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August 18, 2011

Optical Illusion Purses

I think my brain is broken after looking at these. On the upside, maybe muggers will think the bag is a trap?

Woman Saved From Explosion By Refrigerator

65-year-old Janice Harms of of Clara City, Minnesota credits the refrigerator with saving her life when her house blew up in a gas explosion. Harms took shelter near her Frigidaire as the house collapsed around her, suffering only minor injuries. It looked exactly like this...

Bench-Clearing Brawl Between U.S. And China Basketball Teams

An exhibition game in Beijing between Georgetown University and the Bayi Rockets devolved into a bench-clearing brawl, just in time for Joe Biden's goodwill visit to China. China's sports are now overrun with spoiled, violent man-children...they really are our global equal.

12 Examples Of The Angry Driver Meme

This past weekend IndyCar driver Will Power was not happy with the race officials' decisions. Racing fans quickly took his outburst and turned it memeward.

Human Centipede Music Video

This is one way to make a music video. The music itself is actually kind of good, so well done on that Whiskey Shivers. That said, man is that final shot bizarre.

Robert Redford's 10 Best Moments In Film

Today is Robert Redford's, aka the coolest man in the history of the planet's, 75th birthday. Here are his 10 best moments on the silver screen. (Spoilers ahead!)

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Through Adorable Art

Vikki Chu illustrates a number of different subjects, but one of her most impressive are these awesome depictions of Link's quest in the first half of Ocarina of Time to retrieve the three Spiritual Stones. Not only is a trip back (most of) our childhoods, but it's a great new look at the series. Hopefully she'll continue illustrating the rest of the story.

Zombies In Space

Nuked the fridge or just the right amount of gamer crazy? My first response to this trailer for the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC was probably indicative of my insanity..."Hope they put down the General now that astronaut zombie just exploded all over him." (NSFW: Gore)

Knife Dancing? Knife Dancing

Even when his Grandma brings him a drink, he doesn't stop knife dancing. Why? Because God he's a knife dancer. A knife dancer, knife dances.

Take A Tour Of Cameroon Via Tiny Helicopter

A guy flew his DIY hexacopter across Cameroon, West Africa, and the view from above is amazing. See everything from villages and jungle to peoples' reactions to seeing a tiny helicopter buzzing in their faces.

See A List Of Who You Are Stalking On Facebook

We all Facebook stalk, but using this technique you can see numerically who you're obsessed with, and how they compare to everyone else you look at. Do it quickly before Facebook shuts it down.

Most Insane High School Football Fan Ever

Did he just recommend assassinating the other team? Why yes. Yes he did. Also, not for nothing, but this pre-game speech is for a scrimmage. I'd hate to see him before a playoff game. Make sure you at least fast forward to the last few seconds as they are priceless/creepy. (I have a sneaking suspicion he has no affiliation to the school.)

New York City Phone Booths Get A Makeover

TrustoCorp is at it again. First NYC changing subway signs to “feel good messages,” and now replacing the ads in New York City phone booths with their new versions parodying your favorite reality TV shows. Take a look!

Man Murders Family After Denied Request For A Threesome Drives Wife To Lesbian Affair

Meet James Kraig Kahler, a Kansas man whose simple request for a threesome with his wife and a lesbian friend ended in murder. Kahler, whose wife wasn't into it, spiraled out of control after his wife initiated an affair with the woman and requested a divorce from him. In a rage, he killed his estranged wife, her grandmother, and their two daughters.

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