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July 12, 2012

Every Game Is Hayao Miyazaki From

Miyazaki and video games famously don't get along. According to a write-up by former 1UP editor (now 8-4 Ltd. contributor) Kevin Gifford, Miyazaki was deeply displeased by Technopolis Soft's PC-6001 adaptation of Studio Ghibli's debut film, Nausicäa…

How To Make 17th-Century Delights: Whipp’d Syllabub

Hospitality mavens of the 1690s knew that, if you were expecting company, you’d do well to serve up a nice cold syllabub. (As the nursery rhyme goes, the queen of clubs made syllabubs.) Syllabub, a foamy, marvelous vehicle for wine and cream and fro…

Fashion At The ESPY Awards

A bunch of athletes, all dressed up. Also: Brian Wilson's date was really ...something.

"Oz The Great And Powerful" Debut Trailer

Can James Franco pull off the iconic Wizard?

7 Things That Would Be More Fun To Do With Coworkers Than A Juice Fast

The New York Times reports that people who work together in offices around the nation are bonding by doing everyone's least favorite solo activity as a group: juice cleanses! (Ew!) Here, some generally unpleasant activities that would be more enjoyable for a clan of coworkers to do together than juice cleansing.

Adorably Cheesy "Frankenweenie" Homage Trailer

The greatest story the screen will ever know! Disney brings out the 50s camp for the Frankenweenie comic-con trailer.

The "Five Favorite Films" Of Interesting People

"What are your five favorite films?" is the question Rotten Tomatoes has been posing to celebrities for years. Here are some of the most revealing lists they have published. Please, add your own top five in the comments (and explain why they are the best, that makes it way more interesting)!

How Romney Walked Into A Bain Trap

The rhythm of a general election. Welcome to the NFL.

Prepare To Start Chanting "U-S-A" Uncontrollably

This video makes me proud to put a little green towards our red, white and blue. And also proud enough to start hollering "U-S-A" in the middle of my office after watching.

25 Everyday Things That Are So Boring But So Interesting

Here's a tribute to the mildly interesting things that you think about telling someone about, but just decide not to.

Kirk Cameron Won't Stop Talking About Gay Marriage

Alternate title: Kirk Cameron Continues To Be The Worst. Ugh.

Occupier Blames Movement's Limbo On Anarchist Attrition

A founding member of New York's occupation says too few talented anarchists have stayed onboard. "A trickling loss of talent continues to this day."

22 Incredibly Creepy Toys

I hope you weren't planning on falling asleep tonight.

The Multiple "Controversies" Of The US Olympic Uniforms

Ranked from most to least dumb, but seriously, they're all dumb.

Kristin Chenoweth Is OKAY!

After an on set injury, she has been released from the hospital.

Poll: Romney Supporters Are More Excited

The Pew Research Center's polling shows a strong partisan gap in the level of political engagement. 70% of Romney supporters, but only 62% of Obama supporters, consider themselves to be highly engaged.

Q&A: Jane Pratt On Shamelessness, The Diminishing Influence Of Print Media, And Much More

After running Sassy and Jane magazines, Pratt launched A little over a year into her latest venture, she speaks to BuzzFeed Shift about the Internet, her infamous writer Cat Marnell, and why she'd do a reality show.

Why We Love LIGHTS Photo - Buzznet

LIGHTS is one of our favorite female musicians. Not only is she stunningly beautiful and talented, she is also level headed and relates to her fans. She keeps busy making music we love, touring, and also manages to keep her life grounded. Take a loo…

The Naughty 2012 Olympics Logo

With the Olympics about two weeks away, consider this a final you-can't-unsee-it reminder that the 2012 London Olympics logo looks like Lisa Simpson performing oral sex.

The 23 Grossest Things You'll Find On Pinterest

Pinterest is all about the pretty stuff: cute DIY ideas, vacation photos, dream weddings, and so on. But if you dig deep enough, you can indeed find some nasty things.

Cute Baby Sea Turtle Trying To Swim

It isn't in the water, so it doesn't get anywhere. But the only thing that matters here is LITTLE TINY!

BAMF Girls Club

Role Call: Katniss Everdeen, Buffy Summers, Michonne, Lisbeth Salander, Hermione Granger And Bella Swan. What happens when you get five of the most kick ass fictional ladies and one whiny teenager living together in one house?

Henri The Existential Cat Has An Admirer

Her name is Anais Mittins, and she knows exactly what she wants. Not familiar with Henri? Watch up: part one and part two.

The Onion's Faux Reality Series "Sex House" Should Definitely Be Real

I mean, it doesn't seem all that different than Bachelor Pad to me!

The Overwhelming Grimness of the Facebook App Center

Most app stores just give you apps. Facebook's gives me a panic attack.

A Napping Lion Gets Woken By A Fly

Even huge lions are annoyed by tiny flies.

What If The Wicked Witch Had Common Sense And Other Links

Seriously lady, wear gloves and a mask at least. Plus, a former CIA agent is ready to talk Roswell and just a reminder that Heath Ledger is dead.

This Is A Bird With A Handlebar Mustache

A totally unironic handlebar mustache, mind you. Birds don't understand irony.

This Is What Snake Venom Does To Your Blood

Pretty scary stuff here folks.

Heat And Mood

Heat-wave sufferers, here's your excuse for being cranky.

Gradient Kawaii Nails Tutorial Photo

Gradient Kawaii Nails Tutorial What you need: - One lighter and one darker nail polish - Top coat nail polish - make up sponge Optional: - More than 2 colors - Glitter top coat I love this gradient manicure idea and it's super easy to do yourself or…

What You Wish "Political Animals" Was Actually About

Animals , right? Us too, so we've decided to change up the cast a little.

What Robert Smith From The Cure Looks Like Today

Just in case you were wondering.

"Jobs" Legislation Could Cost Sailors 10,000 Jobs

A difficult tradeoff buried in the highway bill. “This is an effect of the unwillingness of the Tea Party Congress to actually fund highways," says Rep. Larsen.

Read The 2002 Financial Disclosure Forms Listing Romney's Role At Bain As "Executive"

A report from the Boston Globe today claims Romney left Bain Capital later than previously claimed, 2002 not 1999. The company says the issue is merely technical, and he was gone from the firm.

First Look! "Item 47" Clip Is Way, WAY Too Short

Marvel why would you do this to us? No clip would almost be better than this tease.

Ranked: Disney Princesses From Least To Most Feminist

I just saw Brave, and it got me thinking about the grand tradition of Disney princesses. Brave is a Pixar movie, and its heroine, Merida, is a fairy-tale feminist. Disney princesses for the most part, are not. Most need to be rescued by their male l…

The Evolution Of The Batmobile

Check out all of Batman's badass rides, from the 1966 original to the Dark Knight Tumbler.

Obama's Absence The Talk Of NAACP Convention

"I don't think there's anyone around the president who's really, truly from the black community," complains Chambliss.

Eerily Quiet SDCC Show Floor Prior To Open

From here to eternity Hall H. Alternate title: There And Back Again, A SDCC Story

Dubious Trend Alert: Visors

ScarJo's wearing them, Vogue editors covet them, and designers continue to show them on the runways. But they're VISORS. Are they really a trend?

Jason Biggs' "Magic Mike" Audition Tape

Looks like he nailed it. Beware some NSFW language and some SFW but terrible dancing. (via

Man, 21, Eaten Alive In Tiger Enclosure After Breaking Into Zoo At Night In Suspected Suicide

The victim, who has been identified as a 20-year-old of Afghan descent living in Copenhagen, was savaged by three tigers after he broke into the zoo in the Danish capital in the early hours.

The Paterno Family's Statement On The Freeh Report

Or, "Don't Just Blame Joe Paterno."

One Chart Explains Why Your Cell Service Sucks

And why it's so expensive, and why we don't all have 4G yet, and why we still get that roaming icon so much, etc. The red line represents carriers' spending on network infrastructure over the years, relative to revenues. It's still declining despite, like, everybody getting network-straining smartphones.

This Is What Happens When You Leave Gummy Vitamins In A Hot Car

Looks like I can finally catch up on all those vitamins I missed.

This Might Be The Most Awesome Handshake Ever

Courtesy of Joel McHale and Rob Riggle at last night's ESPY Awards.

The Trippiest Ice Cave Ever

Photographer Christian Klepp's photo of an Iceland ice cave looks like a turbulent sea frozen overhead. How cool! (Sorry.)

Superhero Oil Paintings

Geek icons have never looked so classy. French artist Berk Senturk created this awesomely geeky series of oil paintings entitled Like a Sir.

Rare Photos From The Early Days Of Metallica

"MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW:" is a new coffee table book with over 400 photos from the early '80s East Bay thrash metal scene that Metallica came from. So much good hair.

Exclusive! Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2 Pages

Who says you can't kick ass in a miniskirt? Before she was shacking up with an omniscient blue scientist, Laurel Juspeczyk was cutting her crime fighting teeth on the streets of San Francisco.

In Primary Debate, Romney Suggested He Was At Bain Until 2002

Mitt Romney's campaign often says he stayed at Bain Capital only until 1999, and isn't responsible for outsourcing that occurred after he left the company. But documents reported by the Boston Globe suggest otherwise. Romney may have accidentally suggested he was at Bain until 2002 in a primary debate saying “I worked at one company Bain for 25 years." Since Romney started at Bain in 1977, adding 25 years would have meant he left in 2002 according to his own count. Update An earlier post failed to note Romney had said the one company he worked at was Bain.

People On Twitter Are Comparing Frank Ocean To Jerry Sandusky

Frank Ocean told a beautiful story about falling in love with a man. Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child molestation.

Katie Holmes Took Suri To The Zoo And It Was Adorable

The two went to the Central Park Zoo where they fed the animals. Good to see them both looking so happy!

Yes! It's Finally Here! Facebook-Inspired Designer Makeup!

This palette by YSL is a "declaration of love" to the brand's Facebook fans. According to the brand, the "Pure Chromatics Devoted To Fans" palette "[weaves] together the now highly identifiable Facebook blue with the luxurious Yves Saint Laurent design."

Obama Campaign: Romney A Liar, Potential Criminal

Cutter turns the rhetorical volume way up.

Twitter Divides In Response To Daniel Tosh's Rape Joke

I was most surprised to see Louis C.K. defend Tosh. But it doesn't even matter which side of the argument you happen to side with because many respectable people have been tweeting their passion on both sides of the argument.

Biden: Don't Trust Romney, Republicans On Civil Rights

Tells NAACP convention, "This is not your father's Republican Party."

Ke$ha Has A Sweet New Kitten

The singer said on twitter last week that this little guy was handed to her through her car window by a "Russian sketch ball" after she visited a "gnarly strip club". After much deliberation, she has decided to name him Mr. Peep$. All photos from keshasuxx on twitter.

Normal-Sized Women Were Once Considered Attractive, Says Difficult-To-Believe Report

Can you even get your head around the idea that we once lived in a world where women were encouraged to GAIN WEIGHT and show off fuller figures? It's crazy! I can't believe it, and neither can Matt Lauer, who calls it "a world upside-down." And how!…

No I Don't Want To Be Your OkCupid Slave

OkCupid isn't a meeting space for 50 Shades Of Gray enthusiasts. But some people treat it like a one-stop slave-shop.

Baby Sings Self To Sleep While Father Plays Metallica On The Guitar

After watching this adorable video, Nothing Else (will) Matter.

The Best Of Taco Bell's Twitter Account

Doing it right. The 17-year-old in me needed this post to be made.

Cute Dog Doing His Very Best Kangaroo Impression

The title of the video is "The sunshine sends my dog a little loopy..." We all need a little sunshine in our lives.

The Funniest Quotes In Sports History

Intentional or not, these are the quotes that made people laugh.

If Pee-wee Herman Voiced Every Character In "The Dark Knight Rises"

Jimmy Fallon does an incredible Pee-wee Herman. All trailers should be done this way.

Breaking Batman

A pretty great mashup of "Breaking Bad" and the Batman movies. Next week is going to be the best week ever.

Amy Winehouse Burying The Royal Couple Alive

It's a macabre new ad for a Chilean newspaper. Another one features Steve Jobs burying Julian Assange.

What Was Your First Screenname?

Was it for AOL Instant Messenger, or Myspace, or maybe some messageboard? No matter what it was for though, I bet it was totally embarrassing and awesome.

What Kim And Kanye Will Look Like In 20 Years

Sometimes couples let themselves go.

Pig And Parrot Are Best Friends

According to their Australian owner, Xena the miniature pig and and Jazz the Quaker parrot are like brother and sister. They don't look related to me, but obviously they have a lot in common: they're both adorable.

Is She A Friend Or More?

The latest viral buzz from

Vice’s Acid-Tongued ‘Dos And Don’ts’ Editor On All That Goes Into Critiquing Street Style (Being Hungover Helps)

Long before Scott and Garance won a CFDA media award and street style became a phenomenon and source of emotional distress, there was Vice Dos and Don’ts. It began as a column in the print magazine (an ASME National Magazine Awards finalist for Gene…

Talking Gold: An Interview With Swimmer Natalie Coughlin

BuzzFeed Sports spoke with 11-time medalist Natalie Coughlin about living as a professional swimmer, posing for Sports Illustrated, and how exactly Olympians are crazy.

13 Steps To Being A World Champion Bartender

Some tips from the Diageo Reserve World Class, otherwise known as the world series of bartending: smell everything, and wear something ridiculous.

Are You Sad Rihanna's New Fashion Reality Show Is Only Airing In The U.K.?

I know I am after watching this trailer for the series.

5 Ways To Fight Back Against Bogus Debt Collectors

Whether you're being pestered by legitimate debt collectors with mistaken information or scammers, consumers need to fight back.

Cat Boots

Out this winter—UGGs. In—Cat Boots.

Kid Breaks The World Record For Most Half Court Shots In A Minute

But he should have kept it a secret. I have a feeling NBA teams won't be asking him to hit one of these shots for a million bucks.

Rush Limbaugh's Facebook Page For Female Fans Is A Big Hit — Among Users In India

Cenk and viewers at take a closer look at Rush Limbaugh’s Facebook page designed to prove that women loooove Rush. But why is New Delhi, India, listed as the most popular city among fans of the page? Cenk drops a big elbow for yet anoth…

SpaceEngine Simulator Lets You Be An Intergalactic Tourist

Even if you've abandoned your childhood dream of captaining the Starship Enterprise, you can still explore the outer reaches of the universe with free space simulation software called SpaceEngine.

Hot Or Not Miley Cyrus' New Arm Tattoo Photo Yasi's Photos

Not to be all judging-books-by-covers-ish, but we never really pegged Miley Cyrus as a history buff. But sheesh what do I know she could be spending her evenings reading biographies about Aaron Burr and Charlemagne. Heck, she might even do Civil War…

Streaker Interrupts London 2012 Olympics Torch Relay

As all eyes turn to London ahead of the Olympic games, one (very naked) man steals a moment of the spotlight.

Why Aren't We On OKCupid?

Previously: The Magic Mike Pie. Ann Friedman is unemployed and single. When she gets home after consuming too many adult beverages on a weeknight, she likes to search for vintage sunglasses on Etsy.

Rubber Bands Explode Watermelon

If you put enough rubber bands around a watermelon, it will explode. (via serious eats)

Exposing Mitt Romney's Lie That Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Lead To 'Job Creators'

Mitt Romney continues to insist that cutting taxes for the most wealthy will help the “job creators” reinvest in America’s economy — but today’s top tax rates are already at a historic low and both the GDP and job growth are way, way down. “This is …

"The Dark Knight Rises" Mondo Poster

Comic Con hasn't even officially begun, but the Batman bounty begins. From Mondo artist Jock comes this limited edition poster only available for sale at San Diego Comic Con.

Every Game Is Osamu Tezuka From

Stylistically, Tezuka doesn't exert as much direct influence over today's manga and anime as he did in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. You can still see clear nods in the gentle, good-natured design of games like Little King's Story, but the unfortunate f…

Pets Boost Infant Immunity To Infections

KUOPIO, Finland, July 10 (UPI) -- Infants, who had contact with dogs at home had fewer respiratory tract symptoms or infections than children with no dog contacts, researchers in Finland found.

Important ‘Magic Mike’ News: Olivia Munn’s Boobs Were Art, Son

The very first thing that I said when I walked out of Magic Mike was: “I saw Olivia Munn’s boobs.” I mean, I knew she was in the movie, but I didn’t know that she’d be topless in the first few minutes of the film. Hell, I didn’t even know that she’d…

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