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25 Reasons Food Is More Awesome On A Stick

From designer cake pops to healthy frozen grape "popsicles" to good old fashioned corn dogs, there's something about eating anything from a stick that will always make you feel like a kid again. Enjoy these pictures and recipes... I'll just be over here waiting for someone to bring me a half dozen of those tiny mac and cheese quesadillas on sticks. Stat!

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2. Little Corn Dog Pops

Courtesy HungryGirl Por Vida

3. Pancake Pops

Instructions at Tater Tots & Jello

4. Baked Brie And Jam On A Stick

Instructions at Joy The Baker

5. Goat Cheese And Bacon Pops

From The Kitchn

6. Mini BLT Spears

Return to Sunday Supper has the deets

7. Grilled Cheese Pops

Instructions at Panini Happy

8. Macaron Pops

Ala Tartelette

9. Deep Fried Ravioli On A Stick

Just A Taste

10. Cookie Dough Pops

Details at Baked Perfection

11. Pie Pops

Recipe and instructions by Jen Cinclair

12. Caprese Skewers

Via The Girl Who Ate Everything

13. Frozen Grape Kebabs

Heritage School House

14. Rainbow Cubes On A Stick

Instructions at Hungry Rabbit

15. Watermelon... On A Stick

16. Marshmallow Pops

From The Wicked Noodle

17. Fried Tamale On A Stick

Check out Taste For Adventure for instructions

18. Iced Cookie Pops

Instructions and recipe at Belle Amour

19. Candy Apples

Lark Crafts

20. Mini Cinnamon Bun Pops

Ice Cream Before Dinner: Recipe and Instructions

21. Rice Krispie Treat Lollipop

The Shopping Mama with the recipe

22. Brownie Pops

Instructions at Whisk: A Food Blog

23. Strawberry And Waffle Kabobs

The Family Kitchen has the scoop

24. Mac & Cheese Mini Quesadillas On Toothpicks

Life With Mel

25. A French Fry Wrapped Hot Dog On A Stick

Korean street food, via Matt Bites

Korean street food, via Matt Bites

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