure I Like It

Our own Matt Stopera just declared coneing over with Justin Bieber's foray into it. We want to agree, but this video shows there is still room for coneing innovation. Even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Kings Of Leon Band Troubles Captured Online

After walking out on a show in Dallas, the band used Twitter to question the future of the group Read more by Devin Brown on CBS News' What's Trending.

Greco-Roman Wrestling Gets A WWE Finishing Move

USA Junior wrestler Ellis Coleman is bringing some WWE-like high flying hijinks to old school wrestling. If I knew old fashioned wrestling was like this, I definitely would watch more of it. Okay no I wouldn't, but this is crazy.

Miley Cyrus And Fan Unintentionally Find Themselves At Center Of Cyberbullying Scandal

A short exchange between Miley Cyrus and one of her fans on Twitter has turned into a prime example of cyberbullying Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Beautiful Ramadan Lanterns

Happy Ramadan everyone! The West admittedly knows little about this sacred Islamic holiday, preferring to pay homage to Shark Week. But these lanterns, an 800 year old tradition, are intricate and fascinating to behold.

Cowboys And Aliens Review, By Vince Mancini For

Cowboys and Aliens is an absurdist pastiche of overused action movie tropes (Bourne in the old west! With aliens!), which is occasionally compelling, if only for the sheer audacity of plot choices. That is to say, it’s ridiculous. And I’m a big fan …

Is This What The iPhone 5 Looks Like?

This is not the actual iPhone 5. It is apparently a knockoff of the phone, made at the same factory in China that the actual new iPhone is being made in. These photos are detailed and seem like they match the cases that have already leaked. What do you think? Is this what Steve Jobs will be showing us soon?

Jet Crashes At Air Show, Pilot Walks Away

From an air show in Wisconsin, an F-16 skids off the runway and crashes nose first into the ground. The pilot, badassly, merely walks away from the wreckage.

Five Years Of Hilariously Mocking Movies

I'm adult enough to admit I laughed until I peed myself a little. Rifftrax, from the minds of the men that brought us MST3K, mocks mainstream films without the bureaucratic red tape of having to pay royalties.

Doctor Who Graffiti

Everyone can appreciate a little gallifreyan graffiti. Or would it be gallifriti?

Filming The MGM Logo

"One take Bartlet, that's what old Jack Warner used to call me."

Black 4-Year-Old Misquoted On Local News To Make Him Sound Violent

Chicago's CBS affiliate interviewed a 4-year-old black boy after a violent attack in his neighborhood. The kid said he was going to have a gun when he grows up... Because he's going to be a police officer. Guess which part the news left out. Ah racism...

Cowboys And Aliens And Dinosaurs

Cowboys & Aliens was number one at the box office. But they tied with The Smurfs. I don't want to live on this planet anymore. The guys over at io9 have a scathing, spoilery review of The Smurfs, but I think I figured out why Cowboys & Aliens didn't perform better.

Swedish Underwater Explorers May Have Found A UFO

The explorers found a 60 foot disc with a 985-foot "impact" trail leading to it on a sonar image of the ocean floor. It looks a lot like the Millenium Falcon. This obviously means we are not alone. Or it means that some rocks underwater just happen to be shaped like a spaceship and its crash path. But just once can't it be aliens? Please?

New Lead In D.B. Cooper Case

The F.B.I. says it has a credible new lead in the near-mythical skyjacking case of D.B. Cooper. The lead reportedly involves a "helpful person of interest" and DNA evidence from a tie-clip and cigarette butts, possibly involving a suspect who has been dead for 10 years.. Cooper commandeered a Northwest Airlines flight in 1971 by handing a stewardess a note that said he had a bomb. After collecting $200,000 in ransom, the man who gave his name as Dan Cooper parachuted out of the passenger plane in mid-flight, never to be seen again. This seems like a good opportunity to bust out some vintage "Unsolved Mysteries."

Batman Fights Bane Outside A Courthouse, Apparently

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ filmed in Pittsburgh over the weekend, and if you liked the first two Christopher Nolan Batman movies but thought they needed more fighting on courthouse steps, good news, because that shit totally happens in the third one. …

Debt Compromise Reached, "Diablo 3" Beta Is Out And More From While You Were Sleeping

Leaders in Washington reach a deal in the debt talk The U.S. has avoided default as President Obama and leaders of both parties in Congress said late last night that they had reached an agreement. 

16 More Minimalist Movie Posters

We've featured minimalist movie posters here before, but when you find ones that you love and haven't seen before, it's hard not to share. Here are more of our favorites.

100 Sake Bomb Dominoes

This video combines all of the good things. Alcohol. Dominoes. A rowdy crowd. And weird video editing. I don't know what anyone else could want in life.

Pawprint Sandals

These will come in handy next time you're trying to evade detection by the authorities, but you're on a beach, but you also want to be wearing stylish, comfortable, and incredibly precious Japanese flip flops. Or is that just me that happens to?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Spends His Birthday With Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger were back together this weekend, as the estranged couple celebrated the former Governor's 64th birthday as a family.

40+ Amazing Hipstamatic Photos Of The War In Afghanistan

Photographer Balazs Gardi is an acclaimed photo journalist who has been in Afghanistan documenting the war with his iPhone. Recently some of his photos were released as a photo essay in Foreign Policy Magazine. These are those amazing shots.

The Legend Of Hipster Zelda

Lives in a shared loft in Kokiri, plays ocarina at open mics in Hyrule, and often gets mistaken for his girlfriend. How did we never see this before?

Man Drinks Coke All Around The World

This video is kind of awesome. Duane was 29 and decided to see the world. Since Coca-Cola was available everywhere he decided to film himself drinking a Coke in every country. The results are pretty cool. I know this seems like Coke paid for him to do this, but according to his other vlogs (ugh), he went $22,000 into debt to make the trip. I think he was hoping Coke would hop in and sponsor it, but I'm not sure they did. Regardless check out his video.

Plane Crashes In Grand Canyon, 2 Dead

PHOENIX, July 31 (UPI) -- A small plane carrying two men from Rock Hill, S.C., to Henderson, Nev., was found crashed in the Grand Canyon, with both occupants dead, officials said.

Blink-182 Stays "Up All Night" On The Charts

The latest viral buzz from

Angela Simmons Has Hamptons Swag (PHOTO)

Angela Simmons, along with the rest of her family and the entire celebrity community was in the Hamptons this weekend to attend Russell Simmons' 12th annual Art For Life Benefit at his East Hampton estate.Luckily for us, Angela took to twitter to up…

Fantasia Confirms She's Pregnant! (PHOTOS)

Fantasia is pregnant!  Not much of a surprise here, as the speculations that Fantasia is pregnant have been circulating for weeks, as she has seemed to be hiding her stomach during numerous performances.  And of course everyone believes that the fat…

Tom Hardy As Bane In Dark Knight Rises Set Pictures

These weekend news reports are the Bane of my existence.

com News: Second Chance: Ex-Titans QB Young, Eagles Agree To Deal

Vince Young didn't have to wait long to find a job, agreeing to a one-year deal with the Eagles after being released by the Titans, Albert Breer reports.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos To Produce New Soap Star Reality Show

The happily married couple have announced that they are co-producing a new reality series, centered around the real lives of soap actors. The eight-episode series, Dirty Soap, will follow six soap stars and give a "titillating look at these stunning…

Steve Carell Talks Emmys And Fatherhood In Interview

Steve Carell dishes about the upcoming Emmy awards in a new interview for 'Crazy, Stupid, Love.'

Who's Been Leaving 35 Lb. Bags Of Vomit?

They had a girl on that intervention show that was bulimic that hid bags of vomit all over her house.... behind the couch, in the closet, in her car... ect.

Meowtron, Defender Of The Universe

The latest viral buzz from

Madeleine McCann 'Found In India': Tourist Convinced Blonde Child Was Her

The tourist, known only as Carol, refused to let the child leave her sight because she was so certain it was the McCann's missing daughter, who would now be aged eight.

Big Brother Is Watching You: Every Car In Royston Is Tracked By Police

Royston, in Hertfordshire, has had a set of police cameras installed on every road leading in and out of it, recording the numberplate of every vehicle that passes them.

The "Food Porn" Party

Food porn is one of the Internet's veritable viral cornerstones. Pictures of wacky cupcakes, fusion fried chicken or an incredible, competitive array of deviled eggs get reblogged viciously by legions of salivating fans. In an attempt to tap into th…

Well, This Happened | The Awl

.bbpBox96971272692563968 {background:url( #C0DEED;padding:20px;} p.bbpTweet{background:#fff;padding:10px 12px 10px 12px;margin:0;min-height:48px;color:#000;font-size:18px !important;line-height:22px;-m…

Consumer Corner: Is Laying Off Teachers By Seniority A Mistake?

CHICAGO, July 31 (UPI) -- With the economy forcing closer scrutiny of budgeting at all levels of government and politicians zeroing in on government workers' pay, perhaps the most visible target is education.

Doug Ellin & Mark Wahlberg Threaten Entourage Movie

Terrorists Doug Ellin and Mark Wahlberg issued a new round of threats this week, reaffirming their commitment to releasing an Entourage movie inside the US, an attack whose consequences would be catastrophic, experts say. Officials responded by tigh…

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