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July 29, 2012

Meet The Stuntman Who Parachuted Into The Olympic Opening Ceremony Dressed As The Queen

Sorry to inform you that the parachutist wasn't actually the Queen. (She didn't want to mess up her hair.)

Jerry Jones Wants The Dallas Cowboys To Get Some "Glory Hole"

The Cowboys owner was being interviewed when he began talking about the halcyon days of the '90s. He used a strange word to describe those days.

Awesome Olympic Nail Art

The athletes can't rock a manicure, but you can celebrate your Olympic spirit with some pinkie torches.

13 Photos Of The First Classically British Rain Of The Olympics

This is a surprise to absolutely no-one.

Beware! ALEC Is Back — And 'Just As Right-wing As Ever'

Wisconsin State Rep. Mark Pocan is “undercover” at the American Legislative Exchange Council conference and shares his insights into the bill mill’s future agenda. Pocan tells Jennifer Granholm that ALEC is concerned about corporate push-back, espec…

5 Photos That Illustrate The Cool Vibes Of The U.S. Men's Water Polo Team

Over the course of their victory over Montenegro, the U.S. water polo team showed off many facial expressions, awesome robes, and chiseled abs.

The Sweetest Orphaned Baby Walrus In The World

Walruses are so hot right now! Between dancing to Michael Jackson and making crazy noises, who would have thought they also had time to be heart-warming cuddlers?! Walruses, guys! You heard it here first.

16-Year-Old American Table Tennis Player Ariel Hsing Almost Upset The World #2

She ended up losing to China's Li Xiaoxia 4-2, but she showed tremendous poise doing it.

The Best Of The New York Times’ Pug Journalism

Meet the best fodder for New York Times style pieces for a hundred years plus: the pug. 10. Cyrano the Pug Has Gout: It is the Result of High Living, as

Ryan Lochte Got Caught In The Last Leg Of The Men's 4x100m Relay

French swimmer Yannick Agnel beat Lochte right at the end, earning France the gold and forcing the U.S. to settle for silver. Watch it here.

Hope Solo Is Pissed At Brandi Chastain

The outspoken US goalkeeper unleashed a series of angry tweets in response to soccer legend and announcer Brandi Chastain's criticism of the team's defense.

The 29 Prettiest Horses In The 2012 Olympics Eventing Competition

Equestrian disciplines are the only Olympic events with animals, and one of only three where women and men compete against each other. That's interesting and all, but I think we all know it's really about looking at pretty horses, especially the ones who wear little hats.

A Pomeranian Wearing Sneakers

Of course they're Chuck Taylors, you little hipster dog. Adorable.

Meet Poland's One-Armed Olympic Table Tennis Player

It's hard to get more inspiring than Poland's Natalia Partyka.

Ex-"New York Times" Editor Bill Keller And The Fake Wikileaks Op-Ed

Yesterday, a link to an opinion piece by former New York Times editor Bill Keller was all over Twitter. Turns out it was a prank that fooled even the paper's lead tech writer. (Updated)

Ryan Lochte Has An American Flag Diamond Grill

Ryan "Lil Jon, Patriot, Bald Eagle" Lochte.

The Most Boring Culture On Earth

But maybe Americans are becoming more boring as our children's freedom to explore is curtailed:

The 13 Best Moments Of The US Men's Basketball Team's First Olympic Game

This team is going to be fun (and funny) to watch.

The Kitty Knight Rises And Kitty Of Steel

Cat blogger Sweet Furr decided to dress her cats Cooper and Pancake up as the caped crusaders. I would watch this movie.

First Lady Michelle Obama Hugs The Entire US Men's Basketball Team After Their Win

What a cool moment. They lined up one-by-one to hug her.

Cenk On America's Real Job Creators: 'The Audience Put Me In This Job'

Cenk and Republican strategist Jack Burkman go toe-to-toe about who really creates jobs in America.

Newsweek Calls Romney A "Wimp"

The magazine revives the cover line it famously used to needle George H.W. Bush in 1987. "Is he just too insecure to be president?" UPDATE: Romney reacts.

The Most Bombastic Ad Claim

Literally. From 1955.

32 Super Hot Pictures Of The German Men's Gymnastics Team

Fabian Hambüchen, Sebastian Krimmer, Marcel Nguyen, Andreas Toba and -- most of all -- Philipp Boy, are the male German gymnasts this year. In the heat of the night on Saturday evening, the world discovered their supreme hotness and matching haircuts.

Comedian John Fugelsang Takes On Mitt Romney's London Gaffes, The 2012 Olympics

“Mitt Romney’s been going around falsely accusing Barack Obama of going across the world apologizing for America. Now America has to go across the world and apologize for Mitt Romney,” Fugelsang quips.

How To Have The Best Olympic Birthday Ever

Michelle Obama and an entire crowd singing you "Happy Birthday" while NBA stars play is a pretty great day.

The Terrifying Screams Of Olympic Fencing

Today's Round of 16 sabre match between the US's Tim Morehouse and Belarus' Dmitri Lapkes got really intense. Like, "I'm a little scared," intense.

London 2012 Opening Ceremony: First Hand

Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean was met with whoops of delight when he popped up on the stadium’s massive screens, during the opening notes of Chariots of Fire. Daniel Craig’s Bond cameo was even more extraordinary. Quite how Boyle sold this to Her Madge w…

Brilliant Local TV Commercial

For Surplus Sales in Hudson, Florida. There's juggling.

A Mystery Woman Crashed The Opening Ceremony

She wasn't a part of the Indian delegation, but that didn't stop her from marching with them.

The Future Of Tetris As An Olympic Sport From

Is the world's most popular puzzle game ready for a future in competitive gaming?

Here Is Kate Middleton Playing Soccer And Doing Judo In A $55 Dress

Despite reports of Kate Middleton‘s astronomical wardrobe budget (Forbes put it at $54,000 for the first half of 2012) the Duchess is back to her thrifty ways, sporting a $55 dress from UK high street label Hobbs at an official visit to Bacon’s Coll…

Here Is A Picture Of Michelle Obama High-Fiving David Beckham In Another Color Block Outfit By Derek Lam

Ostensibly, the duo was there to help raise awareness of the campaign, which encourages kids to be more active and maintain healthy habits–but we like to think they were really there to just give us this amazing high-five moment. MObama looks ama…

Foreign Troops To Confiscate American Guns Under UN Treaty // Current TV

For those who’ve been wondering how the domestic gun grabbers or the United Nations think they’re going to get away with gun control here at home, one need

Hands-On With The Nintendo 3DS XL Video From

Hands-on with the Nintendo 3DS XL Video, We unbox the new Nintendo handheld and transfer content from an old system for your infotainment!

Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders Affair

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders enjoyed dinner together at Monsieur Vuong restaurant in Berlin, Germany, while on the press tour for Snow White And The Huntsman in May and while they were joined by cast and crew, they only had eyes for each other…

Walkerville Family Murders: Horrific Death Of Boy, 12, Drowned In Boiling Water After Robbers Raped His Mother

The men broke into the house in Johannesburg and assaulted and shot dead Tony and Geraldine Viana before pushing Amaro, pictured, into scalding water.

‘Zoolander 2′ Is Apparently Still Happening

Drew McWeeny from HitFlix recently sat down with the cast of The Watch – Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn, and Richard Ayoade – and he did that thing that actors always seem to love at press junkets, when he asked only Stiller about a project t…

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