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August 30, 2011

Kavak Yelleri 170.Bölüm Izle

Onlarla tanışalı dört yıl oldu. Onlar hayatımıza gireli, onlarla birlikte ağlayıp birlikte güleli, hayatın içinden onlarla birlikte geçmeye başlayalı dört yıl Onlarınki uzun bir yolculuktu. Bu yolda onlara eşlik ettik. Her biri bizim dostumuz, arkad…

The 8 Best Reactions To Gizmodo's Mean OkCupid Article

Gizmodo writer Alyssa Bereznak went on an OkCupid date with a man named Jon Finkel. He was a seemingly nice guy, who just happened to be a top level professional poker player, but more notably a former Magic: The Gathering world champion. Ms. Bereznak found this too nerdy for her tastes and decided to write an article about her "horror story." The Internet was not happy. Here are the 10 best reactions.

The 12 Most Annoying Types Of College Students

It's that time of year. Universities across the world are gearing up for a new school year, which means, for many, being away from home for the first time. This post is a warning for those freshmen. Don't be these people. For the rest of you? It's probably too late.

Fire Surfing

What could go wrong? I mean, there's water right there and it's only a flare. I smell a new Olympic event!

Florida Pastor Wants An Online Registry Of All Atheists

He compares atheists to "convicted sex offenders, ex-convicts, terrorist cells, hate groups like the KKK, skinheads, radical Islamists, etc." Creating a registry of people based on differing beliefs? That's never backfired.

More Sand?!

I can't tell you why I enjoyed this video so much, but that doesn't matter. What matters is sand. We need more. MORE SAND!

25 Awesome Video Game Paintings

Although just beating video games is a pretty time-consuming process, I can't even imagine how long completing this paintings based on them must have taken. From all across the Internet, here's some of the most amazing fan-created video game paintings.

The Wacom Inkling Pen

Wacom has developed a ballpoint that creates a digital version of any drawing, designed to work on any paper.

"We Smoked Tupac's Ashes"

Members of the Outlawz, the hip hop group founded by Tupac Shakur, reminisce over cutting marijuana with his remains and smoking the hybrid during a beach memorial.

Pole Vaulter's Worst Nightmare

Russian pole vaulter Dmitry Starodubtsev's pole snapped in half while airborne during the 2011 World Championships.

When Animals Attack: The Movie Supercut

In this brutally epic supercut, watch as animals attack in over one hundred movies, from snakes and whales to bees and bunnies. To get a full list of the films, check out the maker's blog.

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