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August 16, 2011

Horsemaning Backlash!

In case you missed it, Horsemaning was a thing last week! Yay for things! But now, there's a backlash. Backlashes are fun too. Sometimes more fun than the actual thing - even though there are more words and fewer pictures. Let's have a look.

Disguise Your Facebook As An Excel Spreadsheet

A Yale undergrad student recently developed, which turns your Facebook into an Excel spreadsheet. It looks complicated to anyone who might pass you by, but its layout is easy to use and can be quickly switched back into a real spreadsheet.

The Secret History Of Marty McFly And Doc Brown

Whoa, this is heavy. "Back to the Future" co-creator Bob Gale tells Mental Floss the heretofore unspoken bond that unites the characters of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Get your mind out of the gutter. There's no slash fiction involved.

Awesome Infographic: Paul Thomas Anderson Reference Guide

Rick Paulas and Melissa Arendt at Mad Atoms have created this awesome infographic guide to PT Anderson's films. It's awesome and hilarious. Check out more of their work ar Mad Atoms.

Insanely Small Origami Art

Anja Markiewicz uses sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width to create these impossibly small origami figures. They're as intricate as their "large" size counterparts, but way cuter.

Hunter S. Thompson's Very Angry Reaction To A Piece Submitted To Rolling Stone

When Mike Peterson submitted a satirical essay to Rolling Stone in 1969, he had no idea that it would be passed on to Hunter S. Thompson. And he certainly didn't expect this response from the famed author... (I know this may be shocking, but the language is a bit salty. Who would think Hunter would write this way?)

The Angry Birds As Fighter Jets*

Streeter from College Humor and Will Schneider from BustedTees have put together a new shirt that features the Angry Birds as fighter jets. It's pretty, pretty, pretty good. Check it out at BustedTees. (*And other aircraft...)

Shakespeare On The Subway

This is way better than subway dance parties. I really hope I run across these guys. Seems like it makes the trip a bit more fun.

Amazing Steel Wire Scupltures

Artist Tomohiro Inaba has created a series of beautiful steel wire sculptures. Here are our favorites, but make sure to check out his website for more.

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