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January 1, 2013

Congressman Disses Fellow Republican's High School Attendance

Retiring congressman Steve LaTourette takes a dig at his high school classmate, and fellow Republican, Darrell Issa while Wolf Blitzer plays things cool. "I didn't see him a lot in class."

Most Disappointing Films Of 2012: Todd McCarthy's Picks

I never feel right pinpointing worst films of the year, simply because I do my best to avoid what I hear or sense would be total wastes of time; life is too short. Then there are the likes of John Carter, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Red Tails… STORY: Todd McCarthy Ranks the 10 Best Movies of

Holiday Box Office: 'Les Mis' Beats 'Django' On Monday For No. 2, 'Hobbit' Safely On Top

Tom Hooper's Les Miserables pulled ahead of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained on New Year's Eve, grossing $6.3 million on Monday to place No. 2 behind The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and pushing its domestic total to $73 million. Peter Jackson's Hobbit took in $7 million for a domestic total of $228.6 million.

BEST OF 2012: Anne Hathaway’s Vagina

Greetings, exalted one. Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Superficial Writer, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Photo Boy Solo. (He withheld sex until I wrote that.) I know that you are powerful, mighty reader, and that your anger with us not…

60 Crushed To Death After Fireworks In Ivory Coast

(Newser) – More NYE tragedy: At least 60 people were crushed to death in a stampede after a fireworks display in the Ivory Coast's main city of Abidjan this morning. The BBC reports that it's…

5 Medical Breakthroughs That Make Life Shockingly Easy

Everyone has that one thing they'd like to change about themselves -- quitting the booze, getting in shape, kicking that public masturbation habit -- but they continually put it off, because making major lifestyle changes is hard. Damn it, science,…

Google’s Attack On Apple Is Good News For Apple

I’m sure nobody at Apple is thrilled by the fact that the glitches with the company’s new Maps application opened up an opportunity for Google to lure iOS users to its new Google Maps app. But overall, Google releasting excellent iOS apps doesn’t…

Justin Bieber Instagrams Pic Of Vodka Bottle — Is He Drinking?

Oh no! Justin was spotted ringing in the New Year with his BFF Lil’ Twist AND a bottle of vodka — were they drinking? And where was Selena Gomez? Read on for ALL the details! Justin Bie...

Anderson Cooper Dodges Kathy Griffin's Sexual Hijinks During CNN's New Year's Show (VIDEO)

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper kept things as lively as ever as they hosted CNN's New Year's coverage on Monday night.

Republicans Prepare To Vote On Fiscal Deal

Speaker John Boehner puts down a conservative rebellion. An almost unheard of moment in the House: Republicans will rely on Democrats to make a deal.

Ring In 2013 With Floats Covered In Beautiful, Beautiful Flowers

The Rose Parade is here, so you flower-float fans can feast your eyes. Also: Bowl game after bowl game after bowl game, and NBC airs a new Parenthood out of nowhere. Read More

What I Learned From Burlesque Performers About Loving My Body

Burlesque performers taught me that sometimes it's okay to hate your body too.

Amazingly Awkward Interaction Between Kathy Griffin And Psy

If you were home watching CNN's New Year's Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin last night (like myself) you'd have seen the moment when Psy and M.C. Hammer surprised the two resulting in this very awkward conversation. Also, Kathy and Anderson need a show together.

Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Pair Converse Sneakers With Their Fancy Gowns

So we're all setting this promo image for the Golden Globes as our new computer backgrounds, right?

Rihanna And Michael Bolton Are Each Other's Biggest Fans

They professed their love for each other on twitter. Who knew?

Rose Bowl Tearjerker: Military Dad Reunion

A New Year's Day surprise to warm the coldest heart.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Blooper Reel

It's 2013 and I'm hopelessly in love. With this blooper reel from season two of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Warren Jeffs, Polygamist FLDS Cult Leader, May Be Directing Doomsday Plot (VIDEO)

Infamous polygamist and leader of the break-off Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sect has predicted that the end of times is near, prompting some to worry about violence this New Year's Eve. Warren Jeffs is currently…

Everyone Kept Looking At Ashlee, So Jessica Simpson Tweeted Her Pregnant Gut In A Bikini

Yesterday afternoon, you couldn’t hit a celebrity site without seeing new pics of Ashlee Simpson in a bikini while on vacation with the entire Simpson clan in Hawaii, so naturally Jessica did what any pregnant sister who’s confident with her body…

34 Coolest Food Packaging Designs Of 2012

These days it's perfectly acceptable to judge food by its label. Because if the company cares enough about design, they likely care just as much about the product inside.

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Kiss At Midnight On New Year’s Eve

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Kiss at Midnight on New Year's Eve

8 Senators Rejected Cliff Deal - 3 Democrats, 5 Republicans Said No To Bipartisan Plan

(Newser) – A deal to neutralize the fiscal cliff cruised through the Senate 89-8 in a late-night session and is headed for the House, whose session today begins at noon. The deal contains the…

Arnold - The Breakdancing Dane From Billfoundation

arnold - the breakdancing dane from billfoundation - A funny moment brought to you by Bill Foundation! Arnold is a Great Dane mix (some say American Bulldog, Pitbull, or Boxer. Whatever he is, he's pure MAGIC!)

BuzzFeed's Best Posts Of The Year

It was quite a year.

20 Guys You Should Break Up With Right Now

The list of guys you shouldn't be dating is long. Here are just a few.

Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me' Is The Worst Music Video Of 2012

Katy Perry's music video for 'Part Of Me' is the worst music video of 2012. Here's why.

Best Nude Scenes Of 2012

Some memorable moments in celebrity skin happened in 2012, and we have gathered a few of the best.

Imanol Arias En Las Campanadas: "Encogido" Respecto A La Promoción Y Alabado Por Su Pelazo (TUITS; FOTOS)

Casi todo el mundo se ha fijado en el pelo de Imanol Arias en las campanadas. Pelo no, pelazo. Pero ni siquiera con eso era suficientemente alto para sacarle media cabeza a Anne Igartiburu, como en las promos de TVE que les anunciaban como…

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Debuts Baby Bump En Route To New Year’s Eve Celebration!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Debuts Baby Bump En Route to New Year’s Eve Celebration!

Bethenny Frankel Begs Katie Holmes For Divorce Lawyer — Report

A new report claims Bethenny asked Katie Holmes for help with her divorce from Jason Hoppy! Read on for ALL the details! Former Real Housewife of New York City Bethenny Frankel has allegedly asked ...

Kim, Kanye And The KimYe Fetus Partied In Vegas Last Night

Kim Kardashian was contractually obligated to host a party last night and now we all know she's not really sporting a baby bump yet.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Kanye West's Baby

After Kanye West announced that he and Kim are having a baby, the Twitterverse lit up with celebrity reactions

Hugh Hefner And Crystal Harris Are Getting Married Tonight! (The Bride Hasn't Run Away—Yet!) Wanna See Some Pre-Wedding Pics?

The pair were engaged in December 2010, and set to marry in June of 2011 (here are all the details) but Crystal pulled the plug on the wedding just days before it was supposed to happen. They reunited in June of 2012, when Crystal tweeted, "Yes,…

BEST OF 2012: Kim Kardashian Goes Kommando

Greetings, exalted one. Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Superficial Writer, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Photo Boy Solo. (He withheld sex until I wrote that.) I know that you are powerful, mighty reader, and that your anger with us not…

Hugh Hefner And Crystal Harris Wed On New Year's Eve

It all went down at the Playboy Mansion last night. (Crystal is the one who left Hugh just five days before they were supposed to get married last year.)

23 Adorable DIYs You Can Make With Clothespins

Thought clothespins were an obsolete relic of the past? Think again.

2013 New Year’s Eve Breaking News And Photos

The 23-year-old “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer performed that evening on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2013.

Happy 2013, From Four Frogs

Four Australian White's Frogs, to be exact.

The Netbook Isn’t Dead — It’s Just Resting

There's still a market for light, small, cheap laptops.

Fiscal Cliff Deal Reached: White House, Hill Leaders Agree To Delay Sequester By Two Months (UPDATE)

WASHINGTON -- Three hours shy of the midnight deadline, the White House and congressional leaders reached a deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, several sources confirmed to The Huffington Post. Under the deal brokered by Vice President Joe…

Psy Wants To 'End' 'Gangnam Style' With New Year's Eve Performance

"Gangnam Style" is almost over. Psy, the 35-year-old South Korean rapper behind 2012's inescapably catchy ear-worm and international dance craze told MTV News that his performance "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" might mark the "ending" of…

Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Wed At Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris have finally tied the knot. A year and a half after she broke off their first engagement, Harris married the Playboy founder on Monday, New Year's Eve, at the Playboy Mansion. PHOTOS: 18 of Hollywood's Hit and Miss May-December Marriages

New Delhi Gang Rape Victim Nirbhaya Dies

After the death of two gang rape victims. Many are calling for mandatory death penalty for all rapists. There is also a gun control debate in India.India has

Taylor Swift Happy To Be Spending New Year’s With Harry Styles

“I have never seen Taylor happier. She is just beaming and when she stopped by for a quick meeting yesterday, she said she had something special planned with Harry (Styles) for New Year’s Day,” the source says. “She’s very open about her…

Stone Figure: Proof That Christians Influenced Mecca?

(Newser) – A new discovery in Yemen may prove that a Christian church existed there and exerted influence in Mecca around the time of the prophet Muhammad, the Daily Mail reports. Paul Yule, an…

Adam Lambert Slams 'Les Miserables' Cast For 'Pretending To Be Singers'

Adam Lambert has slammed Tom Hooper's new movie musical Les Miserables, insisting the film "suffered massively" due to its all-star cast "pretending to be singers." The former American Idol star, who began his career in musical theatre, took to…

The Shortest 2012 Year In Review Show With John Fugelsang

Current TV's John Fugelsang and comedian Frank Conniff look back at the year that was — in record time — in this Current Web exclusive video. Fugelsang and Conniff offer up their list of 2012's most memorable events, from the 2012 election to Tim…

Democratic Officials: Fiscal Cliff Deal Reached

(WASHINGTON) — Racing the clock, the White House reached a New Year’s Eve accord with Senate Republicans late Monday to neutralize across-the-board tax increases and spending cuts in government programs due to take effect at midnight, according to…

New Year’s Resolutions: Reading A Book Every Day.

Like many of you, I have a nagging problem: I’m not a heroin user. Nor am I a knuckle-cracker, a nail-biter, or a thumb-sucker. I (usually) pay off my credit cards every month. I travel, I see my family, I’m not stressed. And the big three—drinking,…

Taylor Swift: New Year’s Eve Performance In Times Square!

Taylor Swift hits the stage to perform for millions of people during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2013 at Times Square on Monday (December 31) in New York City.

White House Talking Points: A "Bipartisan" President

Here's the White House's spin on the deal to resolve the fiscal cliff, which has support of Congressional leaders, but opposition from both liberal and conservative wings. Also: Saved America from higher milk prices.

Imagine Kanye Changing Diapers--On TV

There is perhaps no other celebrity offspring to garner so much irreverent concern than Monday morning's confirmation that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby. Of course, the humorous asides were largely predictable, given the long…

Psy To Celebrate New Year's Rockin' Eve Gangnam Style

How will South Korean sensation Psy usher in 2013? By partying with the huddled masses in New York’s Times Square, where he’ll appear as a featured act on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Watch Live Stream Of New Year’s Eve Ball Drop In Times Square

Watch Live Stream of New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square

Family Photographs Made Fantastical By Alain Laboile

Like any good father with a yen for cameras, French photographer Alain Laboile takes hundreds of photos of his six children. But unlike your average parent, he turns all that play magic into something a little more real. The photographs in Laboile’s…

Times Square Live Stream: Watch The Ball Drop On New Year's Eve (Video)

As 2012 comes to a close, all of the broadcast networks will be reporting from New York City's Times Square as the ball drops to ring in the new year. For those uninterested (or unable) to catch the festivities on the tube, the below live stream will have a webcast from Times Square without any commercials -- and, for the first time, a up-to-the-minute feed of GIFs of the night's more memorable… Watch below:

TIME’s No. 1 Song Of 2012: No, It’s Not ‘Gangnam Style’

Douglas Wolk’s list of the Top 10 Songs of 2012 ranges from a hidden treasure, Can’s “Graublau” — a newly edited, 17-minute garage rock from a 1969 German film — to more mainstream tunes. The viral hit “Gangnam Style” by Psy and Carly Rae Jepsen’s…

Which Celeb Scored The Best Engagement Ring In 2012? YOU Decide!

Lots of celebrities got pretty engagement rings in 2012, but whose was the prettiest? Here are the most buzzed about engagement rings of the year: Engagement Ring 1: Kelly Clarkson Engagement Ring 2: Jennifer Aniston Engagement Ring 3: Jessica…

Watch The Ball Drop Live: 2013 New Year's Eve In Times Square, New York City (LIVE VIDEO)

A million people are expected to cram into Times Square in New York City this New Year's Eve to countdown to 2013.

Scarlett Johansson Covers ‘Elle UK’ February 2013

Scarlett Johansson looks stunning in a Victoria Beckham dress on the cover of Elle UK‘s February 2013 issue, on newsstands January 2.

Teen Mom 2 Divorce? Jenelle Evans Leaves Husband After 26 Days Of Marriage

Swapping vows with Cortland Rogers Dec. 4 following a two-week engagement, Evans -- mom to son Jace, 3 -- became furious with her new husband after he spent too much time on the phone chatting with his ex, who is the mother of his young daughter.…

Oldest Identical Twins Turn 103 [PHOTO]

Florida sisters Charlotte Eisgrou and Ann Primack celebrated their 103rd birthday last week as the oldest living pair of identical twins.

Jessica Simpson Tweets Baby Bump Bikini Photo

But more than that, this photo makes me wonder if Jessica ever stopped being pregnant the first time. Her belly already looks to be about the size of a lot of women’s bellies when they’re close to labor. And she supposedly lost all that baby weight…

Justin Timberlake And Hugh Jackman ‘Crack Jokes’ Over Dinner In Colorado (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

Big screen hunks Justin Timberlake and Hugh Jackman hit a high note together over a post-Christmas dinner… literally. The actors, who’ve been known to sell out a crowd when they’ve taken over …

Black Monday 2012: Andy Reid, Romeo Crennel Among NFL Coaches Fired [UPDATED]

-- Quite a day for NFL sacks. Seven coaches and five general managers were fired Monday in a flurry of pink slips that were delivered the day after the regular-season ended.

Moms Undress To Fund A School Bus

(Newser) – From economic austerity to ... a semi-nude calendar? Yep, mothers in Spain have stripped down for a racy calendar in the hope of raising $57,000 to fund a children's school bus, the…

Kanye West's Pregnancy Reveal At Concert Was A Surprise To Kim Kardashian

At just three months along, the pregnant reality star had no idea West would share their news Dec. 30, a source tells Us

Video: Kanye West Announces Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

Well, guys, it’s official. Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. And in true Kanye form, he had to upstage the woman of the hour again by announcing it to the world in Atlantic City while on stage by saying “Can we make some noise for…

Rihanna Posts Photos Of Guns On Instagram

Rihanna is known for pushing the envelope... but do her latest photos posted on Instagram go too far? The "Diamonds" singer posted two images – one of her supermodel friend Cara Delevingne and o …

2013: Predictions - Eat - South Philadelphia

We asked (almost) everyone in Philly who didn't predict the Eagles would make the playoffs this year what to expect come 2013 (not including the Eagles probably making the playoffs).

2013: Predictions - Drink - San Francisco

Because your horoscope told you that “you should be open to new experiences” and “something vague that could apply to anyone will happen to you”, you should listen to these predictions for SF’s 2013 scene from food & bev titans who have a little…

2013: Predictions - Drink - Miami Beach

We were going to ask the Mayans or John Cusack about their predictions for Miami's food and drink scene in 2013, but instead went with the slightly more-reliable minds of 305's best food and drink people. Enjoy the removal of hipsters and the…

2013: Predictions - Eat - Washington DC

Turns out Nostradamus knew very little about barrel-aged cocktails, so instead, we asked some of The District's most soothsayful food & drinkers to predict the year 2013 in edible trends.

2012: The Top 5 Watches - Own

Is your New Year's resolution to be on time more often? Well instead of not reading handsome e-newsletters before running out the door, just start reading them a little earlier, which'll be easier done with one of the top five wrist clocks we…

Banned Words List 2012: No Love For 'Fiscal Cliff,' 'Spoiler Alert'

DETROIT -- Spoiler alert: This story contains words and phrases that some people want to ban from the English language. "Spoiler alert" is among them. So are "kick the can down the road," "trending" and "bucket list."

Nick Stahl Arrested For Lewd Conduct

Terminator 3 actor Nick Stahl was arrested Thursday on suspicion of lewd conduct at an adult film store, the Los Angeles Times reports. Stahl, 33, was taken into custody after he was found by detectives during a routine check. The actor was released several hours later.

'American Idol's' Adam Lambert Slams 'Les Miserables'

Many thousands of moviegoers and musical theater enthusiasts lined up to see the big screen version of Les Miserables over the holiday break. Among those in the audience: American Idol alum and stage veteran Adam Lambert, who took issue with the…

'Friday Night Lights' Star Zach Gilford Marries Kiele Sanchez

Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford has married his longtime girlfriend, actress Kiele Sanchez, Gilford's rep confirms to The Hollywood Reporter. The two tied the knot on Saturday in Callfornia's Sonoma Valley.

Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow Spill Secrets From Roommate Days (Video)

Before their films were making millions at the box office, Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow were roommates sharing a $900 per month apartment in the Valley. The old friends sat down with Anderson Cooper and CBS’ 60 Minutes Overtime to share memories…

'Meet The Press': President Obama Addresses 'Lincoln Moment' (Video)

Addressing the fiscal cliff on Sunday's episode of Meet the Press, President Obama raised the subject of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, a film that's drawn buzz in Washington for its depiction of Abraham Lincoln deftly overcoming political pushback in…

Elijah Wood In 'Maniac': First Six Minutes Released (Video)

In the spirit of the season's top box office hit, let's call this the story of what would have happened had Frodo held on to the Ring.

Attackers In India Rape Case To Face Murder Charge

The woman and a male friend, who have not been identified, were on a bus in New Delhi after watching a film on the evening of Dec. 16 when they were attacked by six men who raped her. The men beat the couple and inserted an iron rod into the woman’s…

Father Of Conn. School Gunman Claims Son’s Body

HARTFORD, Conn. — The father of the gunman who killed 26 people in a Connecticut elementary school, including 20 first-graders, has claimed his son's body, a spokesman for the family said Monday. The remains of Adam Lanza were claimed by Peter…

Recess Is As Important As Class Time, Pediatricians Say

Play time can be as important as class time for helping students perform their best.

Beyonce Asks Fans To Join Her On Stage At The Super Bowl

Fans of football and Beyonce have a big surprise in store for them - the superstar is inviting them to participate in her upcoming Super Bowl half-time show. Beyonce will take center stage at the big game in New Orleans, Louisiana, in February and…

Buy It: Kim Kardashian's Oversized Sexy T-Shirt

The world certainly has a love/hate relationship with the Kardashian's. Either you loathe the family or are addicted to their every move, and Kim seems to be using fashion to cleverly allude to this 'kraze'.

Philip Pullman: Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm

That said, the book could use much more of his overt personal touch. There are plenty of obscure stories in Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm, but they stand alongside the well-trod likes of “Cinderella,” “The Brave Little Tailor,” “Little Red…

Warren Ellis: Gun Machine

The cult comics hero behind The Authority and Transmetropolitan returns with another machine-gun-prose pulp novel.

The Best Superhero And Mainstream Comics Of 2012

This past year, DC and Marvel underwent significant line-wide changes; Image Comics rose as the primary publisher for diverse, creator-owned content; superhero films continued to dominate the box office; and the industry saw a huge push for digital…

Jon Huntsman: GOP 'Devoid Of A Soul'

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (R), who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, had harsh words for his party in an interview published Sunday in Britain's Daily Telegraph. "The party right now is a holding company that's devoid of a…

Beauty Queen Sheena Monnin 'Shocked' By Ruling In Trump Miss USA Lawsuit

The beauty queen who challenged the legitimacy of Donald Trump's Miss USA pageant is "shocked" that she must now pay the organization $5 million for defamation.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Reactions: Family & Friends Tweet Pregnancy News (TWEETS)

Kim Kardashian is pregnant, and though Kanye West went public with the announcement on Dec. 30, it's pretty clear her close-knit family has known the good news for quite some time.

Kim Kardashian: Kris Jenner And Bruce Jenner Are Not Getting Divorced

Kim Kardashian is sick and tired of the lies. The reality star is fuming over reports that her mom Kris Jenner, 57, and step dad Bruce Jenner, 63, are headed towards divorce after the couple sat separately at the Los Angeles Clippers game on Dec.…

Comet Coming In 2013: ISON May Appear Brighter Than Full Moon As It Passes Earth (VIDEO)

It's being called the "comet of the century" -- a dazzling astronomical display that may prove to be brighter than the full moon. Comet ISON may give us earthlings a "once-in-a-lifetime light show" if it appears in the sky in 2013, astronomer David…

Obama Fiscal Cliff Remarks Spark Republican Threats To Blow Up Deal

WASHINGTON -- With hours remaining to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, President Barack Obama said a deal is “within sight” and urged lawmakers to come together to avert automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that kick in on Tuesday.

'Teen Mom 2' Divorce: Jenelle Evans Reportedly Leaving Her Husband, Courtland Rogers, After 26 Days

Newlywed Jenelle Evans is reportedly on the road to divorce -- just 26 days after tying the knot.

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnant - The Superficial

I feel confident saying that by today most of us have let our guard down and began to feel pretty confident that the world was not going to end in 2012, so we only have ourselves to blame for Kim Kardashian being pregnant. Our pride and decadence…

BEST OF 2012: Christina Assulera

Greetings, exalted one. Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Superficial Writer, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Photo Boy Solo. (He withheld sex until I wrote that.) I know that you are powerful, mighty reader, and that your anger with us not…

Bethenny Frankel Divorce — Focusing On Being Single Mom To Daughter Bryn, 2

Fresh off her split from husband Jason Hoppy, the Skinnygirl mogul is focusing on Bryn, 2 — and making a major personal sacrifice for the sake of her daughter. Read on for more details. Bethe...

Brits Planned Ships Made Of Ice During WWII

(Newser) – Winston Churchill was so afraid of Nazi submarines targeting supply ships during WWII that he flirted with building aircraft carriers out of sheer ice, New Scientist reports. Knowing…

Once Again, Obama And Clinton Are Most Admired

(Newser) – Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America for the 16th time since 1993, and President Obama is the most admired man for the fifth consecutive year, according to a new USA…

Father Claims Newtown, Conn., School Shooter Adam Lanza's Body

NEWTOWN, Conn., Dec. 31 (UPI) -- The father of Adam Lanza, who killed 26 people at an elementary school and his mother in Newtown, Conn., Dec. 14, has claimed his body, a family spokesman says.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Reveals Bare Baby Bump In Bikini, Bonds With Shirtless Channing Tatum

Plus, find out why the Magic Mike actor is hoping their firstborn will be "a little boy"

Seven NFL Head Coaches Were Fired On Black Monday

The first Monday after the final games of the NFL regular season is known as Black Monday for a reason. Five general managers also lost their jobs.

Kiebus' 13 Favorite Buzzes Of 2012

The internet is a strange, terrifying and beautiful place.

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