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July 5, 2012

Designing James Bond's Style

The London art center the Barbican is running an exhibit all about the design and style behind the James Bond movies. These two videos have fascinating interviews with costume and set designers from the '60s films.

How Animals See The World

It's all about your perspective on life. But also, animals sometimes seem to have a vastly better perspective than we do.

Matthew McConaughey Wrote His Own Song In Magic Mike

Dallas’ goodbye to ”Ladies of Tampa” (Part 1) In the original script, Matthew McConaughey’s character, club owner Dallas, did not have a stripping scene. But McConaughey not only wanted one, he knew exactly how it should play out: He’d begin by ser…

The Rise Of The "Girly" Narrative

Sheila Heti's How Should A Person Be?, an unconventional novel about two real-life friends, is getting some of the same mixed acclaim and criticism that marked the debut of HBO's Girls. But will "girliness" ever be taken seriously?

"Game Of Thrones" With Lightsabers

Now if only somebody will make the whole show like this. Season 1 spoilers, but if you haven't already seen season 1 what are you doing with your life?

11 Ways To Get Inspired Right Now

No matter what the situation, this post will get you pumped up to do whatever you have to do. And it's powered by some of the best moments in sports movie history.

25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves

These easy and clever bookshelves look so much cooler than anything you can buy from a store. Finding creative ways to display books can be just as alluring as any kind of art.

Catnip: Egress To Oblivion

BuzzFeed's continuing efforts to dissuade cats from abusing catnip have been boosted by the release of this "classroom educational video" on the dangers of the 'nip. "We've determined that there are many similarities between the catnip experience and schizophrenia."

Katie Holmes Hinted At Divorce In "Elle" Interview

Weeks before announcing her divorce from Tom Cruise, Holmes gave an interview for Elle's August 2012 issue. In the magazine, which has already been printed and hits newsstands on July 17, Holmes suggests that she is entering a "new phase."

Call Mitt Maybe

Because there is only one way to make watching Mitt Romney's 4th of July parade footage even more enjoyable than usual.

This Is What A Baby Duiker Looks Like

This little guy was born at the Virginia Zoo back on April 21. Duikers are the tiniest members of the antelope family, named for the Dutch word for "diver" because of their propensity for diving into the underbush when they are frightened. Also, they are ridiculously adorable.

The Trippiest Pool Ever

The bottom of this pool in India is designed to look like an overhead view of a city. Nothing like a little vertigo to help you cool off!

Tom Cruise Scraps 50th Birthday Plans Amid Divorce

The Top Gun actor turns 50 today, a birthday that should be marked by plenty of celebrations and "you don't look that old" comments. But instead of ringing in the big 5-0 by hiking and camping with his wife Katie Holmes in Iceland as he'd planned, P…

Life-Sized LEGO Forest

See life from the perspective of mini-figs. Part of Australia's year long LEGO 50th birthday project.

3 Ways To Help Your Child Build Great Credit

Wherever a parent stands on the issue, here are three easy ways to help your child build great credit from a young age. Follow these tips and your children should find themselves on financially sure feet relative to peers by the time they reach coll…

Cheeseburger At Sunset

Evening sky, glowing clouds, crashing tide, ten-patty cheeseburger. Why? America, that's why. Happy Fifth!

The Pauls' New Crusade: "Internet Freedom"

Defending the Internet — and the corporations that invest in it — from government regulation is the new "End the Fed," Paul advisors tell BuzzFeed exclusively. A new Paul manifesto: "This is our revolution."

Steve Nash Is A Classy Guy

After news broke of the sign-and-trade that would send him to Los Angeles, Steve Nash released a statement to his fans and the organization in Phoenix.

San Diego Really Screwed Up Their Fireworks Display

I swear this has never happened to me before. Last night's 4th of July celebration in San Diego didn't go according to plan. All the fireworks were set off at once, turning the planned 18-minute display into a brief (but awesome) 30-second show.

A "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Baby Boom?

"With the millions of copies it has sold it makes complete sense to assume that in nine months' time we are going see a baby boom," says a British culture professor.

Female Basketball Players Find Acceptance In Saudi Arabia

Over conservatives' objections, the basketball team Jeddah United continues to allow women and girls to play. Says team captain Leena Al Maeena, "Four years ago it was more of a taboo to talk about. Today, there's more acceptance. There's a lot more companies willing to support us. So, I really think as a society we are evolving."

Five Tactics The GOP Uses That Democrats Don't

Some people say it doesn't matter which party you vote for. Both sides are corrupted by money and power and greed. But the truth is, there are some clear, underhanded tactics the GOP regularly employs that Democrats just don't. And while the mainstr…

How Colors Get Their Names

On this day full of red, white, and blue in the US, it's interesting to note that, in a large number of languages, when colors start getting their own words, red is usually the first color defined after black and white (or light and dark), and that …

OP-ED: Lost In Translation From

With people up in arms and the rape articles flying, I approached friends and colleagues male and female, to ask them for their take on things. While not all of them had seen the demo, in general they were all excited about the game. Well, cautiousl…

Mitt Romney Praised ObamaCare Mandate, Exchanges, Portability In 2010

Mitt Romney yesterday said in an interview with CBS News that the individual mandate was a tax, while the plan he put in place in Massachusetts was a penalty, and not a tax. In a video from April 2010, Mitt Romney praised some similarities between his plan and President Obama's. Romney said he liked the individual mandate, the portability of the insurance, the requirement that insurers cover people with a preexisting condition, and the similar exchanges. Romney said his plan was different because it was state plan and his plan did not raise taxes, and did not cut Medicare. (As a Governor, Romney had no authority to cut Medicare.)

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