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August 19, 2011

Inside A Steampunk Apartment

If you've ever been curious what it's like to truly live like a steampunk--and honestly, who hasn't--you'll want to check out the amazing intricacies of this apartment in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. Originally designed by Jeremy Noritz, the loft is now for sale for $1.75 million, as-is. What a steel.

Wild West Milkshakes (Game Battle)

As a wizard in the wild west, you have to catch as many strawberry milkshakes in this non-alcoholic saloon as possible. It's best if you don't think too hard about that last sentence.

Popular Brand Slogans As Condom Wrappers

The New Condoms Tumblr takes financially well-endowed companies' slogans and creates the condom wrappers that would better represent them. This is certainly the classiest implementation of childish sexual innuendos out there, not to mention some great-looking packaging.

30 Cats That Are Spying On You

It turns out the CIA used to fund a remarkably awesome cat-spy-training program against the Soviets, going so far as to implant advanced listening devices on one cat. Although they ultimately scrapped the program, here's thirty cats that would definitely make the cut.

BuzzFeed Mail: The Weirdest Thing We Were Sent This Week (8/19/11)

It's gone on long enough. In addition to all the awesome stuff that you guys send us, we also get a lot of the weirdest things you could imagine. We decided our readers deserved, nay needed to see some of the bizarre stuff we wouldn't otherwise post. Each Friday we'll share that week's weirdest message. This message from earlier today is our first entry. Be warned it's slightly graphic. (Disclaimer: WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS PHOTO'S CREATION AND DO NOT SUPPORT IT.)

Worst Babysitter Ever

This woman might win the Worst Babysitter In the World award. (It's very prestigious.) She was babysitting and she took the baby for a ride in the back of a pickup truck. She was shocked and confused when police pulled her over.

Urban Outfitters Is Being Sued For $28 Million Because Of This "Salacious" Shirt

The parents of 15-year-old model Hailey Clauson are suing Urban Outfitters and photographer Jason Lee Parry because they consider this shirt "salacious" and sexually suggestive. They claim they were unaware that their daughter would be photographed in such a way or that the image was going to be sold on apparel. Yet another reason Urban Outfitters is evil.

Epic Sweaters Of The '90s

My inner child may or may not have just made a small keening noise. My mother never handmade anything much less something this radical.

10 Sluttiest Cities In America

CBS News (journalism!) has put together a list of the most promiscuous cities in the country. It's a terrible list. We totally disagree with their "facts." Here's a much better list. It's like their list, but right.

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