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August 24, 2011

MTV's Weird Vibes

If Hipster Runoff were a webshow, this would come pretty close.

20 Ways This Year's Freshmen Will Make You Feel Old

Beloit College released their annual Mindset List, designed to help prevent their staff from making cultural references that the incoming class won't recognize, and it's depressing as ever. These are only 20 of the 75 ways that the graduating class of 2015 will drive you to booze and Propecia. At least we have another year before the incoming class can say that Kurt Cobain has always been dead.

How It Feels To Write A Flop

After "Conan the Barbarian" arrived DOA at the box office over the weekend, screenwriter Sean Hood took to Quora to offer a frank description of what it feels like when your movie flops at the box office. Fascinating read.

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