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July 30, 2012

45 Romney Vice Presidential Candidates

Romney campaign VP picker Beth Myers recently tweeted a shortlist of contenders for Romney's running mate. Pictured below are some of those candidates along with a few others which are sure to spice up the campaign and distract from bad headlines.

11 Confusing Photos Of Germany Celebrating Hindu Festival Of Color

Happy Holi everyone! Wait, isn't this supposed to be a religious Spring Festival for Hinduism? Harmless fun or culturally insensitive?

Alie And Georgia Create A Custom Drink For BuzzFeed

The creators of the McNuggetini and stars of Classy Ladies have whipped up a drink just for us. I hope you like ice cream and Pop Rocks!

Ryan Lochte's 18 Fashion Rules

He calls his personal style "rockstar swagger." He dreams of becoming a clothing designer. His idol is Lil' Wayne. And he's shaping up to be the face (and abs and pecs) of the U.S. Olympic team. Let's see what we can learn about fashion from this spectacular male specimen.

Courtney Love Calls Out Lana Del Rey On Twitter About "Heart Shaped Box"

Lana Del Rey recently covered Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box but did she know it is about Courtney Love's vagina? Well now she does since Courtney made the song's significance pretty clear over twitter.

Jonah Lehrer Gets Caught Fabricating Bob Dylan Quotes

A "Dylan obsessive" at Tablet outed the New Yorker writer and controversial self-plagiarizer, leading to Lehrer's resignation.

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