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34 Coolest Food Packaging Designs Of 2012

These days it's perfectly acceptable to judge food by its label. Because if the company cares enough about design, they likely care just as much about the product inside.

1. Homebrew labels by Slovakian designer Martin Fek

2. "Tastes of Podhale" by Nobo

3. Slamsey's Gin

4. Tempt Cider

5. Honey Hunter

6. A Serbian Brand of Organic Food

7. Peter Gregson Studio for PANON and BIOPANON Yogurt and Kefir Brands

8. Folksaga Liquors

9. Post-Colonial Tea Bags

10. Crazy Uncle Cocktail

11. Gnome Bread by Lo Siento

12. Cheese Pencils


14. Wine Bottles from Greece

15. Marou Chocolate (from Vietnam)

16. Slingshot Coffee

17. Mikkeller Beer

18. Prisms Teabags

19. An End of the World Survival Kit

20. Proof Whiskey

21. Bonnard Macarons (from Mexico)

22. Frisky Midget Wines (from Perth)

23. JC Dark Lager

24. Flour Pot's Bread Packaging

25. Ipswitch Root Beers

26. Amelia Rope Chocolate Packaging

27. Sushi to Go Box

28. Pasta for One

29. Bourbon Packaging for Dancing Pines Distillery

30. March Pantry's Kosher Salt

31. Sweet Time Sugar and Tea in One

32. La Main's Bagel Packaging

33. Teapee Tea Bags

34. Ippon Matsu Beer