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August 24, 2011

Wallpaper Made Out Of Stickers

Brian Kaspr and Payton Turner created this exhibition of wallpaper made from tiny cute stickers. The eight-year-old sticker collector inside of me finds this really awesome. All images via here.

Streeter From CollegeHumor's Awesome "Angry" Email

The hilarious Streeter Seidell of CollegeHumor fame, was shocked to discover that his desk fan was stolen by the site's President of Video Content Sam Reich. Not one to take this slight lying down, Streeter took to his keyboard and wrote a letter so strongly worded that it has just been suspended for HGH use. This is great.

Why Did Sony Pictures Upload The Godfather To YouTube For Free?

Yesterday, Sony Pictures uploaded The Godfather to YouTube, allowing users to watch it for free. No rental necessary. No account. No nothing. Why? Does anyone know? It's not available on NetFlix or Hulu. YouTube has a movie rental program. Why eschew it Sony? Something's up.

Craigslist Jobs: Babysit High People

Times are tough. The economy is in the crapper, you've lost your job, and your mortgage payments are starting to pile up. Well today is your lucky day. Because someone is offering a small sum of money to make sure high people don't kill themselves!

The 11 Worst Songs To Have Sex To

When you and your fine friend are about to get down to business, always remember to turn your iPod off shuffle. One of these libido slashing songs will ruin your day. Add yours!

GameStop Removing Free Game Discount Code Before Selling Games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was supposed to come with a code for a free game from online gaming service OnLive. In fact, that code is prepackaged with every copy of the game. Unless of course you buy from GameStop, where they have instructed their employees to open every box and remove every coupon. As a former GameStop employee (ah high school), let me say that this is unfortunately not surprising in the least.

20 Ways This Year's Freshmen Will Make You Feel Old

Beloit College released their annual Mindset List, designed to help prevent their staff from making cultural references that the incoming class won't recognize, and it's depressing as ever. These are only 20 of the 75 ways that the graduating class of 2015 will drive you to booze and Propecia. At least we have another year before the incoming class can say that Kurt Cobain has always been dead.

Magneto In Drag

Why would they cut this?! My inner fangirl is screaming at the overt homoerotic subtext in this extended scene from "X-Men: First Class."

The 10 Oldest Buildings In The World

Modern technology has increased exponentially over the years, but I still have some doubts that today's Wal-Marts could stand as long as these gems of the ancient world. Unless, of course, you consider Supercenters America's version of the Great Pyramids.

Portal's GLaDOS Has A Water Fountain In New York

I was walking down the High Line yesterday, when I found myself thirsty. No problem, there was a water fountain. I thought the heart on the button was strange, but didn't really think anything of it. But when I pushed it, a voice came out that I wasn't expecting...

The Ice Towers And Caves Of Mount Erebus

Mount Erebus, located on Ross Island in Antarctica, is the world's southernmost active volcano, and, more important, it's the only one that's covered in giant and fantastic ice caves. At 12,448ft tall, there are openings everywhere across its surface--although I wouldn't recommend investigating "Mount Terror."

Father/Daughter Covering "Rolling In The Deep"

You will remember these two as the adorable duo behind the adorable cover of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros' "Home." They're back, and this time they're covering Adele. As you'd expect, it's great.

10 Ridiculous Ways To Die

If you're checking out, why not make it the exit of all exits. Here are some of the most ridiculous ways people have kicked the bucket.

23 Unbelievable Facts You Didn't Know About Humanity

Humans have done quite a few strange things over the years, but many not quite as unexpected as these. Find out why Julius Caesar wore a wreath on his head, what great gift Queen Victoria received on her birthday, Paul Revere's occupation, what kind of harems they have in Malaya, and much more.

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