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August 25, 2011

Life And Career Of Steve Jobs: According To Taiwanese CGI

If you've ever wanted to see Steve Jobs drop acid, give birth, dance with Woody and Buzz, and so much more you'll probably blackout, then this video's just for you everyone. I don't think anyone has done better to represent the Steve Jobs legacy than this.

Intense Cat Vs. Dog Standoff

You will be on the edge of your seat. You will laugh, you will cry, you will feel emotions you have never felt. Wait for it...

Amazing Underwater Sculptures Become Artificial Reef In Mexico

To create his "Silent Evolution" installation, Jason deCaires Taylor created dozens of sculptures and then placed them on the seafloor in Mexico and Grenada. A few years later, the sculptures have taken on lives of their own and become part of the underwater environment. Now there's a video detailing the process and the current state of the "reef."

A 15-Year-Old Girl Gets Bionic Fingers

British high schooler, Chloe Holmes lost her hand due to blood poisoning as a result of chickenpox as an infant. This new technology allows her to have functional fingers on her left hand for the first time in her life. The hand cost £38,000.

NBA Player Knocks Out Reporter

Al Harrington is keeping busy during the lockout by training to be a MMA fighter. He may have gotten a little carried away when demonstrating this to a reporter.

The PumpTire Will Change Bicycling Forever

This bike tire uses the motion of the tire to draw air from the atmosphere. Meaning, you would never have to pump your tires again, because they would pump themselves as you ride. I need this yesterday.

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