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August 31, 2011

6 Animals Eating Pizza

Everyone loves a pizza party! Whether given to them by enabling humans or stolen to satiate the crave, pizza is a cross-species addiction.

Brightly Colored Baby Chickens

Here, just take my money. Prevailing theories on YouTube are either A) the sellers are dying the baby chicks or B) the sellers are genetic engineers injecting food dye into chicken embryos to change the color.

Sakarya Fırat 75. Bölüm Izle

Sakarya Fırat’ta bu hafta da heyecan hız kesmiyor… Osman ve Poyraz timi Çeliktepe’yi baskından kurtarmak için Necla ve Miro’nun peşini bırakmak zorunda kalırlar. Baskında Ayda teğmen acı bir sürprizle karşılaşır. Necla ve Miro düştükleri tuzağın hes…

14 Stunning Revelations About The DC Comics Relaunch

DC Comics honchos Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are subjected to an intense grilling by BuzzFeed editors about their massive relaunch, The New 52. Virtually all of the major DC titles, from Batman to Wonder Woman, are starting over at #1 with brand new stories and mythologies. We confront the DC creative team about this very important event with very stupid questions.

Lucas Turns Obi-Wan Into Screaming Lunatic

Also continues not to recognize ridiculousness of Darth Vader's monotone declaration of "Noooooooooo." Rumors abound as to the most recent crop of changes made to the Star Wars universe for the Blu-Ray release. These are three of the worst.

Heart Transplant Beats Inside Box

This revolutionary process changes the distance an organ can travel for transplant. Making it far easier to make donor matches and giving hope to thousands of people. Warning: NSFW blood.

LEGO Tron Cycles

Welcome to the grid, Blockhead. Proof positive that LEGO needs to get on with making a Tron video game.

The Love Story Of Our Time

"Secret lovers, yeah, that's what we are. We shouldn't be together but we can't let it go, 'Cause what we feel is, oh so real."

Metal Slug In Real Life

Metal Slug was one of my favorite games growing up. So to see it in "real life" is all kinds of cool. This is one of the more impressive and creative videos I've seen in some time.

You'll Never Eat Off Your Kitchen Table Again

The New York Times R&D Lab has been hard at work making sure their medium doesn't become obsolete, although in the process, they have made another one--the standard kitchen table--so. Using Microsoft's Surface technology, researchers hope Times readers won't mind dropping (probably) several hundred bucks on a gigantic iPad rather than keeping their weekly paper subscriptions. You'll definitely want one, though.

10 Women Who Have Played Men In Movies

Just as Lady Gaga dressed up as her alter ego “Jo Calderone” at the VMAs on Sunday, many other women have dressed as men in film. Whether it be taking a full male role or dressing up in disguise, here are 10 women who have worn the pants.

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