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July 16, 2012

Creepy Little Girls Photo - Buzznet

Zhang Peng and his creepy little girls I posted one of Zhang Peng's photos on my Facebook wall a while back but I just found a whole series he's done in 2006 and it's so cute/creepy I had to share with you guys! Zhang uses photography and painting t…

Buy Less But Pay More

Allen Tucker writes about how people should pay more for the goods and services they buy. I especially liked this bit on tipping:

A Tale Of Two Campaigns

BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller joins HLN's Christi Paul to talk about his story highlighting the starke differences between the Obama and Romney campaigns. Miller also responds to the New York Post's article about Obama's call for supporters add fundraising efforts through wedding registries. "I'd take the tupperware."

Ron Paul Delegates Promise To Behave

Paul delegates in Massachusetts had a particularly turbulent fight with Romney backers. In a video, they speak directly to the camera and promise to behave in Tampa.

Jennifer Aniston Does Wacky Promos For "Ellen"

In preparation for her 10th season on the air, Ellen Degeneres teamed up with Jennifer Aniston to make some fun new promos for the show. Ellen is awesome, and it's so cool that she's friends with everybody.

Cover Story: 1UP's Essential 100, Part One From

We'l be publishing four Essential 100 cover stories throughout the remainder of 2012; 100 retrospectives in a single week was a little more than we (or you) could handle. This week kicks things off starting at the 100th most important game of all ti…

An Introduction To 7 Awesome Indie Nail Polish Labels

While perusing some nail blogs, I noticed an underground world of indie polishes, and a whole cult of girls who obsess over them. Nail polishes are kind of like "it" bags — I'd rather wear an interesting, mysterious shade than some hotly coveted, limited edition Chanel polish that anyone who reads any fashion rag can identify instantly.

The Retinapocalypse

It'll take a little while for super-high-resolution gadget screens to become the norm, and developers are going to have to design special "Retina" versions of their apps and sites in the meantime. This, though, isn't just about that — about what happens five years later, when low-res screens are dying, but not yet dead.

The Hottest Trends In Crossplay At Comic-Con

This season's trendiest looks for cross dressing costume play at the San Diego Comic Book Convention, or: CROSS COS AT COM CON! There weren't that many dudes dressing as women, but ladies love cool Thor.

The First Woman To Represent Malaysia In Olympic Shooting Will Be Eight Months Pregnant

Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi, a 29-year-old logistics officer in the Malaysian Navy, isn't the first pregnant competitor in Olympics history, but she will be the most heavily pregnant athlete. She told the New York Times that someday she will tell her daughter, “You are very lucky, you’re not born yet and you already went to the Olympics.”

31 Things I Learned At San Diego Comic-Con

I went to Comic-Con last weekend, and I learned a lot about comic books, video games, open bars, and waiting in long lines. If you've never been, maybe this will help convince you to make it out to San Diego next summer. Seriously, there was something for everyone.

Even The Boxes Are Making Fun Of Unboxing Now

Seems like most Nexus 7 reviewers had the same question: how the hell do I open this box? A great reminder that it's waayyy past time to stop with the unboxings. There's never a surprise!

"What The F*** Is iCloud?"

It's coming time for Apple users to pay their cloud storage dues. One problem: a lot of them have no idea what that even means.

Dennis Kucinich's Second Act

Kucinich has started a PAC called "Kucinich Action." The Washington idea didn't work out, but now "people will be competing to get us involved."

BuzzFeed Special Report: The Hill Cumorah Pageant

This weekend saw the 75th annual Hill Cumorah pageant in Palmyra, New York, where thousands of Mormons gathered to reenact the founding of their religion. As McKay Coppins reports, the pageant this year was freighted with extra meaning as a Mormon candidate seeks the office of the President; meanwhile, Katie Notopoulos weighs in on what was Fab and what was Drab at the event.

Romney In 2002: I Was Wrong To Ask Ted Kennedy To Release His Tax Returns

"Senator Kennedy, when I was running against him I said, 'Boy you gotta release those income tax returns,' and he said, 'No I value my privacy,'" Romney said in this gubernatorial debate. "And I think he was right and I was wrong. As result I do share his view on this. I'm not going to release my income tax returns."

25 Baked Alternatives To Potato Chips And French Fries

Make healthy, baked versions of your favorite junk foods for something way more unexpected than your typical greasy potato-based sides. You might have never known that turnips, beets, and zucchinis could be so indulgent.

Cow Tells Dog A Secret

Tough to say from this angle, but I think the secret is that the dog has cow slobber all over his ear.

What It Takes To Become Joseph Smith

The Hill Cumorah Pageant is an enormous yearly reeactment of the Book of Mormon, and this teenager landed the role of the most famous Mormon. The trick? Having the hair for it.

Sage Stallone Found Dead Of Possible Overdose

It’s not exactly the fun/silly/strange news we love to report here, but it happened so you might as well hear about it. Sage Stallone, Sylvester Stallone’s 36-year-old son from his first marriage, to Sasha Czack, was found dead in his home in Studio…

8 Etiquette Tips For Aspiring Cosplayers

To be the best in the wide world of cosplay (short for "costume play") that you can be, you won't just need the best costume. You'll need manners — and deodorant. Comic-Con's best explain.

Penis Necks?

New creepy—technically safe for work—safe sex ads via perverted Germany.

The Walking Dead Vs. BuzzFeed

We bravely ran the zombie obstacle course at "The Walking Dead Escape" during Comic-Con. And by "bravely," I mean that we screamed like tiny children. Here are the embarrassing GIFs to prove it.

32 Enviable Workspaces, Offices, And Studios

Most of us spend eight hours a day or more at our desks, and yet many never take the time to make that space as interesting, beautiful, comfortable, or personal as our living areas. Take these diverse work environments as inspiration for creating a space that fits you perfectly.

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