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August 5, 2011

Patricia Clarkson Makes Out With SNL Writer Mike O'Brien In A Closet

7 Minutes in Heaven is quickly becoming one of the best web series out there. SNL writer Mike O'Brien interviews celebrities in a closet. In the latest entry with soon to be Tammy I, Patricia Clarkson, things get a little hot and heavy.

Baby Food For Grown-Ups

Is the Sadness Bowl not degrading enough for you people? Although I have a sneaking suspicion pureed meals on the go would do really well.

The Complete Set Of Arrested Development Paper Dolls

We've written about these Arrested Development paper dolls when they first started to be released (as well as their Ron Swanson cousins), but we haven't yet brought you the entire set of Arrested Development paper dolls. This oversight ends today. They are awesome and should be decorating your bedrooms, offices, or other living space as soon as humanly possible.

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