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July 18, 2012

PICTURE: Three-Boobed Hooker From Total Recall

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake was whether it would include the three-boobed hooker like the original (yes, this is considered a controversy in the movie blog world. accept it and move on). Wiseman pro…

A Letter From The Theater Community Regarding David Adjmi’s “3-C”

On June 6th, David Adjmi's play 3-C opened Off-Broadway, and the same day, he received a cease-and-desist letter. Without legal counsel, he felt compelled to agree that the run of the play could not be extended—and that it would never be performed a…

Publisher Adding Explicit Sex Scenes To Classic Literature

Clandestine Classics is making all the implied sex in such classics as Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice and, yes, Sherlock Holmes explicit. The publisher touts: “The old-fashioned pleasantries and timidity have all been stripped away, quite literally.…

Dress Yourself Up As Lana Del Rey

The controversial singer has become a fashion star, landing a British Vogue cover and an H&M spokeswoman deal mere months after releasing her first album. Upload a photo of yourself to try on a few of her now-iconic looks (and pose with a few BuzzFeed-approved props).

Obama Fundraises With "Ruthless" Outsourcer

"We will be ruthless," Meredith famously said of Dell's 2001 layoffs. He'll host the president at his Four Seasons penthouse.

20 Animal Couples Making Out On The Kiss Cam

These critters aren't as easily embarrassed as the Obamas -- as soon as the Kiss Cam cameras rolled their way, they went to town. Beware: public displays of adorable-ness!

Reviewed: The Velvet Manicure

I've been petting my fuzzy nails all day.

Conservative Voters On Romney: He's Still Too Nice

Romney builds a new line of attack around "You didn't build that." "He needs to get tougher. "

12 Cats That Just Want to Be Left Alone

Heavy hangs the head that wears the furry little cat ears.

Fallout: Michele Bachmann’s ‘McCarthy’ Moment On The Hill

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and Bill weigh in on the claims made by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) of “deep penetration in the halls of the U.S. government by the Muslim brotherhood.” Ellison has demanded that Bachmann “reveal her sources.” Bill c…

MMA Fighter Popek Rak Has Eye Tattoos, Facial Scarification

If you aren’t familiar with the works of Popek Rak, he’s a Polish rapper (or “raper”) turned MMA fighter with a career record of 2-1, a desire to mutilate his body in one way or another and nobody telling him to stop being such a dumb idiot.

Me And My Adult Stroller

Many of my friends initially scoffed at the notion of an adult stroller, and not a few even doubted my sincerity. After all, I am a healthy, active 46-year-old man, married, with a wife and two children both of whom are grown or at least in school a…

Christopher Nolan On Why He Didn't Shoot Dark Knight In 3D

Studios love 3D because they can charge more for it, but with the exception of a few who truly love it (James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese of late), most filmmakers seem like they just sort of go along with it as a compromise. “Eh, sure, …

24 Things I Want To Have All Of

The Atlantic was right when they said women "can't have it all." I want all of these things and I'm pretty sure even if I try really hard, I'll only be able to have a few of them.

30 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Old Movies

These set photos manage to add even more to the movie magic.

Because You’ve Always Wanted To Strengthen Your Hooha On The Go, Now There’s PantyO

PantyO, a product which we stumbled upon on More‘s website, is a bit of a head scratcher for us. While we’ve debated everything from whether or not Brazilian waxes should still be a thing to the pros and cons of a fur merkin (and we consider ourselv…

Unbelievable Photo Of New York City In Today's Storm

Former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones took this amazing photo of today's thunderstorm from the window of a plane leaving New York City at 10,000 feet. We're all doomed.

Beyonce And Blue Ivy Take A Stroll Together

Here is your Beyonce fill for the day.

What The Girl From Curly Sue Looks Like Today

The 31-year-old actress just welcomed a baby boy. Spoiler alert: the curls are gone.

5 Human Test Subjects Standing Under An Atomic Blast

For Science! Ah, the carefree days of early nuclear testing, before we realized how incredibly dangerous it was in the long term.

84 Things That Aren’t On An Everything Bagel

Yes, it's called "everything," but that's not really true. These are what's not included.

Olympics Documents, Intro Described Romney As Bain CEO

Mitt Romney has spent much of the last week arguing that, despite some public records, he was effectively gone from Bain Capital in February 1999. But in February 2000, Romney was introduced as the "founder and CEO of Capital" at the National Press Club during an appearance about the Olympics, and Romney's biography on the Olympic's website listed him as Bain Capital "founder and CEO."

BEAT THE BLUES - My Favorite Tips For Getting Over Depression Photo

I'm noticing that quite a few of my friends are battling depression right now, not to mention some of my moon babies 3. Being a huge believer in organically digesting and dealing with whatever comes up - we got too little time on earth to let negati…

Buzznet Exclusive: Travis Clark Top 5 Things To Bring On Tour (VIDEO) On Danivitale's Blog

In this interview We The Kings frontman Travis Clark and I discuss the necessities and MUST haves of Warped Tour. . . I was pretty suprised to hear his answers. We definitely both have different needs when we tour. I say the things I need are head p…

Meet Michelle Jenneke, The Hottest Hurdler Ever.

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke won heat 2 of the Women’s 100 metres hurdles at the 14th IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona over the weekend, and if you watch the following video closely you’ll take away three major observations:

Why Photoshop Isn't As Big Of A Deal As Everyone Makes It Out To Be

What's worse than retouching is how many OTHER ways the world is telling women how important it is to be thin — and how much women let those messages influence them.

A Baby Hedgehog Has A Yawn

This is truth in advertising: just exactly what is described above is about to transpire. Nothing more, nothing less. Enough cute to power you through the rest of your day.

A Day In The Life Of A Mexican Furry

Meet Yote and other lobos locos (crazy wolves) of Furros Nuevo Leon, a group of approximately 71 furries living in Monterrey, Mexico.

The Oldest Site On The Internet And Other Links

Needs more Blingy GIFS. Plus, why The Dark Knight Rises isn't capitalizing on 3D and even Bieber's manager thinks he's a jerk kid.

Mitt Romney Politely Refuses To Call Obama A Monster During Town Hall In Ohio

Watch the Republican nominee skillfully navigate the Q & A part of his campaign's town hall in Bowling Green today.

Mr. Wizard Is A Dick

I laughed pretty hard at this video of Mr. Wizard being kinda jerky to the kids on his show. (via ★interesting)

The Best Of The Animorphs Meme

Yes, there is a an Animorphs meme. And yes, it is actually pretty funny.

Even Barack Obama Thinks Anthony Davis' Unibrow Is Funny

Watching the most powerful man in the world tease a clearly star-stuck NBA rookie is my new favorite thing ever.

Bacon Dishes

© via

The Perfect Way To Waste The Next 5 Hours

Maybe "waste" isn't the right word.

10 DIY Projects For Your New Home

Summer is the height of home buying season. Here are 10 DIY projects to get new owners off and running with improving their new home.

The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened

Since the concept of "Cute" was first dreamed up some time around the invention of cats in 30 B.C., a great many cute things have happened. But these were the very cutest of all.

A Tattoo Ban On Capitol Hill

Just for the cops: The chief will be "the final authority as to the appropriateness of any tattoos." Breast augmentation remains licit.

Sam Claflin Cast As Finnick In "The Hunger Games"

Ladies and gentlemen, your Finnick Odair! If you've read the books, is this who you had in mind?

42 Adorable Animal Accessories For Your Home

You're going to want ALL of these.

Amazon Finally Gives Us What We Want: Yesterday Shipping

If only this was real and not a parody.

John McCain Denounces Michele Bachmann Attacks On Muslim Clinton Aide

The Arizona senator denounced Rep. Michele Bachmann's conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton's top aide's connection to Muslim extremist "influence operations" inside U.S. government.

Hundreds Of Madonna Fans Walk Out Of London Concert Branding It The WORST Gig Ever

But last night hundreds of die-hard Madonna fans abandoned their Queen of Pop by marching out of London's Hyde Park during her MDNA concert - some branding it the worst they had ever seen.

Shell Social Ad "Let's Go" A Greenpeace Hoax

Environmental activists Greenpeace conducted an elaborate online hoax to draw attention to the the oil company Shell's push to drill in protected Arctic lands. Users were invited to submit suggestions for the "Arctic ready" ad campaign through a moc…

What The Bubonic Plague Looks Like Today

I'm officially terrified.

Batman: The Animated Series Rises

Well played, Hub. What do you get when you splice footage of the classic 90s cartoon Batman with the audio from The Dark Knight Rises trailer? Awesomeness.

First Trailer For The US Version Of "The Inbetweeners"

What do you think, can it match up to the UK version or will it go to the way of US Skins? And did I just see Brett Gelman in there?

New Romney Video Omits Passage Apparently Agreeing With Obama

The Romney campaign came out with a new video today highlighting Mitt Romney's attack yesterday in Irwin, PA on President Obama for saying "if you've got a business you didn't build that, someone else made that happen." But the Romney video edits a a portion of Romney's speech in which he seems to agree with the broader context of the Obama's remarks, saying people didn't make it on their own.

4Chan Hacks To Make Rape Jokes

It's your predictable misogynistic free-for-all.

If This Paralympics Ad Doesn't Inspire You, You Probably Don't Have A Pulse

And you'll probably want to check that out, because pulses are important.

Israelis Killed In Bulgarian Bus Blast, Israel Blames Iran

At least six people have died and 32 injured from the explosion on the bus, which was filled with Israeli youth. Prime Minister Netanyahu blames "Iran's terror."

9 Things To Expect From "American Bible Challenge"

You know, the new game show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy on GSN? Oh, you don't? Well, now you do.

The Adorable Knight Rises: Baby Bats!

These little guys aren't even a little bit scary or vampiric. "If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal... you become something else entirely: SUPER-CUTE, Mr. Wayne. Like, way cute."

Kim Jong Un Gets A Promotion

The North Korean leader is now a marshal, the military's highest rank. Here's looking at you, Kim.

One Chart That Explains The Transformation Of Media In 2012

Facebook rose in the first half of the year to challenge Google's dominance. A chart from the new BuzzFeed Social Intelligence Report.

A Kitten Sleeping On A Tortoise

Maybe we don't have to choose after all. Feel free to employ your mute button, this video is a lot cuter without the little kid singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Look At Kim Kardashian's Face

Yeah, this was taken mid-way through a roller coaster ride. Still, it's pretty funny — especially in comparison to Kanye's gleeful expression.

A Real Dance Dance Revolution

Making music with nothing but motion. Oh, and a Kinect.

Meet The Star Of FX's "Totally Biased," W. Kamau Bell

He's a comedian tapped to star in Chris Rock's latest television endeavor — or as he put it: "The one black man on television who's not dating a Kardashian ...yet."

Heatwave Slams Alaska

Good luck with that, Anchorage.

Marissa Mayer On Yahoo: LOL

Back in January, the new Yahoo! CEO was asked to list search engines from the past that are still around. Guess which one she couldn't recall?

Will Ferrell And Zack Galifianakis Are On "The Campaign" Trail

The duo promoted their new movie The Campaign in LA yesterday. Yup, this movie is going to be awesome.

Sailor Scouts From Around The World

Another day, another fantastic series of Sailor Moon fan art. This round comes courtesy of Susana Rodrigues, who shows us the Scouts from across the globe.

Five Recent Pieces Of Cool Interactive Street Art

From five very different artists.

Natasha Poly Is Missing An Arm On The Cover Of Vogue Russia

It looks like Vogue China isn’t the only magazine taking a few limb-liberties lately. Check out the August cover of Vogue Russia starring a beautiful and armless Natasha Poly. Or, if there is a right arm present, we certainly can’t find it and it’…

Colbert Explains Why The "Having It All" Author Is A Good Mother

Anne-Marie Slaughter, who wrote The Atlantic's widely-read cover story about how women "can't have it all" visited The Colbert Report the other night. At the end of the segment Colbert opens the magazine to a photo of Slaughter with her two sons, proclaiming: "Neither of them look like they want to be in the picture. That means you've raised two normal boys."

Josh Hutcherson Looks Like A Badass On His Motorcyle

Classic "guy on a motorcycle makes you swoon" kind of thing.

How The Romney Campaign Decided To Take The Gloves Off

Surrogates will bring up cocaine, Fast and Furious, and ties to Blagojevich, one aide says. What Romneyland is thinking.

Jeremy Scott For Adidas Fall 2012/13 Brings Us Teddy Bear Pants, Butterfly-Winged Jacket And So Much More

Behold, the Jeremy Scott for Adidas Fall 2012/13 look book, complete with teddy bear pants, a butterfly-winged track jacket (modeled by Charlotte Free) and a leopard-and-zebra-print parka, naturally. Anyway, Scott–ever the one for understated elegan…

Tavi Gevinson Slams Seventeen For Copying Rookie, Calls The Magazine’s Response To Teen Activists ‘Self-Serving’

Despite the fact that Tavi Gevinson is 16–and therefore bang on in the middle of Seventeen‘s demo–the teenage blogger superstar is not too keen on the magazine. Which is kind of the reason why she started her very own (and totally awesome) teen maga…

6-Foot Lizard Loose In Colorado

WOODLAND PARK, Colo., July 17 (UPI) -- A six-foot-long Nile monitor lizard escaped its enclosure and was on the loose in Teller County, Colo., police said Tuesday.

In 2006, Romney Filled Most Administration Appointments With Donors

The Romney campaign began an attack on President Obama for rewarding donors, but Romney himself — like most pols — has a history of the practice.

A Q&A With Editta Sherman, Celebrity Photographer, Age 100

Looking at Editta Sherman's celebrity portraits, you wonder: Who will be this era's Tyrone Power? Which current movie star will be the one hardly anyone recalls seventy years from now? Bale? Brody? Bloom? Whose name will draw blank stares from the …

Obama Official Was Like "A Hooker Dropped Into A Prison Exercise Yard"

Emails show an investor's ties to White House officials Valerie Jarrett and Jim Messina. With Romney taking fire, the RNC shoots back with allegations that the White House allowed donors to feed at the green energy trough.

The Essential 100, No. 92: Secret Of Mana From

Secret of Mana links together a number of ideas that other people had explored separately, combining them in an unexpected but wholly logical way. Its predecessor, localized in the U.S. under the name Final Fantasy Adventure, began life as a spin-of…

Breaking: Here Are The 10 Finalists For The 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund

Vogue has just announced the 10 finalists for this year’s annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. The winner will receive a cash prize and mentorship from an industry veteran. Joseph Altuzarra took home the top prize ($300,000) for 2011, while runners up Pa…

50 Shades Of Angela Merkel

The German Chancellor has worn every color in the rainbow during her term. She is a Pantone chart. Check it out.

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