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July 1, 2012

Students Suspended For Taunting Bus Monitor Karen Klein

GREECE, N.Y., June 30 (UPI) -- Four students at a middle school in upstate New York have been suspended for a year for their recorded taunting of a school bus monitor, officials said.

John Fugelsang To The Texas GOP: Time Is On Our Side

But I’ll tell you this right now: The world’s getting smaller. The Internet’s making it a lot tougher for fake Christians and religious fundamentalists to keep young minds in a lock box, so go ahead and try to turn your kids into sheep. The times th…

This Is What The Inside Of A Camel's Mouth Looks Like

Love all the animals! But, seriously, this is the sickest thing ever. Shudders for everyone!

Drugs And Sex

Can a sober sex life be better than one when you're on drugs? Our resident sexologist breaks it down.

A Fourth Of July PSA

This fireworks/firecrackers FAIL compilation is brought to you by World Wide Interweb. Be careful out there, kids!

A Baby Sloth Hanging Out In A Giant Rain Boot

Another day, another sloth picture that will kill you with sweetness. Rainy days aren't getting this little dude down!

The 30 Best Things Ever To Come From Canada

Happy Canada day! You're really not just America's hat, Canada. We love you for these reasons and many more.

David Silva's Gorgeous Euro Final Goal

Spain beat Italy 4-0 for to win their second straight Euro Cup, but it was their first goal you'll want to watch over and over again.

Baby Alpaca Isn't Sleepy, He Swears!

The music really makes this dozy little alpaca video so much better. Get this guy a pillow!

Ann Curry Wasn't Right For The Job Says NBC Chief

NBC News President Steve Capus put it bluntly when he said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter on Friday that Curry, 55, just wasn't right for the job and had hit her peak.

Rupert Murdoch Claims He's Been Attacked On Twitter After Calling Scientologists "Evil"

This morning, News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch tweeted that, in the wake of the TomKat divorce, he believed Scientologists were "creepy, maybe even evil." He says he's received hundreds of attacks and he expects them to become more threatening, but Scientologists actually seem to have remained quiet on the controversy thus far.

All Time Low On Their New Record & World Domination (VIDEO) On Sara Scoggs' Blog

We had a lot of time with Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat of All Time Low at Warped Tour, so of course we had to ask about the new record and touring plans! After our chat with Jalex we might know which label the new album is coming out on and it's r…

Guess What These Talking Urinal Cakes Say?

"Hey dickhead..." is a good guess, but incorrect. This is Michigan's plan to reduce drunk driving this 4th of July.

15 Minutes Could Save You 15% On Boat Insurance

Happened yesterday near Sarasota.

Total Immersion: Gaming's Best Diegetic Music From

ou may not be familiar with the term "diegetic music," but you know of the concept: Diagetic music refers to a melody that appears within a multimedia work not simply as a part of the score but as a sound whose origin lay within the context and envi…

Singer-Songwriter Chely Wright Takes Pride In Being Country, Christian And Gay

Her Christian faith was not the only impediment to coming out as gay — Wright was afraid she would face discrimination from her fans and the country music community she called home. “I could never really take a full step into my happiness and into m…

What The Heck Is Brooklyn Decker Still Doing At Wimbledon?

As I woke from my required 2 hours of social vampire sleep this morning, there was a strange thing on my television – live tennis. “At 7 a.m.?” I thought as I held a mirror under the hooker’s nose to make sure she was still breathing. Then I realize…

Y2K 2.0: How A Second Brought Down Half The Internets

The "leap second" was a one second adjustment made to the atomic clock tonight at 23:59:59 UT (just before 8pm ET). After it went into effect tonight, half the internet -- including Reddit, FourSquare, Yelp, LinkedIn, Gawker StumbleUpon, and more -- came crashing down. The outages were mostly (thankfully) brief. Here's how it happened.

Erin Andrews Leaves ESPN, Headed To Fox?

HOLLYWOOD, June 30 (UPI) -- ESPN has announced the departure of U.S. sportscaster Erin Andrews, who appears to be in talks to make a move to Fox Sports.

Idolator’s 12 Best Albums Of 2012 … So Far Photo

My favorite music blog has already chosen the best albums of 2012. Check out their picks and sound off in the comments! Who is missing and who should not have made the list in your opinion? Check out Idolator for the full list! love k C…

That Time I Was Born On Ashlee Holmes' Videos

Once upon a time in back in 1990 in Las Vegas, a baby was born. ME! Here's a home video from the day I was born. My parents were sooooo young! GAH! in Ashlee Holmes' Videos

Dara Torres Vying For Olympic Swim Team

The Olympic team swimming trials kicked off Monday in Omaha, Nebraska, where the country’s biggest names in the sport -- including Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Amanda Beard and Natalie Coughlin -- are battling it out for 26 coveted slots on both th…

Meet Fashion’s ‘Magic Mikes’: Feast Your Eyes On The Nearly Naked Models Of Men’s Fashion Week

Magic Mike opens today. Maybe you’ve heard of this male stripper flick starring the gleaming pecs and chiseled abs of Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello that every media outlet–us included–can’t get en…

First Look: The Chanel Couture Invitation Is A Sketch Of A Young Coco Chanel By Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is famous for his sketches, and Chanel featured one on this season’s fairly simple invite. The sketch of Coco is accompanied by the words “New Vintage.” Which doesn’t really give a clue about the theme of the collection. In the spring…

It’s Official: Nordstrom NYC Flagship Location Announced

Finally! After spending more than a decade searching for the right location, Nordstrom has just announced plans to open up its first flagship store–not a Rack or “concept shop“–but a real Nordstrom right here in NYC. The store will be located in a 2…

First Look: Blake Lively And Her Reflection Star In Gucci’s New Fragrance Campaign

We just found out last week that Lively, who had been a Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel muse for several seasons, would front the campaign for Gucci’s new fragrance, a scent the house described as full of “Old Hollywood charm.” Lively is every inch the glamor…

These People Want To Drink Alcohol With John Roberts

By providing the swing vote in the all-important ACA decision, Chief Justice John Roberts has become the most popular man on Twitter today.

All The Presidents’ Menus

While compiling this list I attempted as often as possible to learn not what the presidents ate at state functions and inaugural dinners but during their solitary breakfasts and family suppers—in other words, their comfort foods. Often this informat…

Carney: It's A Penalty, Not A Tax

WASHINGTON, June 30 (UPI) -- The Obama administration believes those in the United States who choose not to buy health insurance will be paying a penalty, not a tax, a spokesman said.

How Are We Coping With Unemployment?

Previously: Why Are the Feminists Going to Planned Parenthood? Ann Friedman got fired three weeks ago. Now she listens to chill jams while making pie charts and drinking beer on her porch in the middle of the afternoon.

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