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August 5, 2011

Alec Baldwin-John Krasinski Prank War Continues

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski's year-long prank war continues as the Yankees and Red Sox meet again tonight. Krasinski needs to put something together if he's going to compete with Baldwin.

20 Sunrises From Around The World

Photographers can wait hours just to capture that perfect shot. And with sunrise photography, it means getting nearly no sleep and waiting patiently for the perfect moment. Here are 20 shots that will blow you away.

Young Kids Rock Ballroom Dancing

This could either be adorable or creepy. I'm going to come down on the side of adorable because even if the moves are adult it takes talent and sweat to pull them off.

Are Chinese Companies Making Pills From Dead Babies?

Yes. Yes they are. They are grinding up stillborn babies and aborted fetuses and turning them into pills to increase stamina. The pills are 99.7% HUMAN. The remains inside are still scientifically distinguishable by gender. I will now go vomit for a few hours.

Fox News Hosts Admit To Going Easy On Sarah Palin

An almost spit take-inducing moment of candor. Fox News contributors Greg Gutfeld and Bob Beckel, while on Fox News, say they pull their punches about Sarah Palin because she's a co-worker and it might jeopardize their paychecks. They later said they were just joking. Even if so, in comedy veritas.

"Feel Good" Subway Signs In NYC

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you went to ride the subway the signs were an affirmation of how great you are! TrustCorp decided to replace some NYC subway signs with “Feel Good” messages. While I'm sure all New Yorkers appreciate this, you’ve gotta feel bad for the tourists.

Teen Buried Alive In Five Feet Of Sand

You may not want to proceed if you're claustrophobic. Sixteen year old Matt Mina was digging a hole on Newport Beach in California (as teens do) when it collapsed around him. He was entombed in a five foot wall of sand for nearly half an hour. Miraculously, and thanks to a quick response from police and selfless beachgoers, Mina survived. Or he's a zombie.

The 15 Greatest Pranks Of All Time

There’s a prankster in all of us, but some people just pull it off a little better than others. Take a look at 15 pranks that are as good as it gets.

Video Of The Greatest (Or Most Messed Up?) Police Sting Ever

The police in Opelika, Alabama have done the impossible. They've made me feel sorry for deadbeat dads who don't pay their child support. But you can't help but admire the ingenuity of the police officers. Using people's insane love of Alabama football to trick them into showing up to be arrested is brilliant. Well brilliant and a little heartbreaking. I mean did the cops have to take the ruse this far?

Rotate Your Owl

For science! This video from 1962 is clearly showing the effects of camera whoring on genus aegolius.

How To Feed A School Of Sharks

I think this is supposed to be beautiful, but it's frankly still terrifying. This has been around before, but I really want one of those Shark Week badges and Shark Week is almost over.

Why Soccer Needs To Catch On In The United States

This is one of the greatest crowd reaction videos a US sporting event has ever created. Do you know how sad that is? It was a regular season MLS game! So we either need to get together and bring this passion back to Baseball, Basketball, and Football (and it's not there in this way in the NFL, so don't try to argue that it is), or we need to make the MLS happen. But one or the other, because this is awesome.

Hugs From Drake

There is now a tumblr dedicated to Drake and the many people he has hugged. What can I say? Dude loves to hug.

There's A Shark That Can Become Invisible

Shark Week, you've gone too far. I love sharks for the mixture of fear and awe they inspire within all of us, but this? The Lantern Shark apparently can use its bioluminescence to appear invisible. There's no awe here, just cold, cold fear. I'm done with oceans.

Medicaid Denies Coverage For Breast Cancer Patient Because He's A Man

26-year-old Raymond Johnson was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. He doesn't have insurance, as his job laying tile doesn't provide him with enough money to afford it. So he turned to a Medicaid program designed to help pay for breast cancer treatment. Unfortunately, Raymond's application was denied, because he's a man. Literally. The letter he received back said that the program was "for women only."

Stop Motion Haircut In Reverse

In this cool stop motion video, a man conjures his hair from his head. Or it may just be in reverse. Either way, it's awesome, and your perception of the type of person he is changes with every second.

How To Teach People Where Not To Park

I mean, these guys are already removing your trash, the least you can do is not park in their way on garbage day. I like to imagine the dude in the second image is sassily dusting off his hands as he walks away.

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