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August 17, 2011

Big Cat Toys

Big cats love to play, too! The tigers, leopards, and cougars at Florida's Big Cat Rescue were delighted to get these oversized toys. There's a special surprise at 1:17!

Ugandan Police Spray Brightly Colored Water On Opposition Party

Disturbing yet strangely beautiful photos of riot police using hoses to spray magenta colored water on a crowd of opposition members, gathered outside of Kampala to mourn protesters who were killed earlier this year. Repression has never been so photogenically surreal.

They Are Watching Us

Switzerland: No longer on my bucket list. Not even the supernatural can hide from the all-mighty Street View cars.

The 15 Tallest Buildings In The World

Once the United States dominated this list, but these days, you would have to travel halfway across the world to visit all the tallest buildings in it. However, in less than a decade, the tallest building on this list is going to be much, much larger.

What Evolution Looks Like

I didn't realize they were in Pokémon. If I had known I would have totally played Pokémon. Does anybody have a copy of Pokémon I could borrow?

The Best Of Liquor Store Signs

Apparently, liquor store owners are often quite the sassy and witty bunch. It may seem needless, but these liquor stores are definitely advertising themselves better than the rest.

Apple's New Headquarters Will Be Bigger Than The Pentagon

Apple's new headquarters, which looks like a spaceship, is also going to be larger than the Pentagon. How big is that? This infographic shows the Pentagon, a cruise ship, a U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier, a U.S. Navy Blimp, a WWII battleship, the Empire State Building, and a supertanker, all enclosed in the size of the new Apple HQ. That's huge.

Cat Vs. Toaster

Here it is. The final battle. What you've waiting your entire life for. IT ALL ENDS.

Morning Commute Singer: Shut Up

As a legal expert, I'd say that if someone were doing this on your morning commute, homicide would be considered justifiable.* (*Not an actual legal expert. Seriously. Don't kill people.)

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