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August 16, 2011

Horsemaning Backlash!

In case you missed it, Horsemaning was a thing last week! Yay for things! But now, there's a backlash. Backlashes are fun too. Sometimes more fun than the actual thing - even though there are more words and fewer pictures. Let's have a look.

10 Animals That Bleed Blue

Turns out blue bloods are pretty gross even without the inbreeding. Without iron-rich hemoglobin turning their blood a recognizable red, these animals have had to make do with copper-based hemocyanin.

Arrested Development Movie's Plot Revealed

The following is just a rumor, but is coming from someone who claims to have knowledge of blah blah blah friend of the production blah blah. Take this with a grain of salt. (That said it sounds awesome.)

Insanely Small Origami Art

Anja Markiewicz uses sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width to create these impossibly small origami figures. They're as intricate as their "large" size counterparts, but way cuter.

Amazing Floor Artwork

I want one of these in my living room. That way I could be just like Austin Powers. (Hey who let 1997 me on here?)

20 Photos Of The Shipwrecks Of The Aral Sea

Ever since the Soviet Union diverted the rivers that flowed into the Aral Sea in the 1960s, its coastline has been receding. Today, the arid desert land only harbors the remnants of dozens of shipwrecks. There's hundreds of incredible photos of the terrain, but here are some of the best.

Captain America On The Set Of "The Avengers"

A first look at Chris Evans in his modern Captain America tights. Based on the teaser and blatant rumor-mongering, it looks like Loki and the Skrull are destroying Cleveland (standing in for New York).

Portal Wedding Rings

I love Portal and all, but wouldn't this lead to you walking around with your fiancés finger on your hand? I don't know if that's a good idea. Credit to artist yuumei.

Juggalo Justin Bieber

There was some kid at the Gathering who looked exactly like Justin Bieber. I wanted to ask him about it, but Juggalos hate press, so I just took some pictures instead. Eerie.

Greatest Billboard Ever?

Well done Newcastle. Well done. (And not for nothing, but those are 3,000 bottle caps being used to create the shadow.)

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