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August 28, 2011

Best Of Hurricane Irene Store Signs

Though it was ultimately short-lived, business owners across the east coast were not pleased to close their doors because of Tropical Storm Irene, and used their storefronts to vent frustrations. Here are the best ones.

The Best Of El Bloombito

For those of you outside of NYC, Mayor Bloomberg has been making a lot of live announcements about the hurricane over the last couple days, and he always repeats them in impeccable Spanish. Well... kinda impeccable.

New York Responds To Hurricane Irene

Most of the city may have shut down, but some New York bars were still in full swing during the hurricane. And the ones that weren't had a couple of words for good 'ol Irene.

The Internet Responds To Hurricane Irene

Now that Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene is behind us, let's get to what's really important: what the Internet thought about it. Facebook and Twitter users were constantly updating their pages during the storm, and from the looks of it, they were pretty furious about it.

Tomb Sentinel Soaked But Vigilant

Disregard hurricanes. Acquire reverence. Despite Irene drenching the Arlington Cemetery, this lone sentinel does his duty. A member of The Old Guard has walked this route every day without fail since April of 1948.

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