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2012 Food

The Best Thing You Ate In 2012

Think back on the last 365 days and tell us the first thing that comes to mind. And no cheating: THE FIRST THING.

34 Coolest Food Packaging Designs Of 2012

These days it's perfectly acceptable to judge food by its label. Because if the company cares enough about design, they likely care just as much about the product inside.

50 Best Food Blog Photos Of 2012

A drool advisory has been issued for this post. It contains our favorite food styling and photography from the past year. View at your own risk.

15 Hottest Food Trends Of 1912

Time-travel with us to last century, when Coke still had cocaine in it and ladies weren't allowed to lunch alone!

15 Best Cookbooks Of 2012

Buying someone a cookbook for the holidays = Cool. Buying someone a little ingredient they'll use with it = The Coolest. Here's your guide to both.

10 Biggest Food Fights Of 2012

Here are the craziest dust-ups that went down this year, from the war on Paula Deen to the anti-grapefruit crusade.

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