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July 5, 2012

Catnip: Egress To Oblivion

BuzzFeed's continuing efforts to dissuade cats from abusing catnip have been boosted by the release of this "classroom educational video" on the dangers of the 'nip. "We've determined that there are many similarities between the catnip experience and schizophrenia."

Moms Who Think Their Kids Are The Center Of The Universe Are Just Hurting Themselves

Experts (and armchair psychologists) have long worried that over-involved parenting produces helpless kids. Now research shows that making kids the center of their lives can be bad for moms too.

This Is What A Baby Duiker Looks Like

This little guy was born at the Virginia Zoo back on April 21. Duikers are the tiniest members of the antelope family, named for the Dutch word for "diver" because of their propensity for diving into the underbush when they are frightened. Also, they are ridiculously adorable.

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