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July 3, 2012

Live Your Life On Jasminevillegas' Blog

Here is another inspiring quote to live by everyday!! How do YOU ignore all the drama in your life? in jasminevillegas' Journal

Deron Williams Announces He's Staying In Brooklyn Over Twitter

Dwight Howard and LeBron James could learn something from their fellow star.

Spec Ops: The Line Review For PS3, 360, PC From

For the best Reviews of Spec Ops: The Line for PS3, 360, PC, check out this page on

Selling Your Digital Games Becomes Slightly More Feasible With EU Court Decision

There's still a long way to go before it's a reality, but a court has sided with consumers.

Hot Or Not Kristen Stewart's New Balenciaga 'Florabotanica' Fragrance Ad Photo Yasi's Photos

Kristen Stewart is now a high-fashion cover girl! The 22-year old actress' first ad as the face of Balenciaga's new fragrance 'Florabotanica' is out and features the beautiful On The Road star in a structured floral print dress and chunky black boot…

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Hold Up Stephane Rolland’s Couture Show For An Hour, Twitter Goes Wild

They say good things come to those who wait/ So imma be at least about an hour late. –Kanye West, “Start It Up” Fashion shows usually start later than scheduled, but today’s Stephane Rolland couture show got off to a particularly late start–an hour …

13 Ways Scientologists Have Impacted The Lives Of Yelp Reviewers

Scientology Churches and recruitment centers around the country have left regular people disappointed overall by everything from L. Ron Hubbard's sex appeal to recruiters' clinginess. Watch out, guys — this could be you.

11 Grilling Recipes You Can Pull Off This Summer

Here are some of the most-saved barbecue recipes in Pocket right now — great for the Fourth of July or any other time of year. They're mostly meat with a grilled veggie or two. Enjoy!

Honeymoons Of The Presidents

Now that we've looked at presidential pets and favorite foods, let's explore their honeymoons. It's difficult to judge which has been the most romantic presidential honeymoon in history; possibly a draw between the Nixons' canned pork-and-beans for …

This Dress Is Made Of 50,000 Gummy Bears

Because why wouldn't you recreate an Alexander McQueen dress with candy?

The Best Bill Clinton Sax Video Ever

Bill Clinton playing M83's "Midnight City" on The Arsenio Hall Show. The laws of time and space be damned: I refuse to believe that this didn't actually happen.

What Creates Colored Fireworks?

Lots and lots of different chemicals. Please note, this is for intellectual purposes only. Do not go out and buy a bunch of sodium chloride and try to make your own.

Police Shut Down Furry BBQ Due To Yiffing

A furry event in West Windsor, NJ was canceled due to "inappropriate behavior". Oh my.

6-Year-Old Rapper Raps About Booties

He can make your uhh...booty...pop. How did this happen?

43 Reasons To Hate The Beach

Fellow beach haters unite! Show this to your friends when they're trying to make you schlep to a broiling hellscape wasteland this summer.

How Peacocks See Their Feathers And Other Links

Part of a new study to show humans how different the world looks depending on your species. Also, an at home HIV test got approved by the FDA and Iran is shooting off long ranged missiles.

Spider-Man 101: The Tangled Web Of His Loves, Powers And More

The Amazing Spider-Man is just the latest in a long series of variations — some big, some small — on the character. This (amazing) chart breaks it down.

9 Cool Vintage Chinese Firecracker Labels

Smell the gunpowder. Via Mr. Brick Label, who has over 300 of these gorgeous labels for you to peruse.

The Worst Charlie Sheen Tattoo Ever

Why? No, really, why?

How To Find The Clitoris

Very instructive.

Cristiano Ronaldo And Irina Shayk Show Off Their Incredible Beach Bodies As They Frolic In The Sea In St Tropez

She spends her time posing in her underwear while he shows off his skills on the football pitch. But it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Irina Shayk aren't too famous to goof around together.

The Magic Mike Pie | The Hairpin

movies, ann friedman, pie charts, channing tatum, magic mike

Online Fashion Games For Adults Multiply, But Might Be A Big Waste Of Time For All Involved

Fashion companies are eager to embrace the social web with online games and other efforts, even though no research shows they help the brands' bottom lines. A new wave of online fashion gaming may just serve to reinforce superficial values similar media is teaching today's tweens.

How You Know Snooki Will Be A Great Mother

Because look how well she takes care of the beer in her stroller.

Chad Ochocinco Helps A Recently Widowed Fan

The oft-maligned wide receiver will win some fans for this.

How Awesome And Patriotic Are You Looking Right Now?

The Fourth of July is about, above all else, letting everyone know how awesome America is. Use our pix mixer to deck yourself out in totally sweet Independence Day swag!

If Adam West Were Starring In "The Dark Knight Rises"

HOLY SEQUEL, BATMAN! I'd see this movie even more times than I'm going to see the real thing. Mostly because Adam West makes me giggle and Christian Bale does not.

20 Senators The Media Really Loves To Talk About

Would you believe that a U.S. Senator who holds no leadership position was mentioned an average of 10 times per day in the first 182 days of this year?

Third-Party Candidate Focuses On Balanced Budget, Marriage Equality

The voice of fiscal conservatives who are socially liberal is not represented by either major party in U.S. politics, Libertarian candidate for president and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson tells Jennifer Granholm. “The majority of Republica…

Why "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Is A Merchandiser's Dream

A novel about sex and bondage has spawned the kind of merchandising fervor usually reserved for family classics like Harry Potter. Here's why.

20 Steps To Enjoying Hot Dogs This 4th Of July

The 4th of July is the time to celebrate all things America. And what's more American than shoveling down mysterious meat combinations?

Batman Brings Back The Joker This Halloween

He's back. And based on teaser art alone, perhaps more crazy than ever.

Besieged Chief Justice Flees To Malta

What a way to spend Independence Day.

The Chemistry Of Fireworks

This is fascinating. The more you know!

Ballroom Dancing Cats

This is the kind of stuff your cats get up to when they think you're at work. The little hooligans.

23 Places Where You Definitely Should Not Set Off Fireworks

The Fourth of July is upon us, which for many people means that it's once again time for amateur fireworks displays. But please take a minute to consider some friendly advice about where NOT to show everyone how much you love America.

In Campaign Pledge, Arizona Senate Candidate Promised To Limit Terms — Then Didn't

Jeff Flake's views on term limits have become a campaign issue in his race for the Senate. In 2000, he pledged to limit his own time in office.

Medieval "Avengers" Fan Art

And here you thought the Avengers couldn't get more badass. Artist theDURRRRIAN created this awesome series of fantasy-inspired fan art.

A Handy Guide To What "Meow" Means

Spoiler: Your cat is kind of a jerk.

10 Heartwarming Stories Of Sportsmanship To Brighten Your Day

If you're feeling down, you're going to want to see these.

First Look! Concept Art For "Iron Man 3"

Comic-Con attendees will be able to pick up these posters next week. Lucky sods.

Ashley Tisdale Turns 27 And Has A Beach Party With A Bunch Of Teenagers

Okay so maybe they aren't ALL teenagers, but there was a lot of Disney love going on, which makes me think of tweens.

How To Improve The Movie "Savages"

A movie about the Mexican drug cartel starring Fred and Ben Savage? Would see.

This Is Why So Many People Want To Ban Fireworks

And strangely enough, why I wish they were legal all over.

2008 Obama Ads Promised To End Tax Break For Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas

A new ad from the Obama campaign today attacked Mitt Romney saying outsourcing occurred during his time at Bain Capital and says the President favors tax cuts for companies that don't ship jumps overseas. In 2008, Obama ran several ads attacking John McCain for outsourcing, and said he would also end tax breaks for companies that ship jumps overseas during his first term as president.

There Is Nothing Good About This News

Anyone else miss Middle School?

A Brief History Of Gay Icons

Sometimes the littlest symbols can make a big difference.

How To Make The Perfect Celebrity Perfume Ad

Seems like every celebrity has their own perfume these days, and so can you! Just follow this simple guide on how to pose for the perfect fragrance advertisement.

Secrets Of Male Strippers

How accurate is Magic Mike? The only way to find out was to go deep into the lair of the baby oiled abs.

8 Boozy Desserts

Booze is great as food and drink. So this summer, try eating your cocktails in frozen dessert form. Just keep them away from the minors.

The 7 Best Books About The British Royals To Read At The Beach

They have phone sex, threesomes, and babies via turkey baster — that is, if you believe everything ever written in book form about the crowned clan across the pond. Here's a guide to the best books about the royals, with our patented five-crown rating system.

Bill Clinton Playing M83

Well, everyone knows Clinton played sax on the Arsenio Hall Show. What this video presupposes is... maybe he played M83. Watch

Romancing With Self-Righteousness On OkCupid

When you're dating online, sell your best features, don't write a sanctimonious screed.

In Brooklyn, The Nets Beautifully Go For Broke

As free agency stumbles to a start, the Brooklyn Nets are attempting to assemble a Deron Williams/Joe Johnson/Dwight Howard/Gerald Wallace juggernaut. And it's great.

Child Abuse Presented As Art Installation

Via St. Petersburg, Russia, for the International Economic Forum.

Is David Gregory The Next NBC Face To Be Fired After Ann Curry's Unceremonious Dismissal?

David Gregory, 41, (pictured) took over the host chair for ‘Meet the Press’, which is NBC’s flagship current affairs programme, in 2008 after his predecessor Tim Russert died of a heart attack.

Are The US Olympic Portraits Really That Bad?

The Internet has been abuzz criticizing photographer Joe Klamar for his portraits of the US Olympic athletes. His photos have been called everything from "shoddy" to "an embarrassment to our country and [photographers]." Here is a collection of them, what do you think?

American Apparel's Newest Model Is Also Their Oldest

Stunning, grey-haired Jacky is likely triple the age of the girls in your average American Apparel photo shoot. But she's also the best.

The 29 Hands Down Most Ridiculous New Outfits For Men

Leave it to the French to host the most brilliantly outlandish fashion shows in the world. Here's a look at what some designers want men to wear in the spring of 2013, hot off the Paris Men's Fashion Week runways.

Hayley William's New Hair June 2012 Photo Sara Scoggs' Photos

Paramore is hard at work on album #4 (eeeepppp!), and the band's leading lady has a new hair style for the occasion. She posted this photo on her Tumblr with the caption, No, my hair isn’t blonde…… But it IS this color. I always love that Hayley cha…

Anderson Cooper Comes Out As Gay

This just in: Anderson Cooper is out of the closet. After years of remaining mute about his personal life, the 45-year-old CNN anchor has announced that he is gay and proud. Though Cooper has never denied or hidden his sexual orientation, he publicl…

Ashley Greene: I'm Too Young For Marriage!

Ashley Greene is happy in her relationship, but she isn't planning to think about marriage any time soon. Unlike her 19-year-old LOL costar Miley Cyrus, Greene, 25, has no interest in being a young bride.

Easter Eggs Pixar Hid In "Brave"

How do you get the Pizza Planet truck into a movie set hundreds of years before the invention of the combustible engine? Very, very sneakily.

Try Not To Have Your Mind Blown By This BMX Trick

Sure this is impressive, but I can ride my bike without training wheels, so your move, Scotty Cranmer.

We Survived A Brony Convention

BronyCon brought together over 4,000 adult fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Here's what went down.

32 Awkward Yearbook Photos Of Media Personalities

Even back then, they were (mostly) kind of suave and blowdried. And then there is Glenn Beck.

When George Romney Invited The Press To Church

From Anchorage to Wolfeboro, a far more private approach. What Kasie Hunt saw.

Steve Nash Is Ben Stiller

Seriously, watch this new ad he cut for some random health-food product and just try and tell me his cadence, timing, and delivery aren't a spitting image of Ben Stiller.

Madonna's Truck Accident Stops Swedish Traffic

A truck carrying the sound system for Madonna's 2012 World Tour has overturned on a Swedish highway, causing multiple crashes.

How Women Talk With Their Gams

From a 1969 "Playboy." We live in a "Utopian leggy domain." Learn how to be king, clueless young man.

Republican Congressman Slams Romney On Immigration

Romney has kept Rep. David Rivera at a distance over financial questions. "I'm not willing to participate in any Hispanic outreach efforts without seeing more details on a permanent solution for these kids," Rivera tells BuzzFeed.

Tom Cruise Divorce: Katie Holmes Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring

If her left hand is any indication, Katie Holmes is ready to be a single woman again. The actress, who filed for divorce from Tom Cruise on Friday, has stepped out in public without her wedding ring.

Count Robert De La Rochefoucauld

En route to his execution in Auxerre, La Rochefoucauld made a break, leaping from the back of the truck carrying him to his doom, and dodging the bullets fired by his two guards. Sprinting through the empty streets, he found himself in front of the …

Rumor: Kate Upton Will Cover The First Issue Of Carine Roitfeld’s New Mag, CR Fashion Book

We got a peek at a preview for Carine Roifteld’s hotly anticipated new mag CR Fashion Book last week–a teaser featuring models in cropped wigs slinking around on mirrored floors that will run in V this Thursday. But we just heard a little bit of gos…

Anderson Cooper Comes Out To Help Save Kids From Being Bullied, Gets Bullied By Conservatives

Cenk convenes a special TYT Supreme Court about Anderson Cooper’s unsurprising announcement that he is gay. Should he have come out earlier, especially given that the media have been covering “rumors” of his sexuality for so many years? Will coming …

Summer Jeans Under $50

It may be unbearably hot outside, but, believe it or not, retail stores are already making room for fall stuff. Why do we want to share this with you? Because looking good doesn't have to be expensive. Lots of summer clothing is now on sale, and you…

Meet The Camo-Clad, Gonzo Bloggers Behind The Fast And Furious Story

The most high-profile scandal of the Obama presidency has its roots in reporting by two conservative gun rights bloggers. "I don't want this to be a partisan football — I want this to be an American issue," says Codrea.

The Dugout: Gotta Keep Jim Thome Way Down In The Hole, Part 2

Jim Thome is now a Baltimore Oriole, and “Jim Thome trades” are between “Phillie Phanatic got injured” and “Kate Upton uploaded naked pictures of herself” on the list of important stories for me to cover. It’s just what I do.

The Snake And The Wheel: The Cyclical Nature Of Metal Gear From

My sense of deja vu would have been even more profound had Konami localized MGS's more direct predecessor, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX2 home computer. For all intents and purposes, MG2 and MGS may as well have been the same game. The story…

Mitt Romney At Leisure: 28 Photos From His Vacation

He seems to be having a good time during his week off in New Hampshire.

Would You Rather…? Kim Kardashian Vs. Kate Moss, The Tom Ford Zipper Back Dress Edition

Last night Kim Kardashian hit the BET Awards with her future baby daddy (our early prediction), Kanye West. It’s been no secret that Yeezy has been helping to elevate Kim’s style–a process that apparently involves removing all color from her wardrob…

Eric Cantor Blows Off Nuns On The Bus

The Nuns on the Bus pulled into House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's Virginia office Sunday on what would be the final full day of their nine-state bus tour across the country.

Sony's Gaikai Acquisition Could Shake Up The Industry

The latest viral buzz from

China 'Cannibal' Attack: Drunk Bus Driver Leaps On Woman In Street And Chews On Her Face

The unfortunate woman will apparently require plastic surgery to repair the damage done by her crazed attacker in the city of Wenzhou.

How To Enjoy A Beef On Weck When You’re Not In Buffalo

I have no idea why the chicken wing was the food to make it out of Buffalo. I mean, I understand the appeal, but its ultimate success is baffling when you consider my beloved hometown’s other signature dish—the beef on weck, which, were this a right…

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