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July 10, 2012

Dolls Gone Creepy Photo - Buzznet

Tim Walker Gian Dolls editorial for Italian Vogue I love Tim Walker so much. He always finds ways to create settings that are straight out of a little girls dream. He also seems to have a passion for dolls cause I've found a couple of his editorials…

Sticky Wikis?

BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski joins Michael Smerconish on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews to talk about his report out'ing embarrassing Congressional Wikipedia edits. Also, Ron Reagan!

Look Like An Olympian For $1,000

Ralph Lauren has released the designs for Team USA's Olympics opening ceremony outfits. You can buy most of the set online. (World-class athlete figure not included.)

Daniel Tosh Has Been Making Rape Jokes For Years

The comedian came under fire today for allegations that he made a rape joke at a female audience member's expense. But this kind of derogatory humor has been the basis of his shtick for ages. For Animals

The computer programs (and human yentas) that help America's zoo animals find love. Or at least make babies.

Comic-Con Fan Killed When Hit By Oncoming Car

This is a somber way to kick off the biggest weekend in nerd culture. The 53-year-old woman was struck while trying to cross the street to secure her place in line for the Twilight panel.

Kourtney Kardashian Cute Family Photos

The wait is over! On July 8, Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick welcomed a baby girl named Penelope Scotland Disick. "Scott and I are overjoyed to welcome our precious angel into our lives. We are forever blessed. Mommy and baby are re…

Cover Story: How Comics Shaped Games From

As comics gradually became the one art form America could call its own, echoes of the medium could be seen resonating throughout popular culture. From radio dramas to television shows to summer blockbusters, we've rarely been able to keep our love o…

The 40-Year-Old Reversion

Once a month I get together with half a dozen moms from Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. We call ourselves Hookers, Sluts and Drug Addicts. They dubbed me a Hooker because I wear tight clothes and smile a lot. Sally, a stay-at-home mom of boys, is a …

Live Discussion: Michael Jai White

On Friday, I gave you all the heads up that we’d be joined by none other than Mr. Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White, for a live discussion today. I trust that you all did your homework and are prepared with some excellent questions for our n…

Is This Hot Guy Scarlett Johansson's Boyfriend Or Bodyguard?

The tucked-in polo shirt and bulging muscles suggest he's the hired help but the teeny bathing suit, eyes fixated on her behind, and close proximity provoke some speculation. Considering how the mystery dude spent a day on a yacht with ScarJo in a bikini I guess he wins either way.

12 No-Cook Meals To Feast On In The Summer Heat

When it feels so hot out that you could crack an egg — almost anywhere — and watch it quickly fry to a nice over-easy, who really wants to cook with a stove? No one! Here are a few delicious, easy recipes that don't require any heat whatsoever.

Nancy Pelosi Dancing

The House Minority Leader is getting down to "Sharp Dressed Man" at Barney Frank's wedding reception.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Reach Divorce Settlement

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a productive weekend! With their lawyers working around the clock, the superstar couple has reached a divorce settlement -- just 10 days after Holmes filed for divorce from her husband of five years.

Dwyane Wade Apparently Paints His Toenails

Far be it for me to judge another man, or specifically a man with millions of dollars, a smoking hot model/actress girlfriend, and two NBA championships, but I couldn’t help but at least slightly raise my eyebrow when Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade pos…

The Top 10 Most Questionable Trends At Berlin Fashion Week

The fact that we weren’t in attendance at this past week’s Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week may be one of our biggest regrets so far, ever. Honestly, the images that have cropped up on the Internet of the fashiony goings-on in the EU are surely wor…

Clam Stealing Salt From A Table

Can't trust a clam farther than you can throw it, especially when salt is concerned, apparently. Actually, I'm not sure if thi

Every Game Is Batman From

n accurate portrayal of Batman was something of an enigma until Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009. Many companies had tried, ranging from Sunsoft and Konami in the '90s to Ubisoft and EA in the 2000s, but no one really captured the idea of …

Hot Or Not Miley Cyrus's Pink Hair Photo Katy Bambie's Photos

I found this photo on Tumblr where Miley Cyrus has pink hair. Of course, this picture edited in Photoshop, but still it gives us the opportunity to provide Miley with pink hair. Thoughts? What do you think it Hot or Not? - Hot or Not? Miley Cyrus's …

The Politics Of McCarren Park Pool

On June 28th, public officials, neighborhood civic leaders, parents and their eager toddlers, poured under the iconic vaulted archway of the McCarren Park Pool.

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