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July 6, 2012

Dodge Charger SRT8 Vs. Mercedes-Benz CLS63

Looking for a big sedan? We compare the Dodge Charger SRT8 to the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 to find out which one comes out on top.

Polar Bear Cub Hitches A Ride And Other Weekend Links

Pick me up, Mom! Also, Hollywood is already talking Spider-Man sequels and you can buy camel burgers now.

Cenk To FOX: 'Stop Pretending That You Care About Christian Values At All'

Investigative reporter John Stossel went undercover as a homeless man for a few hours, and he’s using that as a basis for why people shouldn’t give money to the poor. Cenk calls Stossel out for his appearance on “FOX & Friends,” where he said that d…

Show The "Screamotron3000" How You Really Feel

Photographer Billy Hunt modified a boombox to make a device that snaps a camera when the subject lets out a primal scream. His hope is to "offer a window through the inherently artificial process of portraiture into real human emotion." Just looking at these pictures feels cathartic.

Fearing Paulites, Nebraska GOP To Tighten Security At State Convention

Spurred by what happened at other Republican state conventions, Nebraska will beef up security measures at its own next weekend.

Why "Seventeen" Should Have Dropped Extreme Retouching Years Ago

Looking at the magazine years ago, when I was 16, led to disordered eating that left me mentally and physically scarred into adulthood.

People Crying To The Super Mario Bros. Music

When are the wrenching sounds of human misery totally fun to hear? When they're played side-by-side with the music from the original Super Mario Bros. game. YAY CRYING!

18 Pictures That Will Mess With Your Mind

Things can be really confusing sometimes.

6 Ways To Avoid Embarrassingly Sweating Through Your Clothes

How can you not be the Chosen Sweaty One in the heat? The Fashion Mailbag is here with some ideas.

How One Woman Got Secretly Pregnant So She Could Flee Scientology

Astra Woodcraft grew up in a family that was part of Scientology's strict Sea Org, and got married at 15. Feeling she had no other way to escape the difficult lifestyle, she got pregnant at a time when Church superiors instructed women not to have children.

Official: Iran Can Strike U.S. Bases

TEHRAN, July 4 (UPI) -- Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is prepared to hit 35 U.S. facilities in the Middle East early in a possible attack, a corps leader said Wednesday.

This Crab May Or May Not Be Batman

Think about it. You've never seen this crab and Batman in the same place at the same time, have you? No.

14 Reasons Why You Should Love Rebel Wilson

I love Rebel Wilson and you should too! Get to know her before she becomes a big celeb and stuff.

John Roberts' Malta Class: The Supreme Court In Historical Perspective

The course taught by the Supreme Court's Chief Justice is for only one credit and meets six times with a take home exam. "The Supreme Court In Historical Perspective" examines "how the role and operation of the Supreme Court have changed since the nation’s founding, with particular emphasis on the role of the Chief Justice."

21 Gifs With Shocking Twist Endings

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these 21 short Gilms (gif-films).

What Happens When You Cross An Animated GIF And A Snowglobe?

Well, this. The magical cinema snowglobe.

15 Things That Have Happened Since A British Man Won Wimbledon

Andy Murray is the first Brit to make the Finals in 74 years, and he'll have a chance to do what hasn't been done since 1936. Since then, a lot has happened. World War II, for example!

The Most Awesome Asian Action Flicks On Netflix

The New York Asian Film Festival is in full swing this week. If you aren't able to make it over there, though, there's plenty of options from Netflix to salve the pain.

Heidi Klum Swears Off Marriage As Ex Seal Rebounds

Heidi Klum says, "I don't know if I'll get married again," while ex Seal rebounds with a beautiful brunette while vacationing in Italy.

Who Were You In Your Previous Life?

The internet is basically dead today, so why don't you come play this game. Post your former-self in the comments. DO IT!

Breaking Bad Season 5 Sneak Peek

It's just a short clip but it packs a punch. If you aren't all caught up, you probably shouldn't watch this.

Steampunk Spider-Man

Resident steampunk hater and my boss, Scott Lamb, is out today so I POST WHAT I WANT. Help enable my addiction by basking in the amazing art of Denis Mendri.

This Torn Up Giant Red Sweater Is Taking Over The World

Lots of celebs were caught wearing this $220 Wildfox sweater. So we figured you'd want to join them, since it's the coolest sweater on the block right now.

Obama Suggests He Struggled In First State Senate Election To Raise Cash, But Didn't

"When I was running for State Senate, I could not afford television commercials," Obama recalled in Pittsburgh today. "And Michelle and I we used to go door to door and pass out fliers that had printed out at Kinko's, and march in 4th of July parades. It is was hard work." But according to an article that ran in the Hyde Park Herald Obama, raised a significant amount of his money for his primary, $60,000. He ran unopposed after petitioning to get his four primary opponents kicked off the ballot.

Eye-Bombing Is The Latest Fad And Other Links

Summer wouldn't be complete without some new photography stunt to annoy all your friends with. Plus, superheroes that still need movies and deciphering cop speak.

Synchronized Swimming Actually Sounds Incredibly Grueling

The only two synchronized swimmers representing the U.S. at the Olympics are Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva. Here they discuss their brutal training schedule and underwater cardio exertion, and how far people's perception of their sport differs from reality.

Restaurant Owner Serves President Obama Breakfast, Dies

Ann Harris was "ecstatic" to meet the president.

How To Blow Up The Internet

Just go here, add the link to your bookmarks bar and DESTROY EVERYTHING. A wonderfully satisfying little script, and a perfect way to deal with awful comments. It's the browser equivalent to the head-crusher trick.

This Is A Cat With A Mustache

And a red t-shirt. Dapper!

Is This The Overly Attached Boyfriend?

Neither gender is safe anymore.

Biotech Stock Mailbag: Amarin Or Arena Takeout?

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Marlie Y. kicks off this week's Biotech Stock Mailbag: "Can you talk about the stocks that most interest you today and that may have big moves in the coming months? Thank you for your work and response to this question."

A Pug Wearing A Hand-Knit Yoda Hat

Things that never get old: 1. Pugs wearing hats. That's it, that's all that's on the list -- everything else gets old eventually.

Susan Boyle Is Looking And Doing Great, Thank You For Asking

Wonder what Susan Boyle, the British singing sensation, has been up to since her Britain's Got Talent days? Well, for one, she's looking terrific and receiving honorary degrees!

Leaked Memo: Knicks Owner James Dolan On What Jeremy Lin Offers The Team Won't Match

Thanks to this totally real and definitely not at all made up memo*, we know exactly what James Dolan is and isn't willing to do to re-sign Jeremy Lin.

Kim Jong-Un Has A New Theme Song

Today in propaganda: North Korea's leader has a new, majestic-sounding signature song.

The Coolest Deck Of Cards In The World

Spanish designers Jaime Vicente and María Herrera have put together "pixelcards," a deck of cards featuring video game-style pixelated graphics. Pick them up here.

The Prettiest Horse In The World

That mane! That tail! Why is this horse so pretty and shiny? Is it photoshopped? I dunno, it's from some Russian horse site.

Republicans New Video Hits Obama As Out Of Touch On The Economy

A new video from the Republican National Committee hits the President as out of touch for saying the latest jobs report were "a step in the right direction."

Kim And Kris Vs. Kim And Kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye west have officially been together 73 days. That's one day longer than her marriage to Kris Humphries. So here's a timeline comparison between the two relationships.

If Famous US Presidents Were Replaced With Cats

These are the cats they would be. This is the way all history should be taught from this day forward.

How Much Can You Divulge About Yourself Online Without Getting Fired?

Not very much. Plus, finding true love on Twitter.

Chanel Reveals Couture Nail Art

Chanel’s nail colors always cause a frenzy. The beauty world waits with bated breath every time there’s a show to see what kind of nail color magic the house’s makeup guru, Peter Philips, will conjure up. He threw us for a bit of a loop this past we…

Now Presenting: Channing Tatum On Demand

Time Warner Cable is wisely capitalizing on the Magic Mike madness with a section in its On Demand offerings exclusively dedicated to Channing Tatum.

Black & White In Mayberry

He is three hours behind me, and was just waking up in a suburban tract home located in the largest city in American history to ever file for bankruptcy. It is a long way from me, and a long way from where he grew up, in a haphazardly built house in…

Super Westeros World

In the game of Mario, you win or you restart. Redditor Titan413 reworked the world map from Super Mario World into everyone's favorite fantasy dystopia.

JAWS Aging Timeline

And now ya know.

18 Things You Can Do "Like A Man"

Thanks to Steve Harvey, we now know you can act like a lady while thinking like a man. But a look at self-help and how-to books shows there are many more unexpected things one can do in a manly fashion.

Teens Demand "Teen Vogue" Stop Promoting Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Following protests, Seventeen magazine pledged not to alter models' faces or body shapes with Photoshop and to portray a more diverse image of beauty in its pages. A group of teens is now asking Teen Vogue to do the same — and says Victoria's Secret could be their next target.

14 First World Problems From The 90s

Our insignificant inconveniences sure have changed in the last 20 years. Pleated Jeans really stumbled onto a treasure trove of nostalgic entitlement.

Men's Tennis Is An Oligarchy

For eight years, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have traded the #1 ranking back and forth. In that time, pretty much every other sport has changed far, far more.

The Past And Future Of Freedom And The Internet

1.) The Internet's roots are inherently libertarian. 2.) The internet's future, in some ways, destroys personal liberty. A wonderful pair of posts.

Romney's Monster Month Of Fundraising

Should President Obama be worried? BuzzFeed's Ben Smith tells John Avlon on CNN's Out Front with Erin Burnett that he should. "They want donors to panic, they're trying to get Democrats scared about this election," Smith said. And don't miss the match game of politcos' high school photos at the end.

Hipsters Don't Know What The Higgs Boson Is

Motherboard journeyed out onto the streets of Williamsburg to see if the hipster on the street knew what the Higgs boson was. And he/she did not.

Happy Birthday, Bikini! In Honor Of The Invention Of The Two-Piece, Here Are The Most Iconic Bikinis In History

Forget America’s birthday (well, don’t really, but)… Today, we celebrate the birth of one of the most revered and feared items of clothing to ever exist: The bikini. Yes, 66 years ago today (in 1946), the very first bikini was introduced to the worl…

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Divorce 2012: Skinny Katie Can't Hide Her Shrinking Frame As Tom's Lawyer Accuses Her Of 'Playing The Media'

Her outing came as Tom's lawyer lashed out at Katie and her legal team, accusing them of 'playing the media'.

Obama Hit Hillary In 2008 Mailer For Individual Mandate Penalty

The mailings went out across Ohio during the heated 2008 primary, and hit Clinton for the individual mandate and penalzing those who don't buy health insurance. Hillary Clinton said the mailing was a lie and seemed "almost if the insurance companies or the Republicans wrote it."

Can You Guess What Is Wrong With This Lamp?

I bought it for $2.50 at Creation Fest. It doesn't work.

Ten Most Outrageous Daytime TV Moments

Rosie vs Elizabeth, Oprah's wheelbarrow of fat, Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch, and we're just getting started...

5 Years Of The iPhone

BuzzFeed FWD's Matt Buchanan joined Poppy Harlow on CNN's Newsroom to discuss the fifth birthday of the iPhone. "Traditionally, what Microsoft is that they made software and other people have made hardware. But in order to match the experience that Apple has been delivering, what you see more and more is that these software companies...are also going to build hardware."

There Is Nothing Better In The World Than Shaq Holding A Can Of Soda

This picture is perfect. BE LIKE SHAQ AND ADD YOURS!

Teach The Children Well

They're our precious future. Don't let them be beer pong losers later in life, give them a head start.

The Funniest Sports GIF Of The Year

It has everything you could want: someone falling down, a great reaction, and a Richard Gere doppelganger.

Romney Takes Firmly Pro-Vacation Stance

A new campaign promise? A jet ski in every lake!

Did The Founding Fathers Have Bad Credit?

The founding fathers of the US had a mixed track record when it came to managing personal finances.

Dissecting Romney's "Day One" Promise On Repealing ObamaCare

BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins joins CNN's Out Front with Erin Burnett to talk about whether Romney's promise to repeal ObamaCare on his first day in office, if elected. Coppins said, "This will be a long, drawn out fight in Congress."

The Benefits Of Being Blind

Blind YouTuber Tommy Edison details some of the better things to come out of being blind. This guy knows a thing or two about silver lining.

The Sleepiest, Fluffiest Push-Face Kitten Ever

Pretty much just a living dust bunny, but with a cute little face. Want to touch.

Drake Bell's Twitter War With The 'Beliebers'

Take cover, millions of tween girls are really angry at you Drake Bell.

TomKat Calls It Quits

BuzzFeed's Amy Odell joins HLN's Christie Paul during breaking news of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise filing for divorce. Amy discusses how social media response has been mired in humor. "The puns are going to get old fast," Odell said.

Why Do We Like Looking At Mug Shots?

On the New Yorker's culture blog, Avi Steinberg dissects websites that are devoted to collecting mug shots, chalking their popularity up to our inherent desire to gossip about our neighbors: "At first glance, the online culture of mug-shot voyeurism would seem to be the logical extension of our eternal quest for celebrity cellulite. As it turns out, though, celebrity Schadenfreudians are minor players on the mug-shot scene. The most popular sites peddle a more homely stock: the disgraced images of our until recently anonymous neighbors."

Why You Should Worry About The New Jobs Numbers

It's not just a bad month: Employment growth has "settled into a slower trend," writes former Obama Administration economist Jared Bernstein. "Today’s report suggests that the downshift looks real."

ALERT: Naked Man On The Runway!

Thank the genius designer at Berlin Fashion Week who made this outfit.

Hillary's Fierce Warning: Clinton Says China, Russia "Will Pay A Price" Over Syria

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed Russia and China's efforts to block the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the Friends of Syria conference in Paris.

Lesbians Can Now Give Blood In China

For fourteen years, the Chinese government banned all gay people from giving blood. But now it's lifted the ban for lesbians and celibate gay men. Men who are sexually active with other men, though, are still banned from donating.

3 Kinds Of Nail Art You Can Do Yourself

Want your nail to look like they've been dipped in caviar? Or like daggers? Veteran beauty editor Aja Mangum stopped by the BuzzFeed offices to show nail art novices and Shift editors Amy Odell and Hillary Reinsberg three cool manicures that aren't quite as hard as they look.

Def Leppard Re-recording Back Catalog To Screw Universal

In a dispute with Universal over compensation for digital downloads, Def Leppard is taking the extreme and fairly metal step of re-recording their entire back catalog so they can do what they want with the songs. Earlier, they recorded what they're …

Behold The 25 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Looks From The Fall 2012 Couture Shows

Paris couture week is officially over. In case you were too focused on Raf Simons’ and Kimye’s couture debuts to take everything in, those dilligent couturiers showed some pretty great collections. Nothing compares to couture, a thriving and importa…

Romney Campaign Lets Outsourcing Attacks Go Unanswered

The Romney camp stays silent as Obama pours millions into Bain-bashing commercials. "Never let an attack go unanswered. It's a rule for a reason," says Wilson.

Katy Perry Best And Worst Fashion

Katy Perry is having quite a summer! The pop singer dazzles Down Under in a strapless gold Versace dress at the premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me in Sydney on June 30. Embellished with sequins and paired with jeweled pumps, this look lets Katy own …

Style Advice From A Dominatrix: Mistress Tetra On Her Most-Requested Shoe, How To Break In A Corset, And The Importance Of Lubing Up Before Wearing Latex

Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey began dominating (ha) the Best Sellers list, it seems like the whole world has been going BDSM. The dominatrix has always been a key figure in high fashion, but now that even soccer moms are getting in on the action–d…

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The latest viral buzz from

Patience With Women

The latest viral buzz from

Katie Holmes Hints At Divorce In Pre-Split Interview?

Katie Holmes plotted her divorce from Tom Cruise in extreme secrecy -- yet she may have hinted in an interview that the breakup was coming. Holmes, 33, appears on the cover of the July issue of Elle magazine, accompanied by an interview that she gav…

Zoo Wants Orangutan To Quit Smoking

SOLO, Indonesia, July 5 (UPI) -- An Indonesian zoo's orangutan may be moved to a small island with her mate to help her quit smoking, officials said.

Made In The USA: 25 Of Our Favorite Labels That Produce Domestically

Although it’s been a while since big fashion labels like Rag & Bone could put “Made in New York” on all of their tags, they and a few other companies have remained dedicated to producing at least some if not all of their goods here in the states, ev…

Spiderman‘s Sweethearts: A Look Back At Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield’s Adorably Chic Couple Style

The Amazing Spiderman hits theaters today and we can’t wait to see what the new cast (goodbye, Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst, hello Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!) has to offer. Their whirlwind premiere tours have proven to be among the most styl…

Katie Holmes Lands Her First Big Glossy Cover Post TomKat, Plans To Make Her New York Fashion Week Debut

August isn’t typically a big newsstand sales month for fashion glossies but we figure Elle should do pretty well next month. Why? It’s got soon-to-be-ex-Mrs-Tom-Cruise–Katie Holmes on the cover. Here’s a peek at the cover (courtesy of, wh…

What Are The Politics Of The Internet?

Late last Friday, news broke that the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, an online discussion board and community commonly referred to as the WELL, was on the verge of being shut down. Founded in 1985 as a dial-up BBS, the WELL is an enormously important …

Avoid Aggression By 'Self-Distancing'

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 3 (UPI) -- A simple strategy, so-called self-distancing, can minimize anger and aggressiveness people feel when they are provoked by others, U.S. researchers suggested.

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