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August 3, 2011

Man Reacts To Seeing His Face On A Giant Pudding Billboard

The best part is that he had no idea his likeness was going to be used in such a monstrous fashion. He signed a release form, but apparently didn't read the fine print. Money quote: "I will never see boobies again for as long as I live."

WTF Internet: Men Can Breastfeed?

Internet, we have to have a conversation. According to this video you dropped in my lap, you're claiming that science says men can breastfeed. But that's obviously not true right? I don't care what the lady in the creepy red bathtub says, it just can't be true. Right? Right? Is this true?

Meet The Cast Of "Supremium"

If The IT Crowd and Valve had a baby and then sold it for profit Truman Show style, this would be that child. Following the footsteps of such famous web shows as Dr. Horrible and The Guild, Supremium premieres on Machinima this Sunday, August 7th.

London Super Cop Hit By Car, Gets Up And Catches Guy Who Hit Him

Pretty smashing video. Policeman Dan Pascoe attempted to use his squad car to prevent a BMW thief from escaping onto the highway outside of London. The BMW hit the squad car as Pascoe was getting out, hurtling him into the air. Pascoe immediately jumps up, chases down the BMW on foot and eventually catches the thief. Pascoe suffered no injuries. Said the very model of a modern super constable, asked to recall what he was thinking when he was struck, "Oh dear, this hasn't turned out the way it was planned."

Golf Cart FAIL Compilation

There is nothing like a flipping golf cart. Except maybe a crashing golf cart. Or a golf cart that people fall over. Really any golf cart related accident is a funny one.

Great White Voldemort

This is what happens when Shark Week and a Harry Potter marathon clash during an all night bender. The most terrifying Dark Wizard of the high seas. Majestic, misunderstood, deadly.

Hosni Mubarak Wheeled Into Courtroom On A Gurney

The ousted Egyptian president, at 83-years-old and in ill health, was rolled into a Cairo courtroom on a hospital bed. Mubarak is on trial for killing hundreds of protesters during the popular uprising that removed him from his decades-long rule. He unsurprisingly plead "not guilty."

NBA Lockout Photo Special: David Stern At Rucker Park

With Kevin Durant scoring 66 points in a game at Rucker Park the other night (impressive despite the fact that nobody there plays defense) and the NBA lockout still going strong, it only seemed natural to turn to this classic photo to fill our basketball void. This is NBA Commissioner David Stern in happier times at Rucker Park. And yes he is wearing Fat Joe's Terror Squad chain.

The World's Largest Stop-Motion Animation

Aardman Animations has put together the world's largest stop-motion animation. The scope of this is crazy and even more surprising is that it was shot with a phone. Insane.

The Last Living Eye-Witness Of Lincoln's Assassination Speaks

Not today of course, that would be ridiculous, but back in the 1950s he appeared on the show "I've Got A Secret." Hearing his story (mostly through the host, as he was 96-years-old at the time) is fascinating and this video makes for an interesting time capsule of TV during that era.

America's Got Talent Finally Has An Act That Is Worth Watching

I very much dislike America's Got Talent. It's tedious, ridiculous, and features far too much Nick Cannon. But last night there was actually something well worth watching. I don't know how to characterize Team iLuminate, except maybe as a group of dancers/glow in the dark people/kabuki theater performers. Regardless they're awesome.

Mila Kunis Defends Justin Timberlake, Chews Out A Reporter In Fluent Russian

At the Friends With Benefits press junket in Moscow, some reporter asked Justin Timberlake why he's acting instead of making awesome music. Mila did not take kindly to the question and ran to his defense in her native Russian. ""Why movies? Why not?" "What kind of question is that? Why are you here?" Justin looks amusingly lost the entire time.

Piece Of Columbia Shuttle Discovered Under Dried Lake

Eight years after the Space Shuttle Columbia disentegrated over Texas, a lake recently ravaged by drought has revealed a piece of it. NASA has confirmed that the four-foot module is from the shuttle, and once provided water and electricity to the crew. NASA is currently drawing up plans to retrieve and study it--begging the question of where other remnants might lay.

The 10 Largest Sharks In The World

Even if most of these guys are pretty tame, I still wouldn't want to mess with any of 'em. Not only are these sharks bigger than you, but they have some of the most intimidating names around.

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