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July 22, 2012

Dachshund Joins The Occupy Wall Street Movement

Hey, the wealth gap affects doggies too!

20 Examples Of Why Bill Nye Tho Is Twitter's Smartest Scientist

I don't think I'm alone in occasionally wondering what it'd be like if Bill Nye smoked a ton of weed and swore all the time. Fortunately, with @Bill_Nye_tho—the voice of a chiller generation—you no longer have to wonder. Here are twenty scientific facts you can learn from him.

Stairs In Every Color Of The Spectrum

This beautiful public art installation was created by Horst Gläsker, who applied acrylic paint to each of 112 outdoor steps in Wuppertal, Germany. Each step is a different color and bears a different German word.

Umbreon Pokémon Inspired Wedge Shoes

Self-proclaimed "fashion mogul in the making" Joco Comendador designed these shoes using the distinctive black and yellow Umbreon (a dark-type pokémon) as his muse. He plans to create an entire series of pokémon-inspired shoes.

Colorado Shooting Victims Remembered

The Arapahoe County Coroner's Office in Colorado has released the names of the 12 victims of Friday's shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Al-Alam And Reuters Report Hillary Clinton Convoy Attack In Israel // Current TV

Israeli radio and Reuters broke the story then went mysteriously silent, an assassination attempt inside Israel, on Secretary of State Clinton. Soon

The 14 Faces Of An Epic Golf Collapse

Adam Scott came into the final round of the British Open with a commanding lead. He left it the runner up. His face tells the story.

'Dark Knight Rises Colorado Shooting' A Hero Who Died Saving His Girlfriend, A Man At His Birthday Party... The Tragic Stories Of Twelve Victims Killed In Dark Knight Massacre

Ashley Moser, the mother of Veronica Moser-Sullivan, the youngest victim of the Dark Knight massacre, has reportedly gone into shock after being told her daughter was one of James Holmes' victims.

The British Open Just Saw One Of The Worst Collapses In Golf History

Adam Scott started the day four strokes up on the field, and seven up on Ernie Els. But a brutal finish, combined with a great day from Els, made for a result that no one expected.

The Weirdest Moment Of The British Open

Why did the crowd surround Tiger's shot like this? It's unclear. But at least that one guy has an awesome hat.

FBI: Missing Iowa Girls Likely Alive

EVANSDALE, Iowa, July 21 (UPI) -- The FBI said Saturday two missing Iowa girls are likely alive but authorities are not getting "total cooperation from all family and close friends."

South Korean Man Claims His Dog Gave Birth To A Cat

Jeong Pyong-bong, 63, claims that after his dog became pregnant in May, she recently gave birth to a litter of puppies... and one individual that looks and sounds just like a kitten. Obviously, it is impossible for a dog to give birth to a cat, so experts speculate that this is simply a "dog who looks a lot like a kitten."

32 Photos From Germany's 2012 "Hipster Olympics"

The second annual Hipster Olympics were held in Berlin on Saturday, and hundreds of young adults and teenagers participated in events such as "skinny jeans tug o' war," a "horn-rimmed glasses toss," and "bobbing for bubble tea pearls".

Yes, ‘The Master’ Is Based On Scientology And L. Ron Hubbard

Officially, ‘the Master’ is not about L.Ron Hubbard as he founded Scientology in the 1950’s. Unofficially, it’s totally about L. Ron Hubbard as he founded Scientology in the 1950’s.

The Dark Knight: Heath Ledger's Death, Morgan Freeman's Accident... How Batman Franchise Is Plagued By Tragedy

One of the greatest tragedies to strike previously was the death of Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in The Dark Knight. The actor was found dead in his Manhattan apartment in January 2008

States Where You Don't Want Your Car To Break Down

Western states are the worst -- i.e. most expensive -- places in the country for your car to break down.

Anne Hathaway's Ex Raffello Follieri Shares His Personal Snapshots From Their Relationship

  More... Pictured: Anne Hathaway's ex Raffaello Follieri returns to Italy after prison release Even her skinny jeans are too baggy! Anne Hathaway highlights thin legs in slim-fit trousers as she promotes The Dark Knight Rises

25 Reasons Food Is More Awesome On A Stick

From designer cake pops to healthy frozen grape "popsicles" to good old fashioned corn dogs, there's something about eating anything from a stick that will always make you feel like a kid again. Enjoy these pictures and recipes... I'll just be over here waiting for someone to bring me a half dozen of those tiny mac and cheese quesadillas on sticks. Stat!

Lauren Conrad Launched A Super Cute Eco-Friendly Accessories Line

LC’s fashion empire is growing. Following her successful Paper Crown and Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s lines, a fantastic beauty site, and various fashion books, the former reality TV star has quietly launched a collection of eco-friendly accessories wit…

Anonymous Retoucher Says ’100 Percent’ Of Fashion Images Have Been Altered, Calls Beauty Ads The ‘Biggest Lie Of All’

In a world where models are getting their limbs cut off left-right-and-center, and magazines are using photoshop to frankenstein their celeb covers, it’s no secret that a lot of retouching goes on these days. All you need to do is open any magazine–…

The Raunchiest Olympics Ever? Record 150,000 Condoms Handed Out To Athletes For London Games

The toned athletes - including glamorous champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton (pictured) - will receive 50,000 more contraceptives than they had in Beijing.

Gunman Who Massacred 12 At Movie Premiere Used Same Drugs That Killed Batman Star Heath Ledger And Messaged Web Lovers To Ask... Will You Visit Me In Prison?

James Holmes has been declining to explain to detectives why he assembled a terrifying arsenal for the indiscriminate massacre but after his arrest he told police that he was the Joker, Batman’s nemesis.

The Amount Of Dark Knight Rises Midnight Screenings Is Insane

This is a list of tonight’s screenings from the AMC Van Ness theater in San Francisco near where I live. Yes, those are all different screenings. I’ve never seen anything like this, and it seems to be similar situation in most major cities. Here’s t…

Man Of Steel Teasers From Zack Snyder, With Kevin Costner & Russell Crowe

After the jump, I’ve got the first two teasers from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, starring handsome Brit Henry Cavill, with Russell Crowe, and Amy Adams. All our superheroes are played by British and Australian guys now, because young American actors …

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