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August 17, 2011

10 Reasons Why Jim Halpert Would Be Annoying In Real Life

You remember David Thorne? He's that guy who tried to settle his debt with the picture of a spider. He's one of the Internet's premiere trolls (if such a thing exists). Well his pranks have resulted in many formal complaints at his office. Now Jim Halpert doesn't seem so charming to me...

Garbage Truck Suicide Attempt?

We got a jumper! Oh Wreck Gar, the Transformer movies aren't that Carry on. But seriously, how does this happen?

Strangely Mesmerizing Rhyming Movie Lines Super-Cut

Jordan Laws at ScreenWerks has put together an awesome and hypnotizing video that turns a bunch of classic movie lines into a song. Kind of. Just watch it. It's great.

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